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RimCities - Quest Update
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RimCities - Quest Update

RimCities is an attempt to create an interesting and unique end-game challenge for RimWorld players. This mod adds randomly generated cities to the world map, which are similar to other settlements but are far more difficult to attack. Pirate-controlled cities provide even more of a challenge by occasionally bombarding you with mortar shells.

It is possible to visit and explore friendly cities with in-person trading and custom quest objectives. Rival factions will attack one another's cities from time to time, giving you opportunities to choose sides and establish military alliances.

You may also come across abandoned cities, which provide great scavenging opportunities for you and other nearby raiding parties.

RimCities is compatible with existing save files and works with Combat Extended, Real Ruins, Zombieland, Faction Control, RimQuest, Quest Tab, Medieval Times, and many other mods. If you're encountering issues, try disabling other mods and/or tweaking the load order.


~~ Patch v0.3.15 (October 9, 2019) ~~
- Added Russian translation (@elvensmile)
- Updated Japanese translation (@Proxyer)
- Increased Keanu's power level (@SineSwiper)

~~ Patch v0.3.14 (October 8, 2019) ~~
- Added "Crashlanded (Ghost City)" scenario.
- Increased time between "Heavy Siege" attack waves.
- Rebalanced the "Heavy Siege" rewards.
- Fixed localization for "Disable city events" menu option.

~~ Patch v0.3.13 (October 4, 2019) ~~
- Continued deprecation of Keanu/Legends easter egg.

~~ Patch v0.3.12 (July 4, 2019) ~~
- Fixed a potential edge case with city quest home selection logic.
- Updated Japanese translation (@Proxyer).

~~ Patch v0.3.11 (July 3, 2019) ~~
- Beds can now be claimed in abandoned cities.
- Mod and scenario settings are now translatable.
- Turrets no longer generate in ghost cities.

~~ Patch v0.3.10 (July 2, 2019) ~~
- Added "Ghost" cities designed for zombie survival scenarios, which are essentially friendly/hostile cities without any citizens. This is accessible via the "Start in city" scenario option.

~~ Patch v0.3.9 (July 2, 2019) ~~
- Added a setting to enable/disable city events such as hostile reinforcement raids and food airdrops.
- Improved city quest starting logic.
- Improved compatibility with Wick Time (standalone John Wick event mod).

~~ Patch v0.3.8 (July 1, 2019) ~~
- Fixed a minor quest system persistence bug.

~~ Patch v0.3.7 (July 1, 2019) ~~
- Improved "Combined Assault" quest completion logic.

~~ Patch v0.3.6 (July 1, 2019) ~~
- Fixed save corruption due to secret incident removal.

~~ Patch v0.3.5 (June 30, 2019) ~~
- Removed secret incident (John Wick dog revenge). Available as a standalone mod per request.

~~ Patch v0.3.4 (June 30, 2019) ~~
- Updated Medieval Times compatibility.

~~ Patch v0.3.3 (June 30, 2019) ~~
- Significantly increased rarity of secret incident.
- Added Combat Enhanced compatibility to secret incident.

~~ Patch v0.3.2 (June 29, 2019) ~~
- Increased friendly raid strength in "Combined Assault" quest type.
- Rebalanced "Heavy Siege" quest type (citizens no longer join your faction).
- Fixed a persistence-related bug in "Assassination" quest type.

~~ Patch v0.3.1 (June 27, 2019) ~~
- Added compatibility for Quest Tab (collaboration with @Merthykins).
- Improved city quest expiration time logic.
- Updated Japanese translation (@Proxyer is awesome).

~~ Patch v0.3.0 (June 27, 2019) ~~
- New quest type: Sabotage (deactivate a city's defenses for an allied invasion force)
- New quest type: Combined Assault (attack a settlement with your ally)
- New quest type: Assassination (track down and creatively assassinate a specific target)
- New quest type: Heavy Siege (defend a city from waves of enemies)
- New quest type: Prison Break (help prisoners escape a city)
- New very rare secret incident type :)
- Abandoned city resources are no longer automatically claimed for more control over player wealth.
- Building materials have been rebalanced for all city types.
- When using Faction Control, city world generation works better on existing saves.
- When using Medieval Times, fewer rooms will contain production-related stations.
- The "Area revealed" message no longer shows up repeatedly when exploring city maps.
- A greater number of cities will generate per world (by default).
- Abandoned cities are no longer affected by the "Limit city map size" mod setting.
- Hostile cities no longer claim ownership of items (i.e. items can now be un-forbidden).
- Friendly cities now receive occasional food deliveries via drop pod.
- Map generation now works better with other terrain generation mods.

