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Planetary Development Notification
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Planetary Development Notification

This is a mod for showing overcrowding, lack of job offers and some other notification at top of the display.
In vanilla, this notification is shown in outliner, but you should sometimes check every planets in the outliner with long scroll. This mod make notification conspicuous and will save labor at checking outliner.

List of notification by this mod is followings, and the condition of it is a little difference from vanilla.
  • Free housing is zero(0) or less
  • Free job offers are zero(0) even if there are NOT unemployed pops
    • Will NOT give notification in the case that there are unemployment pops in spite of enough number of job offers supplied.
  • There are unemployment pops (Disabled in default)
    • Will give notification in the case that there are unemployment pops in spite of enough number of job offers supplied.
  • Free amenities is zero(0) or less
  • There are non-pampered bio-thropy. (Rouge servitor only)
  • Can upgrade capital buildings
  • First building slot is unlocked (Disabled in default)
    • For players who want to build Gene Clinics or Robotics Assembly Plant into new colonies as soon as possible
  • Building slot is unlocked (Not only first one, Disabled in default)
  • Uncleared Blocker (only if all districts has been developed)
  • Planetary decision is expired.

  • The notification will disappear 2 months later from it appearing, and reappear 1 year later if the situation of the planet is same.
  • New notification will be temporarily disabled while construction of districts or buildings is ongoing on this planet.
  • The condition of notification can be modified by edict.
  • The notification for each planet can be disabled by planetary decision without any cost.
  • The notification for a planet, where pops are NOT growing or assembled because of population control and/or some other decisions, will be disabled automatically.

Compatibility Information
With saved game: this mod can be installed/uninstalled for any saved game.
With another mod: this mod may not be incompatible with a mod modifying notification, shown in top of the display.

Recently Update
  • Change: the date of notification is changed to 5th day every month.
  • New: notification for expiry of decision is added. It is noticed 20th day just after the expiry.
  • New: notification for organic sanctuaries for bio-trophy is added.
  • New: notification for free building slot can be set to notification for the not-only-first slot.
  • Fix: in synthetic empire, notification was sent even if pops are not assembled. Now fixed.


  • 空き住宅が0以下
  • 空き職業枠が0 (失業者がいなくとも通知)
    • 職業枠の数が十分なのに失業しているケースでは、通知なし
  • 失業POPがいる (デフォルトでは無効)
    • 職業枠の数が十分なのに失業しているケースで通知
  • 保護されていないバイオトロフィーがいる(独善的な奉仕機械用)
  • 快適度収支が0以下
  • 首都建造物のアップグレードが可能
  • 最初の建造物スロットがアンロックされた (デフォルトでは無効)
    • 最初のスロットが開放され次第、遺伝子診療所やロボット製造所を作りたい人向け
  • 建造物スロットがアンロックされた (1つ目に限らない、デフォルトでは無効)
  • 障害物 (区域が全て開発済みなのに、障害物が残っているケースのみ)
  • ディシジョンが期限満了を迎えた

  • 通知は2ヶ月で消滅、状況が改善していなければ1年後に再通知
  • 布告で通知条件の変更が可能
  • 区域や建造物を建設中の惑星では、建造完了(またはキャンセル)まで新規通知無効
  • ディシジョンで通知を無効化可能
  • 人工統制等により有機POPの成長やロボットPOPの建造が抑制されている惑星では通知無効

セーブ中のゲーム: 任意のタイミングで、本MODの有効化/無効化が可能です
他MOD: 画面上部に表示される通知を追加・変更するMODと干渉する可能性があります

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Jul 28 @ 6:09am
Incompatible mods
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Venator Aug 11 @ 12:22am 
Had the same thing, in my case it was the mod Human Fallen Empires. I have merged this mod, Fallen Empires, and At War Planetary Defense Force. If anyone feels it would be useful I can upload it somewhere.
Catapultam Habeo Aug 1 @ 8:10pm 
@NaK1119 - Here is a compatibility patch for notifications
froideroche Jul 21 @ 1:32am 
Thanks for this mod, I don't know how I could survive even until mid-game without it. I was so fed up with checking every planet every couple months I usually abandonned most games when I started to have more than 2 or 3 sectors.

Just hiding the planets list and getting notified when intervention is needed is so comfy. :)
NaK1119  [author] Jul 14 @ 7:19pm 
This must be a compatibility issue with another mod. You can install only 1 mod that modify and/or add round-icon notification.
Dominic4630 Jul 13 @ 1:05pm 
I am not getting any notification icons. All I am getting are pink squares that say no image.
NaK1119  [author] Jun 28 @ 4:58am 
For deleting the edict, localize this mod and delete "common\edicts\Pdn_edicts.txt".
In this case, the menu can be called by following console command (case-sensitive):
event PdnEvent.1000
theGLDT Jun 27 @ 2:36am 
This is really helpful. Thanks for making this!
Plerion Jun 26 @ 9:12am 
I understand. Then, could you please tell me if I can call the options window from the console, so I can delete the edict file locally?
NaK1119  [author] Jun 26 @ 4:41am 
Unfortunately, Mod Menu does not suit for small mod like this, because Mod Menu and mods depending on it often causes compatibility issue. Concretely, a mod often disappear from the list of Mod Menu when another mod are enabled.