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Awesome Weapons
Awesome weapons that I would LOVE to be added to TF2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3
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The Snitch
Created by Constructor
A gun based on the Mauser C96 for the Spy. That is all.

Remember to check out the coat to go with this gun here:
The Compresser (re-uploaded)
Ever run out of ammo when you wanted to airblast that annoying heavy off the cliff or that pesky scout into a train? Never fear, the Compresser will blow your worries about ammo shortage away!

Suggested Stats (emphasis on suggested):

-80% airblast cost
Stagecoach Shotgun
Created by Dusty Showbiz
Long before the default scattergun, bandits used the stagecoach shotgun to shoot anyone who stood in the way of getting their money....
Hell in the Shell
Created by Piascyk
Portable pyrotechnics for the Pyro.

- 2 LODs (3730 tris, 1616 tris)
- Team colors...
The Native's Neutraliser
Created by Rozzy
A wooden one is no good, it's got to have knives in it! Slice, Slice, Slice!

Bladed Boomerang for Sniper with protective sheath for handling. Can be either used as a throwable or melee weapon....
Created by Snow
Compound bow with knives taped to the front. Shoot and stab without changing weapon.

The Blizzard Boots
Created by Colteh
For when your old shoes leave you with frostbitten feet, just wear this for maximum warmth....
Holiday Headlights Fixed
Created by Applesnacks
My first submission to Workshop. The hat functions like the Trophy Belt and it is modeled to be a festive version of the snipers default hat.

Programs used:
-3ds Max 2012
-3ds plugins SMD import/export
-GCF Scape
-MDL Compiler
Hellsinger V.2
Created by Zoey
The Hellsinger

"There are Spies in life and there are Snipers - and you are one of the Snipers. The Sniper of all Snipers."

The remake of the year old "Hellsinger" - which was part of the "Van Mundy" set of items from NOTLU.

A link to that can be fou...
Zaroff's Pride
Created by Chemical Alia
A double-barreled antique prize from an island far away.
Lil' Robin
Created by Joey90
A little Robin to keep you company while you're blowing heads away.

Now with a new MANNLY style!

Replaces Villain's Veil:

The Flap Jack Stack
Created by Shane
I will be fixing the flapjack hat over the next while, and will be releasing an update for it when complete.

If you are interested in giving suggestions or comments, or just wish to be notified when the hat update comes out. Send an email to headfullo...