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Wargame : Red Dragon Units and News !
By Banzinou
Hi guys !

As you know, a new wargame will come in March 2014, and new units have appeared.
I know that we are on the guides WAB but it might be interesting to share it.
The guide will evolve progressively.

Sorry for my english to :(

For more information : http://www.wargame-ee.com/forum/

Edit 1-September 14 : North-Korean MANPAD
Edit 2-September 16 : ROK Marine
Edit 3-September 17 : Japanese ATGM
Edit 4-September 20 : MH-60 DAP
Edit 5-September 23 : Z-9 HJ-8
Edit 6-September 30 : Kyū-maru Shiki (Type 90)
Edit 7-October 2 : Soviet Gornostrelki
Edit 8-October 3 : American Navy SEAL and New Tigre picture (temporary)
Edit 9-October 4 : British Gurkhas and mystery plane photo on the Eugen Twitter ! (Probably Chinese J-8 or F-8)
Edit 10-October 7 : Lie Ren (Chinese Rangers)
Edit 11-October 8 : New screenshoots with boats (Type-062),planes (F-8) and tanks (K1) !
Edit 12-October 9 : Fallschirmjäger and Coalition decks announced !
Edit 13-October 10 : KM900
Edit 14-October 11 : Commando Marine
Edit 15-October 14 : Canadian Scout
Edit 16-October 16 : SMAW (USA)
Edit 17-October 17 : ANZAC Maori
Edit 18-October 22 : HQ-7 (China) and Chinsese Fáng huà bīng (Chemical Defense Troops)
Edit 19-October 23 : News : Three Types of Boats !
Edit 20-October 25 : ROK Black Beret
Edit 21-October 28 : JSDF Ranger
Edit 22-October 29 : North-Korean Red Guard
Edit 23-October 30 : Chieftain Marksman (UK)
Edit 24-November 4 : ROK UDT/SEAL
Edit 25-November 6 : British Territorials
Edit 26-November 7 : M41 Walker Bulldog
Edit 27-November 12 : More new ANZAC planes (more 1 Japan) and the glorious Ch'ŏnma-ho IV !
Edit 28-November 13 : New Planes and big new : Flares for planes
Edit 29-November 15 : Type 87 CRV
Edit 30-November 19 : New vehicles for China and K30 Biho for SK. New guide category : Maps
Edit 31-November 21 : Il-102 (USSR) and F-4 (Japan)
Edit 32-November 25 : A-4K Project Kahu
Edit 33-November 27 : SAS redesigned
Edit 34-November 28 : Red Dragon Infantry changes (DevBlog)
Edit 35-November 30 : NKPA Rifles
Edit 36-December 2 : ANZAC Scouts
Edit 37-December 3 : Leopard C2 MEXAS and LaFayette class (Thanks to Selkares)
Edit 38-December 4 : PTZ-59G
Edit 39-December 5 : BMD-2
Edit 40-December 9 : M18 and Command Infantry ?
Edit 41-December 11 : News : Ships Weapons
Edit 42-December 12 : North Korean Engineers, TACOM (American command squad) and South Korean Homeland Reserve
Edit 43-December 13 : Chinese HÓNG YĪNG-5 MANPAD and DIGGER '90
Edit 44-December 16 : Type 89
Edit 45-December 18 : North Korean command squad, Chinese Li Jian and French Légion !
Edit 46-December 19 : Three new command infantry cards and LAV-AT.
Edit 47-December 20 : CH-53G
Edit 48-December 21 : ROK Scout and first Armory Photo !
Edit 49-December 22 : Dassault Rafale and Sukhoï Su-27 !
Edit 50-December 24 : Eugen Chirstmas ! Warships Wallpaper
Edit 51-December 31 : New infantry model (Lie Ren, NK Red Guard, NK Rifles)
Edit 52-January 6 : Su-30
Edit 53-January 7 : First Trailer, new photos for Rafale and Tiger, Eurofighter, Landing craft and more !
Edit 54-January 10 : Challenger Mk.3, M1A2, T-72BU, Hatsuyuki-class destroyer, Koksan (170mm long-range SPG)
Edit 55-January 11 : Najin-class frigate
Edit 56-January 14 : Japan Air Force, NK Mig-17 and ROK F-86
Edit 57-January 16 : Fremantle-class PT boat
Edit 58-January 17 : Lobby preview
Edit 59-January 20 : Bo 105P/BHS
Edit 60-January 21 : ANZAC TAC OP and J-7
Edit 61-January 22 : China Air Force
Edit 62-January 24 : Pact Navy
Edit 63-January 29 : TH-495 and Mi-6
Edit 64-January 30 : Tor
Edit 65-January 31 : Canadian Airborne
Edit 66-February 4 : OH-1 Kawasaki
Edit 67-February 6 : AH-64D Longbow
Edit 68-February 7 : Leopard 2A5 and PTZ-59
Edit 69-February 12 : Glorious NK Air Force and ZTZ-85-IIM
Edit 70-February 19 : LAV collection
Edit 71-February 21 : R.O.K Air Force, VBL, Second Trailer and DevBlog #14
Edit 72-February 24 : Chinese tanks family
Game Cover

