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The Beast From Below
Created by Sky
Pyro Head replacement. Loosely inspired by depictions of cthulhu and diving masks.
(Originally) designed to be halloween suitable but not too outlandish for regular tf2.

- Paintable facemask + tube ends.
- No clipping with most hats (does ...
The Knitted Nessie (cyclops style)
Created by zachL
Show your mutual respect for your age old adversary with this adorable hand-made souvenir hat. Paint it your favorite color! Watch its head's mesmerizing jiggle! Tear off its eye out of spite!

Comes with a free comic about how this hat cures depression ...
The Pony Expression
Created by Sleeper
Why the long face?

512^2 diffuse and bumpmap, 2 LODs that fit within the fancy in-game workshop importer's criteria for all of the classes. Not paintable.

Alternate names - (Thank you to whoever suggested some of these):
Horsie Headie
Horsie Hotlin...
Created by Svdl
A pistol made for the Engineer.

Download as a mod here.[]
The Clipper
Created by Jal
Clip the wings off a fly from a mile away with this stylish Sub-Machine Gun!

More screenshots:

You can also check my screenshot library for more updated pict...
The Ranger
Created by Batandy
Your best friend agaist outlaws!

A modified colt to hold clips instead of rounds...
Stagecoach Shotgun
Created by Dusty Showbiz
Long before the default scattergun, bandits used the stagecoach shotgun to shoot anyone who stood in the way of getting their money....
Hell in the Shell
Created by Piascyk
Portable pyrotechnics for the Pyro.

- 2 LODs (3730 tris, 1616 tris)
- Team colors...
Created by Thømas Haller
Ce Fusil de Sniper du futur est parfait pour tuer n'importe qui grâce à ses
balles sifflantes et sa lunette infrarouge magnifique....
The Boilerbuss
Created by ColonelBD
Orginally an entry for the Gamebanana Steampunk Pyro contest. It got me 3rd place.

Download links on Gamebanana and TF2mods....
The Marshal's Law
Created by Batandy
New Version!

The Gun that won the west now owns the Badlands!...