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Beneath A Red Sky: A Battle Overhaul
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Beneath A Red Sky: A Battle Overhaul

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Beneath a Red Sky
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Beneath A Red Sky Battle Overhaul is a balance mod that aims to change every aspect of TW:3K battles to make them more realistic and closer to what you would expect from an ancient battle. It seeks to follow the vanilla balance closely while creating a really in-depth, immersive and historically accurate overhaul that puts importance on fatigue and morale over casualties and damage.

The mod completely overhauls unit stats and balancing, adds new effects and attributes to a variety of units, makes militia troops likely to charge or flee without orders, changes the cavalry vs infantry dynamic, overhauls missiles to be a more supportive role and increases the importance of terrain on the battlefield.

• In-depth Combat Redesign.
30 HP combat system
Slower, more tactical, battles
Overhauled fatigue so that it has a larger effect on morale and combat ability, meaning a fresh low tier unit could beat an exhausted elite unit.
Watch towers have been reduced in effectiveness.

• Unit changes.
All units now have a new purpose, spears now have fast attacks to push back enemies but when tired or surrounded become vulnerable. Axe infantry is ideal for opening up shielded infantry. Shield troops are effective in defence against missiles and melee troops. Missile troops are used to reduce enemy combat ability and break non-shielded or low morale units.
A 'pushing' mechanic based on unit weight, weapon type and training.
All militia infantry units now have 'Impetuous' and as such may charge without orders.
All melee units reduce nearby enemy morale while charging which can lead to lower morale infantry units routing before contact.

• Missile and Projectile Overhaul.
All missile damage has been reduced and now does more morale and fatigue damage instead, so missile weapons are mostly used as support troops.
Missile physics have been overhauled so that they have realistic ranges, spread and firing arcs.
When used against shielded infantry, missiles suppress them, reducing the enemy unit's speed and combat ability.

• New Infantry/Cavalry Dynamic
An overhauled cavalry vs infantry dynamic where braced melee infantry will always halt a cavalry charge.
Shock cavalry cause fear while charging.
Unit speeds have been changed so that walking is faster, while running is slower. Acceleration is reduced also, especially for cavalry, to create a sense of weight and build up to unit movement.

• More Difficult Terrain
Terrain effects have been overhauled, with forests, swamps and rough terrain slowing units to realistic speeds, while also reducing combat ability.
Forests now block missile fire even more effectively than vanilla, but low tier units can be easily routed should the forest be set ablaze.

Removing 'unruly' from more veteran militia units.
Wavering units will be given a passive ability that reduces their combat effectiveness, to show they've lost the will to fight.
An overhaul of Heroes, refocusing them to buff their own unit type in a realistic way, such as champions increasing the 'push' of nearby spear units, and commanders being given the rally ability.
An overhaul of how units are recruited, focusing on armouries being needed for armoured troops, while making a wider variety of troops available to all hero types.

For the complete collection of 'Beneath A Red Sky' mods, click above.

All BARS content has been verified to work with all other mods within the BARS collection.
The BARS battle overhaul will not be balanced with any mod that: adds new units, changes battle balancing, adds new effects that edit morale or cause HP/AP damage, adds new armours, weapons or projectiles.

The BARS battle overhaul will not be compatible with any mod that edits the "CEO_data" file (anything that edits character attributes, traits or skills.

Hope you enjoy the mod, if you would like to show your support, that would be appreciated.
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Damnatio Memoriae Jul 16 @ 10:07am 
Thanks Petellius and all the best ! keep these cool mods coming
Petellius  [author] Jul 16 @ 7:18am 
Also you're right on cav speeds, I did increase them but they must have reverted by accident.
Petellius  [author] Jul 16 @ 7:18am 
Yeah, I wanted them a bit quicker. Individual unit balance still needs some work. I've got a spreadsheet with all the values in but haven't done all the units yet, they're vanilla stats divided by 5 right now. When I get chance to go over them hopefully it'll be more clear between elite and militia troops.
Damnatio Memoriae Jul 15 @ 2:59pm 
Amazing battle tweaks even in romance mode. the fatigue system is very well done and a major game changer in battle. The unit push mechanism makes units feel more organic on the battle field unlike the robot like feel of vanilla. There is lots of hard work in balancing out the details like arrows damage and unit movements.

general duels in romance mode tend to end much faster now, and I tend to prefer that.
Damnatio Memoriae Jul 15 @ 2:59pm 
my only 2 notes is first, cav charges shatter units in less than 5 seconds regardless of their numbers and second, cav movement is very slow when running. I wouldn't care much for charges if the AI was actually smart enough to handle it but the thing is battles are much easier now, guess AI can't keep up with battle realism. Maybe allow more room for routing but not shattering? or increase unit morale?

By the way I've tried charging into militia and pro soldiers and all yield the same results. Still a superb battle mod that I won't be playing the game without. Thank you! endorsed and fav.
MOCHO Jul 14 @ 3:24pm 
So I don't know if this is a bug or something but is it normal that my vanguard generals die in less than 5 seconds after charging regular sword militia?
Inglorious89 Jul 14 @ 2:32pm 
Is terror supposed to be so extreme? My first battle with this mod had Huang Shao cause enough terror to cause 4 Ji Militia to retreat in terror, and also caused Guan Yu to run away in terror from a Militia of Virtue.
Petellius  [author] Jul 14 @ 10:26am 

- Added more ammo for archer cavalry.

- Reworked stats to balance the mod for Romance mode. Any help in testing this would be highly appreciated, I'll make a new discussion thread for Romance mode.
Petellius  [author] Jul 14 @ 8:30am 
100 😂
Bonsai Jul 14 @ 7:12am 
@Petellius I was playing with that same value in Thrones! How high did you have to set it to get results? Great work on this by the way.