INFO : Coalition decks !
Copy of the Eugen blog : http://devblog.wargame-ab.com/

While AirLand Battle focused on alliances (NATO & Warsaw Pact) and individual nations, Red Dragon will include a new layer of military brotherhood: Coalitions.

Uniting together several pre-determined countries in a kind of “super nation”, Coalition decks will have access to all of its members’ prototypes, but will grant less activation points available than individual nations would.

Coalitions will be (some names are still subjected to change):

UK + ANZAC + Canada

Poland + CSSR + E-Germany

Sweden + Denmark + Norway

France + W-Germany

China + North Korea

Japan + South Korea

And finally, USA & USSR will stand alone …
INFO : Three types of Boats
Copy of Eugen Blog : http://devblog.wargame-ab.com/

Many questions have been asked about the way the ships will be featured in Red Dragon. Now isn’t the time to answer them all, but here are some clarifications …

Boats are divided (gameplay-wise) into three types :

- Destroyers & Frigates (over 80m long) will be the flagships by taking the role of naval command vehicles, hence being able to seize control of naval reinforcement zones. Covered with weapons, the destroyers will be the mightiest ships to sail in Red Dragon. The Japanese Kongo & Soviet Udaloy II destroyers, respectively 161m et 163m long, will be the Kings of the High Seas.

- Corvettes are smaller combat boats (30-90m), either designed for pure naval warfare (anti-ship missiles, …) or with some ground support weaponry (MLRS, mortar, …). Usually faster than their bigger brethen, they will be the scouts and main frontline ships of the naval forces. The South Korean Pohang corvette will be among the biggest of its kind, while the ubiquitous Soviet Osa (used by pretty much every communist state in the world) will be among the smallest.

- Patrol boats (under 30m long) will be the smallest boats, with light weaponry. Like ants among giants, they will, unlike the bigger boats, be able to leave the sea to penetrate inland through rivers, and thus act as support weapon platforms for the ground troops. My personal favorite being the Vietnam-era Monitor “Zippo”.
INFO : Flares
Copy of the Eugen Blog : http://devblog.wargame-ab.com/

Red Dragon will introduce a popular feature request from ALB players: jets releasing flares when being targeted by enemy missiles.

The better a plane’s ECM, the more intense and numerous the flares it will launch to lose the missile(s) trailing it.

So, when two planes with good ECM are engaged in a missile fight, especially when they’ve got 50 years of scores to settle, it soon start looking like 14th of July’s firework!
INFO : Infantry changes
Copy of the Eugen Blog : http://devblog.wargame-ab.com/

With Wargame's timeframe extending from 1975-1985 to 1975-1991 in Red Dragon, infantry units won’t be able to remain the same for the whole era without evolving like their armored counterparts.

In AirLand Battle, the deliveries of late-era infantry weaponry, such as the Sa80 or the widespread of the FAMAS, were not taken into account for they would have prevented some mainstream infantry units to be available in all era. In Red Dragon, it won’t be the case anymore.
Some (not all!) infantry units, usually combat troops/rifle squads will come in two variants: the “vanilla” one representing their weaponry in 1975, as per ALB’s standards, and a second variant dated ‘85 or ‘90 (depending of the nation and the real-life evolution of its weaponry) with improved weaponry.

Small arms might change, especially in terms of accuracy and close-quarter efficiency, but the main boost to infantry which this infantry improvements will provide will be with their anti-tank capacity: US Riflemen switching from M72 LAW to AT4/M136 in the mid-80’s, while the Soviet troops will drop their RPG-7 to get their hands on the dreaded Vampyr at the turn of the 90’s.
Thus, with nations’ infantry forces evolving at different dates, this will make era-deck more versatile: a nation which might have been “underdog”, infantry-wised, in 1975, might transitionned to its modern weaponry earlier than other nations, and thus get an edge in mid-era decks.

Let’s take one of the most extrem evolution, for in this case, it will bring the unit from 1975 weapons to prototype 1992 ones : W-German Fallschirmjäger.

