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A wireless power mod :
Trade power (buy and sell) with factions, share wirelessly power between your colonies and all other maps (caravan, quest, deeprim...), connect electrical devices to wireless powergrids (no cables), thanks to the wireless power network technologies research.

Hack and use the dangerous energy from the ancient network of power-collection satellites to generate tons of energy and also use it as weapon.

Hijack the wireless power network technologies and use it as powerful weapons with the A.R.E.S system.

Fully customizable.
Robots from Misc Robots++ and Androids from Androids Tiers mods can be connected to LWPN allowing them to operate continuously.


Download latest release (DropBox)[www.dropbox.com]

For the wireless power (transfert/sharing) :
To be simple, broadcast an amount of Watt you choose of a power source wirelessly like WIFI networks.
  • 1) You build an emitter who will emit a WPN (Wireless Power Network eg: WPN-1300987) with the desired amount of Watt you want.
  • 2) Then you simply need to build where you want (even another map) a receiver where you will select on which WPN to connect (between your's or thoses of the other factions you rented). You can also rent your WPN to factions thought the communication console.

For the wireless powergrids it's the same process :
  • 1) You build an emitter who will emit (on the current map only) automatically the connected power network wirelessly, it is the LWPN (Local Wireless Power Network eg : LWPN-001).
  • 2) On all electrical devices you want to connect wirelessly, you simply need to first enable the wireless switch, then select which available LWPN to connect.

  • Become energy supplier and earn money
  • Use all electrical devices without physical cables
  • No more lack of energy with the Satellite powerbeam absorption dish (warning : very dangerous)
  • Attack and defend your base thanks to the A.R.E.S (Atmospheric Remote Energy Storm)
  • Create dangerous electric setups on another map from your base (Rimatomic reactor, Satellite powerbeam absborption dish,...) then share wirelessly produced power with your main base safely
  • Use turrets and other electric defenses systems on caravan and quest maps thanks to portable (but limited) WPN Receptor and portable LWPN Emitter
  • Share power with your DeepRim mod in undergroup maps

All the energy trading are done thought the communication console.

Rent a WPN :
When you rent a WPN to a faction you commit yourself for a certain period of time to provide them with a certain amount of power.
Beware if you cant honor your contract till the end, the faction may cancel the contract and commit negative actions against you (decrease goodwill, raid or embargo).
Likewise the factions count all the hours or the contract is not respected and removes them from your payment, however if the total of theses hours are too high to their taste they can refuse to pay you (only neutral and ally factions) !

Borrow a WPN :
When you borrow a faction's WPN, you must pay it at the end of the contract period (you have 1 day), in case of non payment the faction will engage in negative actions against you (decrease goodwill, raid or embargo)

Power++ allow to have deep commercial relations with factions :

  • Dont pay the bill and assume the consequences
  • Break an contract in progress without pay and assume the consequences
  • Factions can do an energy embargo, based on some conditions faction (refuse to buy/sell power with you for a certain time
  • Factions can remind to you if you do not respect the energy supply contract before initiate actions against you
  • Calculation of proportion of the energy consumed during payments (hour granularity)
  • Factions may decide to make a discount based on certain conditions
  • Factions have specific (limited) needs

  • To function properly and safely, the AD must constantly be connected to the computer (the STS) that initiates the connection to the satellite network. In case of interruption of one of these two devices (AD or STS) while a beam is active, a countdown start, at the end of this countdown the connection with the satellite is abruptly interrupted, this can result in several types of major incidents (orbital aiming error, orbital beam dilatation (the worst), huge EMP, ...).
  • It's not recommended to overload your AD, even if you can and it significantly increases the amount of energy produced, because the desynchronization time (the countdown) with the linked satellite is shortened which will greatly increase the risk of hard desynchronization and therefore of potentially serious incidents.
  • The STS emit a lot of heat and it need to run at a temperature below 0C, if it overheat it can also cause hard desynchronization with the satellite
  • The A.R.E.S system is very effective on life forms but not very effective against mechanoids
  • Overloaded AD is gradually damaged by the orbital beam, so you should constantly check and repair it.

  • Azarashi (Esp) : Spanish translation
  • aRandomKiwi : English and French translations
  • HawnHan : Simplified Chinese translation
  • Xeros08 : Graphic ressource (AD Relay tower)

Compatible Rimworld 1.0 and 1.1

Enjoy my mods and like me to continue updating ?
Please consider buying me a kiwi on Ko-Fi or at least put a like :)

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Dec 16, 2019 @ 6:44am
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i2ID Oct 16 @ 10:43am 
unless you power down your wpn untill the warships have left the planet
AdmiralKittens Oct 15 @ 4:08pm 
The base parts of this mod are great, but the Mechanoid Warship Event is absolutely insane. It just doesn't seem like a fair or reasonable trade off. Sure here have wireless power, only at some point of your run unless you disable the even in the mod options, everything you love will be destroyed unless you have game breaking shields, weapons, and turrets lol.
Spectre Oct 12 @ 9:42am 
Got LWPN (LWPN-001) and Portable LWPN on another map. Why they share the same LWPN-001 ID? The portable's one should have LWPN-002 (btw: you made a typo and there is "portale" (...). The same typo is in the mod description)

Anyway because sharing the same ID I cannot use the portable's one.
CatOUnagi Oct 9 @ 3:28pm 
@Veli @Einwanderungsbehörde the error in console appears to be
Exception ticking ARKPPP_PowerBeamSatelliteTargetingSystem6158 (at (155, 0, 114)): System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

I think rimatomics or SOS2 might be causing the issue.
Veli Oct 5 @ 6:36am 
I have the same issue like @Einwanderungsbehörde. I am not able to see the Beam but am gaining the power.

I am using Mods like Rimatomics, Rimmefeller, Rimnauts, SOS2, Combat Extended, Every Vanilla Expansion mod, LWM Storage and a lot quality of life mods.
I have a visual bug where after activation the Dish produces its 25k power but there is no laser seeable. The effects are not there, still all other functions are working proberly. The second I stop the sequence for a short period the laser is there and then stop with the sequence. Got an idea on what causes that?
Balud Cornelius Oct 2 @ 9:36pm 
why this mod make my walth spike up to 60k in new game
i was starting at tundra with naked brutality but the early wealth spike dont make sense to me at all
Ginger Sep 23 @ 3:31am 
Aight, that was probably harsher than it needed to be, sorry. But just a piece of friendly advice, one mod author to another: don't ever take something away from the player without giving them a chance to stop it. The whole "your STS ran too hot for too long even though it was at a lower temperature than is physically possible, so now we're going to destroy it and everything within 50 tiles of it in 15 seconds and you can do nothing about it" is, from the point of view of a player, absolutely terrible. There's not sufficient warning, there's no recourse, there's no lesson on what to do better next time. It's *just* being mean to the player.
Ginger Sep 23 @ 3:02am 
Oi, ARandomKiwi. I just had a 3 million gold colony get destroyed in one day because an STS kept at absolute zero (-273 C) was apparently "running too hot for too long" and got blown up by a laser, and then a "random series of errors" (according to the event) caused lasers to blow up the entire rest of my map. The only things that survived were invulnerable items.

I was getting 50kW of power from my AD. For reference, I was getting 200MW of power from oil (Rimefeller) and nuclear (Rimatomics). And neither of those mods have events that cause immediate, poorly-explained, and unavoidable game-overs. What gives? I know you want to balance your mod, but as it is, I'm punished so hard for playing with it that I might as well uninstall it...
keepercraft Sep 19 @ 7:49pm 
Get laggy and finally die with mod RimThreaded. :stress: