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Breeders Delight
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Jun 7, 2019 @ 12:07am
Jun 11, 2019 @ 11:07am
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Breeders Delight

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Want a more relaxed breeding experience? This will do that. This mods goal is to provide a simple breeding experience so you can do other things.


- Adds a Hatchery that will automatically pickup fertilized eggs and will incubate them to 1%. It requires mejoberrys to power it.

- Adds a Nanny that will imprint dinos periodically and will feed baby dinos up juvenile in which case it can eat from a trough. It does take a min for it give the baby dino food please note this as its not an instant thing. It requires honey to power it.

- Adds a Mutator that will make dinos within the area lay eggs that guarantee a mutation. It also has the ability to gender swap a dino, assign a gender to a genderless dino, allow non breedable dinos to breed, stop a dino from aging, and change a dino to aberrant form. Requires 10 element per action.

Planned Features:

Add options to change what the items look like to fit different themes, Example hatchery into a tek egg.



Known Issues:

Does have some conflicting issues with S+


Is this a copy of S+?

Yes and no, S+ is a open source project anyone is allowed to go use whatever way they please. Go to his mod and do some reading. I wanted to take out some important stuff and separate it into its own mod so it will be easier to manage and update as well as fix the issues they have. I have also put my own tweaks into it and changed some things. I plan to add more things to this mod in the future and improve its functionality.

Comments about this will be deleted. If you don't like the mod don't use it.

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Mod ID: 1762990691
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HellRaiser Oct 25 @ 7:03am 
if anyon's running this mod and also have s+ then put this mod below s+ cauz if this mod is above s+ it crashes the game
Michusky Sep 23 @ 8:20pm 
does this make wyverns breedable?
mjprogue Aug 9 @ 12:59pm 
Awesome mod...a couple of questions...bred a pair of otters twice and the baby was nowhere to be found when I returned. is there an issue with the Nanny feeding baby mammals?

Total mutations are going over this a bug?
피닉 Jul 14 @ 7:22pm 
Can't I convert it to x-species creature, one of the genesis creatures?
Godith (Alpha) Shadowind Jul 11 @ 11:29am 
we just used the mutator to gender swap some dinos, but it's acting a bit odd. it appeared to work initially, but then the dinos genders swapped back to their originals on my screen, but not my husband's. (private server) then some switched for him, but not all (we did several species/genders at once)
dagoth2000 Jun 29 @ 1:00am 
Ok so when 2 dinos start mating fire the mutator just before the egg comes out.
But i still get no mutation.
Any help or the steps to use this?
1david25  [author] Jun 25 @ 12:27pm 

Do the boss runs
dagoth2000 Jun 25 @ 6:20am 
How to get elements i'm on the island map?
1david25  [author] Jun 16 @ 7:19pm 
Godith Shadowind,

Glad you figured it out.
Godith (Alpha) Shadowind Jun 16 @ 7:01pm 
ah thanks, i don't like leaving eggs on the ground for more than a second or two since it can hurt their health, but they did get sucked up and incubated properly. just wish i could put them in manually.