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5 star in all Garden Competitions [Outdated]
By Dead, but only ironically
Having trouble getting that sweet 50% sell bonus?
Well worry no more!
With this handy guide I'll show you how to nail that full stars across the board for that sweet, sweet 50% sell bonus.
Read First!
Using this guide you'll have the tools on how to secure full stars in every style of garden competition.
In each section I'll fill you in on how I managed full stars for each comp type.

I'm not saying this is the only way but this is how I was able to manage it. If any of you have any tips
or tricks let me know in the comments, I'm always open to learning new tip and tricks.

One more thing before we begin:

The Basics

All of the Gardens will have one thing in common before you attempt any of the styles: Clean up.
For any of these to work you'll need to remove the existing trees and plants, pull the weeds and cut the grass.
This all factors into your overall score card and who doesn't want that sweet 50% bonus?

Now with that out of the way let's get to it!

Crop Garden
We'll start off with the easy one, a Crop Garden.
For this just make sure you use lots of every type of edible plant available.
Keeping them in nice neat rows helps for the layout rating, think of the stereotypical T.V./ Movie vegetable garden. Zooming in on the mini map can help with the larger plants.
For equipment I suggest using the Following:
  • Sprinklers between rows of plants
  • 4 or 5 Scarecrows
  • 4 Compost Bins (plastic or wood are fine)
  • 1 Tool Shed

Nice neat rows are a big plus.

you can get away with just one of each type of fruit tree, no need to plant one of each size.

These dirt plots can help keep a lot of the smaller plants in line, I used about 8.

For bigger plants like pumpkins just do the best you can. you only really need about 3 or 4 of these.

Full Stars!

American Garden
The American Garden is a lot simpler than one might expect.
For plants the key here is LOTS of conifers. the best way is to play around with all the variations of the different conifers.
In addition you'll want to make a deck space in the rear and re-do the front walk and driveway (if there is one.) I don't think it matters what style of the paving stone slabs you use so pick your favorite style and colors
UPDATE: After the addition of the HGTV DLC the rating system for the American Garden has been altered.
one of the tips I got was from @Xannis the Elder

Xannis the Elder wrote:
"I got it almost right the first time, 5 stars in plants and layout but 3.5 in equipment. Fixed the equipment by adding another table + 4 chairs and a sofa.
Regarding the plants, I think the master tip is playing with different types of conifers and different variants of each type. At least a couple of each one you choose to use. The trick is to distribute nicely the majority of them in the front and side sections, decorating the back yard with various small shrubs. Big conifers sit well on the side sections with wide and dwarf shrubs filling the spaces between them. Alternate medium and small conifers on the front and to flank side walkways. Always remember the variants: place a couple of plants, open the tablet and change to a different variant of the same form. This really helps with the score."

Equipment for this one is a little more involved.
  • 1 BBQ grill
  • 1 Pizza Oven
  • 1 Wooden Outdoor Table /w 4 chairs (alternatively you can just use the picnic table.)
  • 1 or 2 Umbrellas
  • 4 chairs from the Sunchair tab
  • 1 Hammock
  • 4 to 6 items from the Outdoor Gym tab
  • 1 Pool

Plenty of evergreens lining the front walk.

Same with the Driveway.

As well as the front fence.

A nice paved patio space in the back yard with plenty more conifers.

An outdoor gym for fresh air & exercise.

Full Score!

English Garden
The English garden took me a bit of tweaking to figure out and this is the one that I really don't have a good equipment list for so referring to the pictures at the end of this section will be more help than a half done list.

[ Authors Note: I'll eventually make a list of equipment for this garden as I have in the other sections ]

For plants pretty much stay in the flowerbed plants tab. This is the one where you don't really need to keep it in order, being little haphazard with plant placement is a good thing. one plant you'll want to use are the creeping vine type ones.
For pathways use the stepping stones and stay way from the paved slabs. One of the key things about this garden is a more natural feel, so things like the stepping stones and decorative boulders are a big bonus.