W-German Fallschirmjäger(en?) will come in ‘75 flavor in most era-decks, but will be available in their 90’s flavor only in late-era ones, and to W-Germany or Coalition decks.
The G11 was the Wunderwaffe supposed to replace the G3 as the main Bundeswehr assault rifle, but although it proved successfull in field testing in the late 80’s, it was dropped in the early 90’s for cost reasons (there were no more ennemy) and NATO ammo standardization (it used a unique 4,73mm caseless ammunition). But had a war broke in 1990, the G11 would surely have been mass-produced and widespred …
The Panzerfaust 3 was the Panzerfaust 44’s successor. Also ready for field testing by the late 80’s, it actually entered service in the Bundeswehr in 1992.

Most other “improved” infantry units won’t be “prototype”, but be unlocked in era decks depending of the nation and the date, as any other unit variants …
INFO : Ships Weapons
Copy of the Eugen Blog : http://devblog.wargame-ab.com/

Eugen Systems & the Chantier DCN de Lorient are proud to present the first-born of their frigates: the gorgeous Lafayette class.

But you have all seen it before, don’t you remember … ? :)

The Lafayette will be armed with one 100mm rapid-fire gun (78rpm IRL!), two four-tubes Exocet (ASM) launchers, one eight-tubes Crotale (SAM) launcher and two 20mm autocannons. That is: six weapons.

Yet, as for vehicules, naval units will feature only 3 weapons slots to avoid confusion.
But that doesn’t mean the extra weapons will be lost. Part of the ship’s weaponry will be automated, starting with AA ones, which will provide, depending of their type and performance, a level of “point-defense” against incoming enemy missiles. The more CIWS (Close-in Weapon Systems) a ship have, altough not listed as armament, the better it will be at automatically stopping waves of missiles coming its way, or engage aircrafts.

In the case of the Lafayette, it will therefore be armed with twin Exocet, Crotale & a 100mm gun (identical weapons being “linked” together) while the AA 20mm will be automated.
INFO : Naval Support
Copy of the Eugen Blog : http://devblog.wargame-ab.com/post/77286970810/devblog-14-naval-support

This DevBlog is intended to explain the way Naval Support is integrated ingame.

Every deck type, whatever its nation, coalition or specialization, now has a 9th “Naval" category. However, as you can see below, slots in this category cost … no activation point. Zero. Walou. Nada.

This mean that every deck should make sure to have as much Naval Support troops in reserve as possible!
The reason for that is that not all map will be “naval friendly”, that is: including the possibility to bring in naval support. Some maps will be, as in previous instalment, purely ground maps. So there would have been no point to make people spend activation points in slots which might be useless depending on the map.

Therefore, decks shall be composed as usual, spending all activation points in the 8 “traditional” categories, with naval support as a free “bonus” to be used on appropriate maps. On the example below, although every activation points have been used up, I can still fill all my naval slots.

The Naval Support roaster is composed of three types of units:
- SHIPS: of various sizes and firepower, some specialized in air defence, some in ground support, … to secure and cap naval reinforcement zones and bring in the assault barge.

- ANTI-SHIP PLANES & HELOS: they are dedicated ship killers, armed with powerful missiles able to inflict crippling damages to the most powerful ships. Their role is to bring the fight to the ennemy’s vessels without risking your owns in firing range.

- LANDING TROOPS: the bulk of the naval support troops are landing troops. Once a naval reinforcement zone is controled by one side, he might bring in more troops to land them and open a new front on the beachhead. Those troops are made up of all those you can find in a Marine deck (infantry & transport, tanks, support troops, …), plus some Army units.

Although landing troops remained tied to their original country/coalition (RIMa will be only available in a French or Eurocorps deck), purely naval elements like ships and anti-ship planes & helicopters are considered part of a multinational BLUFOR / REDFOR fleets. They are thus available (in decks) to support ground/landing troops from any of the nations composing it.

Ships will have their own dedicated “armory background” in the form of a “caldera lake”:

All in all, Red Dragon will bring about 600 new units (more than ALB after two free DLCs), among which are 100 naval support units (ships, planes & helicopters).
Trailers !

AMX Leclerc : (France)

Kyū-maru Shiki (Type 90) Japan

Probably K1

M41 Walker Bulldog (ANZAC)

Glorious Ch'ŏnma-ho IV (North Korea)

Leopard C2 MEXAS (Canada)

PTZ-59G (China)

M18 (South Korea)

Type 74 (Japan)

Challenger Mk.3 (UK)

T-72 (aka T-90) (USSR)

M1A2 Abrams (USA)

Leopard 2A5 (W-Germany)

PTZ-59 (China)

ZTZ-85-IIM (China)

Chinese tanks family !
HQ-7 (China)
It's the Chinese copy of the French Crotale, this model will come in two nationalities...

