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Xala's Movie Helper
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Sep 11, 2013 @ 1:37pm
Mar 5, 2017 @ 8:15pm
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Xala's Movie Helper

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Xala's Movie Helper (Rev.23.3) helps you with your Machinimas!

There are some difficulties to create movies in Garry's mod... Both people who are already filming for a long time as those who have just started know that some important commands are simply not listed at all and that some things tend to mess up the scenes with no nice way to avoid. Because of this, the masters of the universe told me to start doing this tool. Let's try to make our lives somehow easier.

With XMH you can

- Remove bodies from the ground;
- Remove sprays, paintings and marks of bullets, blood, explosions etc;
- Clean decals on selected models;
- Stop disturbing sounds, mainly the buggeds;
- Fix broken windows;
- Remove dropped weapons and items on the map;
- Auto remove corpses and decals every 30s;
- Write your ideas / notes / plot in a text editor;
- Turn on the automatic lip sync;
- Shake your screen;
- Turn the sky of *most* maps into green (editor +1 S2);
- Autosave the game every 6 minutes;
- Control pupil size;
- Adjust some FOV options;
- Hide the current view and world model;
- Hide the crosshair;
- Hide all view models;
- Hide all weapons in the selection menu;
- Make you visible/invisible to everyone;
- Make players visible/invisible to everyone;
- Hide toolgun trace, selection ring and selection point;
- Mute toolgun;
- Remove all physgun effects at once;
- Hide big red ERRORs;
- Hide weapons, item and ammo pickup notices;
- Hide the voice notification windows that appears on the right down corner when players use the mic;
- Hide the icon that appears over player heads when they use the mic;
- Turn off the footsteps sound;
- Enable/Disable the rendering of decals on models, 3d skybox, particles, ropes, laser beams and entities;
- Set the maximum number of bodies on the floor;
- Set the maximum exhibition time for death icons;
- Set the maximum exhibition time for automatic messages in chat;
- Control decals quantity;
- Set detail props render distance;
- Lock flashlight position;
- Enable flashlight full brightness;
- Control min flashlight range;
- Control max flashlight range;
- Control flashlight FOV;
- Make NPC(s) walk/run;
- Make NPC(s) run randomly;
- Turn NPCs into pedestrians;
- Enable/disable slow motion mode;
- Enable a realistic fall damage (CSS like);
- Control the game speed;
- Adjust the impact force that an object/NPC suffers when the player hits/kills them;
- Adjust the push and pull force made by the physgun;
- Control players throw force;
- Adjust the noclip, walking and running speed;
- Adjust the jump force;
- Set the players friction with the world;
- Check current shadows texture resolution;
- Change shadows texture resolution;
- Reduce shadow bleeding;
- Control shadows blur;
- Turn on maximum brightness, creating interesting effects;
- Enable/disable third person;
- See third person informations;
- Enable/disable third person camera colisions;
- Change third person camera distance, velocity and angles;
- Drop or remove active weapons or all weapons;
- Remove primary and secundary ammo from active weapons or all weapons;
- Get GMod and HL2 weapons;
- Set individually the tool sections automatically to defaults for you;
- Set individually the tool sections automatically to defaults for everybody!

About languages

If translations are available, the tool changes its language according to the game, otherwise English is selected.

But you can force it with the following command:

xmh_forcelanguage "options"

The current "options" are:

pt -> Portuguese from Brazil
en -> US English
game -> Tries to use the game's language

I recommend these tools

- Stop Motion Helper;
- Henry's Animation Tool;
- Advanced Bone Tool;
- Easy Animation Tool;
- Actors;
- NPC Scene;
- Blood-Fury's Cinema Utilities;
- Cinema Helper 4.0;
- Catmull-rom Cinematic Cameras;
- Cinematic Camera;
- Smart Snap;
- Enhanced Faceposer;
- Cosmetic Face Poser Fix;
- HWM Face Poser Fix;
- FacePose Me;
- Sleep'n'Wake Tool;
- Standing Pose Tool;
- Tf2 Better Phys V2;
- Greenscreen Material;
- [Letras - Letters] A B C ... Z.
- Animated Prop Tool;
- FlexPoser;
- Extended Properties;
- Ragdoll Mover;
- Turret Tool;
- Unbreakable Tool;
- Weight STool.


For support and testing:

Francis, Pepeu, Matsilagi, HomemCamisinhaCósmica, NickMBR, TaBoo, BombermanMaldito, LuanGames, Reborn, Phillipe, Crazze, VirusSSj5, Qualee2, Magnum and many more.

Source code

Here it is[].


If there is something interesting that I can include in my tool, please, leave a comment!
If there are English errors or stupid text, please, let me know!

More tags: video / cinema / youtube / vimeo / cinematic / playx

Enjoy it,
Worth the Weight.
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Wait, was your skin Dilma? (sim sou BR)
The Spanish Inquisition Jul 19 @ 5:12pm 
Where is this tool located? I can't find it.
marigi64 Jul 15 @ 9:36pm 
Hi I'm having a bit of a weird specific bug whenever this addon is installed (there aren't any conflicting addons causing this). Whenever I drive in the hl2 ep2 Jalopy, the jalopy jerks back and foward.
orangeydo May 28 @ 7:57pm 
I have a weird glitch that whenever I try to for example use finger positioner the game randomly starts "jerking" or zooming in and out. I uninstalled this mod and it fixed the issue.
Hamurlik Jan 11 @ 8:26am 
I have problem, If i write sv_cheats 1, My fov replaced by 100 to 75, I trying to setup this in q menu, But if i change 75 to 100, Nothing happend, Help? (sorry for my english, that big problem for me)
Xalalau  [author] Nov 19, 2018 @ 4:44am 
It's working for me. Unfortunately I can't figure out your problem right now, my tools will only be updated in the future.

Thx :gmod:
CHECK THE DESCRIPTION PLS! Nov 18, 2018 @ 9:35am 
I love this
pain Nov 8, 2018 @ 12:02pm 
It just does not work even with sv_cheats 1 on and even if I disable all of my other addons
normie gaming Nov 2, 2018 @ 2:49am 
Alright, thanks for getting back to me!
Xalalau  [author] Oct 31, 2018 @ 8:49pm 
This issue is real and will be fixed for sure when I can, I've talked several times about it already. Unfortunately before reviewing all my tools I need to finish a great project that I'm doing, so for now please consider disabling the addon.