Now I'll do my best for the equipment:
  • Lots of the small benches with the arched cover. I think I used around 7 or 8.
  • Lots of Arches over pathways.
  • Plenty of decorative boulders.
  • 1 large wooden cover thing (I forgot the name).
  • 5 or 6 fountains.
  • 1 large metal gazebo.
  • 2 metal tables w/ 2 chairs each.
  • 1 very well hidden gnome

Rear Garden

Front Garden

This did result in a full stars, but I forgot to take a screen shot.

Modern Garden
This one was the hardest garden to figure out but ended up being super simple.
So first up we'll talk plants. I found the only plat that really works here is any of the decorative grasses that are in the 0.3 m height range, and despite what the hint says about minimal plants you're gonna need a lot of these.

Your next two best friends for the modern style are Gravel & 50x50 paving slabs. What ever gravel type you prefer is fine just make sure you're using the square type instead of the round one, trust me it makes a big difference.
For the paving slabs I'd suggest a dark color with a black border.
Now you're pretty much gonna want to make a path around the whole house using the gravel and paving slabs.

Another helpful thing to build is a sort of minimalist patio space using the wood topped paving slabs and maybe put some gravel around it.

Equipment is pretty simple for this one:
  • 6 of the modular outdoor couch middles,1 right corner, 2 left corners all in a dark color. (see pics for how I set these up)
  • 5 of the matching square tables w/ black tops also in a dark color
  • 5 Fountains (see pics for the styles of fountain that work with the modern style)
  • 6 of the Japanese stone sculptures, any of them should do.

Minimalist corner patio

Better view of how I set up the corner couch.

Gravel, gravel everywhere.

across the board!

Only shooting stars break the mold!
Now some helpful info from other players:
NanoGrrl said on Jun 17 2020:
Well, the English and Modern (Zen?) garden recommendations are spot on! Thanks so much! I do notice that you _can_ put decorative grasses, conifers, and deciduous plants in the English garden; and flowerbed plants and conifers in the Modern garden if all other requirements are supplied. So, some customization is possible. :)

Well there you have it, my list of tips on how to 5 star any of the garden competitions for that 50% sell bonus!

Thank you all for reading this guide and I hope it helps. feel free to leave any tips or tricks you've learned along the way in the comments down below and remember kids...

...Don't go building ugly bathrooms!

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Willowlily Jul 6 @ 9:49pm 
@terry Thanks for the tip!
terry Jul 6 @ 1:41pm 
@Willowlily: I'm late to the party but I've been busy. The only time I get the equipment penalty is when I have used a ladder or scaffold. Even though I sell it when I'm done with it, I still get that penalty.
Dead, but only ironically  [author] Jun 23 @ 3:47pm 
I'm hoping to have the time at some point, however life has left me little time to play games as of late. I'm going to label this guide as outdated until I have time to update the info.
jacob.r.rager Jun 23 @ 9:32am 
Are you going to update the guide because the new garden update?
Willowlily Jun 22 @ 2:25pm 
Thank you!
Dead, but only ironically  [author] Jun 20 @ 1:28pm 
Not as far as I know, I'm keeping my eyes peeled though and will update the guide if I find anything out.
Willowlily Jun 19 @ 5:12pm 
Has anyone figured out what the "equipment penalty" is about? I built a PERFECT modern garden today and only got 48% because of the stupid penalty. Can anyone help??
NanoGrrl Jun 17 @ 2:00pm 
Well, the English and Modern (Zen?) garden recommendations are spot on! Thanks so much! I do notice that you _can_ put decorative grasses, conifers, and deciduous plants in the English garden; and flowerbed plants and conifers in the Modern garden if all other requirements are supplied. So, some customization is possible. :)
Dead, but only ironically  [author] Jun 9 @ 3:38pm 
I've noticed that a lot of people are getting this problem with the American yard ever since the HGTV DLC came out. I'm thinking that with that an update changed a few things and so now my guide will need some updating as well. If anyone figures out the answer I'd like to include it in this guide.
kirapolya Jun 9 @ 2:05am 
Hi! Thank you for this guide.
I followed the recommendations for the american one, but i always get an "equipement left" penalty. I checked my garden, all plants are planted and everuthing is assembled, no scaffoldings left. Could anyone tell what's wrong?