Chieftain Marksman (UK)

Type 63 (China)

Type 95 (China)

K30 Biho (South Korea)

Koksan (170mm long-range SPG) (North Korea)

Tor (USSR)
KM900 : (South Korea)

Type 87 CRV (Japan)


Type 89 (Japan)


TH-495 (Canada)

LAV Collection ! (ANZAC)

VBL (France)

Diggers (ANZAC)

Chinese soldier 70's (basic infantry)

North-Korean MANPAD (Anti-Air)

ROK Marine (South Korea)

Japanese ATGM (Anti-Tank)

Japanese Paratrooper

NKSOF (North Korean Special Operation Forces) Ladies in W:RD !

Soviet Gornostrelki (Mountain troops)

American Navy SEAL

British Gurkhas

Lie Ren (China)

Fallschirmjäger (W.Germany)

Commando Marine (France)

Canadian Scout


Maori (ANZAC)

Chinese Fáng huà bīng (Chemical Defense Troops)

ROK Black Beret (South Korea)

JSDF Ranger (Japan)

North-Korean Red Guard

ROK UDT/SEAL (South Korea)

British Territorials

SAS (redesigned)

NKPA Rifles (North Korea)

ANZAC Scouts


North Korean Engineers

South Korean Homeland Reserve



North Korean command squad

Chinese Li Jian

French Légion

Chinese Fire Support

Groupe de Commandement (France)

Danish Command Squad

Norwegian KO

ROK Scout


Canadian Airborne
Naval Units
Type-062 : (name not confirmed)

LaFayette class (France)

Japanese Hatsuyuki-class destroyer

Landing Craft ?

Najin-class frigate (North Korea)

Fremantle-class PT boat (ANZAC)

Pact Navy

Eurocopter Tiger : (Franco-German)


Z-9 HJ-8 (China)

CH-53G (W-Germany)

WZ-9 TY-90 (China)

Bo 105P/BHS (W-Germany)

Mi-6 (Poland, USSR, China)

OH-1 Kawasaki (Japan)

AH-64D Longbow (USA)
Mirage IIIO(A) and Mirage IIIO(F) (ANZAC)

F-111 (ANZAC)

F-18 (ANZAC)

BAC Strikemaster (ANZAC)

Aermacchi MB-339 (ANZAC)

F-15 (Japan)

Glorious Mig-29 (North Korea)

F-16 (South Korea)

Il-102 (USSR)

F-4 Bonus Jet (Japan)

A-4K Project Kahu (ANZAC)

Rafale F1 (France)


Su-30 USSR

Eurofighter (UK and Germany)

F-4EI (Japan)

F-4EJ Kai (Japan)

F-1 (Japan)

F-15J (Japan)

F-104J (Japan)

F-86F Kyokko (Japan)

ROK F-86 vs NK Mig-17 (Korean war ! )

J-7 Chengdu (China)

JH-7 Xian (China)

J-8 Shenyang (China)

Su-27K (China)

Q-5 Nanchang (China)

J-2 Jianjiji (China)

J-2B (North Korea)

F-6B (North Korea)

Su-7BMK (North Korea)

F-7B (North Korea)

Mig-21PFM & Mig-21Bis (North Korea)

Mig-23ML (North Korea)

Glorious Mig-29 (North Korea)

Su-25KS (North Korea)

F-5A (South Korea)

KF-5E (South Korea)

F-4DS (South Korea)

F-4ES (South Korea)

F-86F (South Korea)

F-16C Block 30 & 30B (South Korea)

AB-37 Dragonfly (South Korea)

Armory :
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RD preorder beta is out!
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Owners of AirLand Battle get 25% discount! Eugen Systems is just so awesome...
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Thats long bow. Has SOOOOOOOOOO many missles....
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I´m looking at the units and i have a question: What happened to the west german Jagdkommando? Is it really gone?
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It's adding a whole set of new maps, like 5 new factions with all new units, a whole new campaign, new gameplay systems that will change a lot of your strategies. It's a lot more than what you get with a new call of duty or battlefield game, and those are full price! :P
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very poor
Walker Mar 8, 2014 @ 4:12pm 
yep and leclerc and from what i have seen from the beta gameplay the M1A2 is the games best tank with 22 frontal armor and 25 AP power with the challenger 2 with 23 frontal armor with less ap power than the abrams and the T90S with 22 frontal armor but less AP power than the Abrams.
Banzinou  [author] Mar 6, 2014 @ 1:04am 
And Leclerc !