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Futaba (Dance) (Persona)
Type: Model, Addon
Tags: Fun, Cartoon
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Jun 18 @ 10:27pm
Jun 26 @ 6:59am
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Futaba (Dance) (Persona)

Futaba (Dance) from Persona 5
● Playermodel
● 2 NPCs Enemy & Friendly (Persona)
● Ragdoll
● Firstperson view arms
● Bodygroups (Hair, Glasses)
● Facepose / Eyepose (using faceposer) / Fingerpose
● Hitboxes for Deathmatch or Trouble in Terrorist Town
● Jigglebones (Hair, Breast, Jacket, Zip, Cloth)
● More than 125 Bones
● You can move her tongue using bones
● Game shader (disable outline using skingroup)
● Move bones angles, scaling and the location using Advanced Bone Tool
Custom taunt feature supported

Credits :
Model & Textures: Xelandis, Persona5, Original Download[]
Model rigged into Valve Skeleton: by me
Facial/Facepose data: by me

I didn't own any model i only port/convert them into source engine
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@k2mario You need to chill the fucc out dude.
randy butternubs Jul 2 @ 2:00pm 
@k2mario he does commissions
Jul 2 @ 5:22am 
Please make Persona 5 ragdolls in summer casual outfits!
Jul 1 @ 5:11am 
Hey what's wrong with adding summer casual outfits!?
dewobedil  [author] Jun 27 @ 7:50am 
i improved it so it should be better now
randy butternubs Jun 26 @ 6:28am 
her jacket is fucked up- it's phasing through her torso since the jigglebone seems to be too small.
dewobedil  [author] Jun 25 @ 8:36pm 
a screenshot or some gif or video maybe ?
dewobedil  [author] Jun 25 @ 8:36pm 
can you guys point me out which bug you mean ? lack of jigglebones, or some otherthings ?
cburns19 Jun 25 @ 6:14pm 
make yoko littner
KonixTheHedghog Jun 25 @ 4:51pm 
Can you make a morgana ragdoll