Transport Fever

Transport Fever

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ADL Enviro400XLB with Volvo B8L
Scenario: Europe
Vehicle: Bus
Tags: Passenger
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Jun 22 @ 11:55am
Jun 27 @ 5:37am
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ADL Enviro400XLB with Volvo B8L

About ADL Enviro400XLB:
ADL Enviro400XLB is the only tri-axle double decker bus in Enviro400-series. It has a 13.4m extra-long facelifted Enviro400 body mounted on a Volvo B8L chassis equipped a 350hp Volvo Euro-6 D8K diesel engine, coupled to a ZF EcoLife transmission. Different from Enviro500MMC, it has no air-conditioning system in order to reduce fuel consumption, but still with modern features like USB charging ports.

This special tri-axle model is exclusive to UK and Ireland currently. It is developed with Lothian Buses, the largest municipal bus company in the United Kingdom, to celebrate 100-year anniversary, thus the number of seat is set to 100, including 61 on upper deck and 39 on lower (3 of them are tip-ups near wheelchair bay), carrying total 129 passengers with 29 standees.

The initial order of 42 units have been delivered to Scotland in November 2018 and started service on route 11 and 16 in early 2019.

About this mod:
- Only 1 model referred Lothian Buses livery
- Share 3D model with my Enviro500MMC mod
- Model dimension is height in 4.1m and length with 13.8m
- Simplified interior to reduce number of triangle
- Logo function is available

Available: 2019
Length: 13.8m
Power: 265W (Volvo D8K engine, 350hp, Euro-6)
Weight: 26.5 tonnes
Top speed: 80km/h (just…no information)
Life span: 35 years
Capacity: 32 ppl

Feel free to leave your comments below.

No plan for next mod, but may repaint this mod.
- Fix graphic bug
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Maxximus 13 hours ago 
32 people in a bus that can carry 72........?
au1990hk  [author] Aug 4 @ 4:21am 
@Jammy.G Sorry, cannot find the discussion thread. Just keep sharing here.
There are 2 files for door movement, the *.msh of the doors and *.mdl of the bus model.
Add "animations" at *.msh file, and then add "events" at *.mdl.
You can open my files and copy those parts.
Jammy.G Jul 27 @ 10:07am 
If it is easier you can always message me thought the modding discussion called British buses. Just so your comments aren't just me asking questions
Jammy.G Jul 27 @ 10:04am 
au1990hk  [author] Jul 27 @ 7:02am 
@Jammy.G Do you mean how to move it?
Jammy.G Jul 21 @ 4:10am 
Hi i have been trying to model and im just wondering how did u make ur bus doors
au1990hk  [author] Jul 3 @ 8:32am 
@Max Reading Buses should have no Enviro400XLB and Enviro500MMC.
Max (tamirs nephew!!!) Jul 1 @ 8:58am 
Could you make a Reading Buses Reskin?
BRAVO Jun 27 @ 4:16pm 
What version of the Enviro does GO transit and OC Transpo use? Definitely seen both around Ontario.
samborp Jun 27 @ 11:27am 
Love the mod! I was wondering if you could make a couple Solaris buses, I think they are really nice, but sadly there is a lack of them on the workshop, the newest gen ones are really impressive!. Thanks!