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Grazing Lands
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Jun 14, 2019 @ 5:50pm
Aug 12 @ 7:41pm
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Grazing Lands

Animals don't destroy grass and eat according to their size.
Can be (un)installed mid game.
Version for RimWorld 1.0 doesn't get updated since 1.1.1.

- all vanilla grass doesn't get destroyed when eaten, but gets growing progress reset instead. This is the only thing that's "vanilla only", everything else works with moded plants. Grass has a chance to be destroyed when depleted (5% by default, configurable);
- animals now can eat yield from growing plants with 50% efficiency (configurable). They eat as much as they need to be satisfied;
- instead of destroying plants with possible yield right away, animals damage them based on how much they ate (i.e. big animals still can one-shot plants, damage is configurable, 200% by default);
- plants slowly regenerate health. Not very useful for short living plants, though;

non-steam: github[github.com].

patch notes:
- updated for 1.2;

- fixed and made a reset for consumption chance being 500% at a start. Sorry about that;

- officially added Harmony dependency;
- added a slider for consumption chance that destroys plant. Works when plant is completely depleted and only for those plants that don't have yield, i.e. doesn't affect plants like wild berry bushes (default 5%);
- added a slider, how much damage crops receive when animals eat them based on total possible yield. By default it's 200% (it means plant dies before animals even eat all accessible yield, in order to make feeding animals this way unattractive);

- re-did assemblies to suit the Rimword 1.1! Hoorah!
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May 29 @ 2:05am
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Zerotheliger Sep 24 @ 8:01am 
im not eating the grass! lol
Skullywag Sep 20 @ 6:30am 
Same as the issue ive been describing below, its probably a modded grass you have being eaten.
Zerotheliger Sep 19 @ 7:58pm 
anytime this mod is installed i dunno why but removing it fixes it i get random bullet richochet sounds.
Skullywag Sep 18 @ 2:22am 
like i said its only a small inconvenience, after looking a bit more deeply at the code im starting to think that its not this anyway and something in the zen garden dense grass def thats causing it to behave like a building being attacked and therefore make the sound, as other plants and grasses dont make the same noise when being eaten.
avil  [author] Sep 17 @ 3:01pm 
@Skullywag eh, making custom type of damge for something like that. Might as well make it magic/unknown. Didn't want to do that because different things have different resistances, and who knows, what kind of plant some mod could add.
Skullywag Sep 17 @ 12:45pm 
I may be misunderstanding but its your code that has the bite in it:
__instance.TakeDamage(new DamageInfo(DamageDefOf.Bite, num5, 0f, -1f, null, null, null, 0, null));
Cant you use another damagedef (a custom one) that doesnt have a sound associated with it.
avil  [author] Sep 17 @ 4:43am 
@Skullywag I've seen that, but I don't know, how to fix that since it's not a part of vanilla.
Skullywag Sep 17 @ 4:39am 
Did you see my comment about the "bite" damage and the sound? Not important at all, just a slight iritation at most :D
✪Kurosendo Sep 16 @ 9:09am 
thanks for information :bbtgem:
avil  [author] Sep 16 @ 1:03am 
@✪Kurosendo Yes. Small animals can't destroy them in one bite.