~~ Patch v0.2.10 (June 24, 2019) ~~
- Fixed Medieval Times compatibility.

~~ Patch v0.2.9 (June 23, 2019) ~~
- Updated Japanese translation (@Proxyer).

~~ Patch v0.2.8 (June 23, 2019) ~~
- Abandoned city buildings are now automatically claimed by the player.

~~ Patch v0.2.7 (June 23, 2019) ~~
- Added compatibility for Faction Control and Medieval Times.
- Rebalanced abandoned city wall materials.

~~ Patch v0.2.6 (June 23, 2019) ~~
- Added a "Crashlanded (Friendly City)" scenario.
- Added more wildlife to abandoned cities.
- Decreased detection range of hostile inhabitants.
- Using the "Standing" scenario arrival option in an abandoned city now works as expected.

~~ Patch v0.2.5 (June 23, 2019) ~~
- While under attack, hostile cities will occasionally call in reinforcements based on your storyteller settings.
- Significantly improved both friendly and hostile citizen AI (eating, sleeping, responding to attacks). A few more upgrades are coming soon.
- Spiced up city map generation with town center spaces and more room / building variants.
- City stockpile ownership works properly now (theft penalties no longer apply to natural resources and player-owned items).
- Increased the number of items scattered in abandoned cities.
- Fixed several bugs pointed out by the community.

~~ Patch v0.2.4 (June 22, 2019) ~~
- Added a "Crashlanded (Abandoned City)" scenario.
- Fixed several minor bugs.

~~ Patch v0.2.3 (June 21, 2019) ~~
- Fixed several mod incompatibility edge cases.
- Improved AI in friendly cities.
- Stealing from friendly cities affects faction relations.

~~ Patch v0.2.2 (June 21, 2019) ~~
- Improved compatibility with Combat Extended.

~~ Patch v0.2.1 (June 20, 2019) ~~
- Cities now generate in previous save files.
- You can start a new game in a friendly, hostile, or abandoned city using the "Start in a city" custom scenario setting.
- Both abandoned and conquered cities can now be claimed and converted into player colonies.
- Friendly cities can now be visited without invoking hostilities.
- More settings are available for city generation (check the mod options page).
- Added partial Japanese language support (@Proxyer).


If you'd like to start your colony in a city, click "Scenario Editor" and check the box next to "Edit mode". From there, click "Add part" and add the "Start in city (RimCities)" option. You can then customize the scenario to your liking.


GitHub repository and downloads: https://github.com/rvanasa/rimworld-cities

Bug reports & compatibility requests: https://github.com/rvanasa/rimworld-cities/issues

Work in progress! Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions for the mod.
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Pwu101 Oct 12 @ 12:57pm 
I wish we could trade with cities :(
WinterWolf Oct 12 @ 9:19am 
on testing, doesn't look like this is compatible with medieval restricted playthroughs with mods such as LOTR and Rimhammer, regardless of load order. Later tech still spawns in the cities, unfortunately.
Innocent Cheshire Oct 11 @ 10:50pm 
@Spitz McLoogy

"Abandoned" cities aren't actually abandoned per say, they're in a state of disrepair, and filled with squatters, raiders, pirates, or the like. As opposed to whatever faction naturally occupies the tileset.
Sir_Fluffy_Pants Oct 11 @ 7:05pm 
is this compatable with faction interaction
Spitz McLoogy Oct 11 @ 4:51pm 
Whats the difference with a ghost city? Like what's the difference between that scenario and a normal abandoned city start?
Proxyer Oct 8 @ 10:44pm 
Hello, author Cabbage.
I update the Japanese translation for v0.3.14. So I sent Pull request from GitHub. Please confirm and merge. Thank you. :lunar2019wavingpig:
Ballistic Devil Oct 8 @ 12:35pm 
You have my sincerest gratitude for your patch on the legends, I consider Rimcities essential to my gameplay and will immediately start another playthrough with it enabled again.
garuda_blade Oct 8 @ 12:52am 
When I install this mod the world incident in debug tab is stop working. But after I uninstall this mod it back to work again.
Holgast Oct 8 @ 12:36am 
@One Side the Last Visited mod released an update that should prevent it conflicting with this one.
X-Factor Oct 7 @ 1:45pm 
My Abandoned City appears to be limited in size. I noticed that you patch it at one point so it wouldn't be limited, but when I change the map size and re-start, it continues to be the same size.