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Starbound++ (Tweaks, Addons and Expansions)
A bundle of mods which tweak starbound in major and minor ways for, in my opinion, a nicer experience
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Base Tech Rebalance
Created by gay moth aunt
CAUTION: This workshop item will no longer receive updates.

I no longer have time to work on maintaining these items due to now being a full-time sprite artist, so consider these workshop items to be fully open-source. You are free to u...
Better Hoverbikes
Created by Erisss
It never seemed strange to you that those hoverbikes can hover on ground, but can't hover on water and other liquids? This mod make them hover on liquids.
It modifies hoverbike.lua, so this mod should work with hoverbikes added by mods that use hoverbike....
Earth's Finest - Crew Improvements
Created by Mickyan
This mod aims to make recruiting your crew a more worthwhile endeavour, greatly increasing the strenght and usefulness of your crew members.
By making each class unique and useful in their own way, choosing the right person to bring on a mission can make...
Extended GUI
Created by v6
This is a client-side mod.

Extends most of the GUI windows so you can fit more items at the same time.

The songbook can be found as a seperate mod by the name of "Extended Songbook"

Extended Songbook
Created by v6
This is a client-side mod.

Extends the Songbook window so you can fit more items at the same time.

If you want to extend more of your GUI then you can find the mod "Extended GUI"

Glitch Armor Edits
Created by Cyan Sky Knight
Glitch armor no longer has extra eyes, and you can now see under the helm as well.
For Glitch, this means your real eyes will show up. For other races, you'll no longer look like a Glitch just because you have their armor.
Most of the later tier helms have...
Less Mech Energy Usage - 50%
Created by gloop
This changes both the damage and the passive energy loss amounts to half of their vanilla values.
this does not change the amount of energy restored on pickup, or the max energy of any mech body.

this mod modifies modularmech.lua, ...
No Weather Blockdamage
Created by Iris Blanche
No Weather Blockdamage does what it says: it prevents any kind of weather from destroying blocks. But beware: the effects can still kill you.
Weather types included
- Small meteors
- Large meteors
- Cinderstorms (aka Ember)

This covers only vanilla ...
Weapon Stats
Created by Tripod
Compatible with Starbound 1.4

Displays item level, DPS and damage per energy (DPE) for swords and guns.

Based only on raw damage. Abilities and combo attacks are not factored in.

For additional stats on other weapons (legendaries, bows, fis...
Skippable Cinematics
Created by v6
This is a client-side mod.

Skip any cinematic with ESC-key.

It does not reduce any loading times that are covered up by cinematics.

For a non-Steam version, visit
Parallax Compression (FPS Improvement)
Created by Xaliber
This mod intends to improve FPS performance by compressing all parallax images size.

If you liked my mods, feel free to donate me a snack through:
Ko-Fi[] | [url=
Learn Blueprints on Scan
Created by 🐱
Learn blueprints when scanning objects. Should be compatible with any mods that adds objects and/or recipes.

Update (2019-10-20): If the quest is stuck in your quest log:
Type this in the in-game chat:
/admin /failquest learnbl
Created by ozonoff
Optimizebound aims to improve your game performance without any noticeable quality loss. To achieve this I've used PNGGauntlet, a png lossless compression tool, to optimize all png files found within the 'assets.pak' file....
Weighted Grappling Hook
Created by Argle Bargle
Adds a new grappling hook that combines the speed and reach of the original Grappling Hook, with the gravity and physics of the Climbing Rope.

It can be crafted in the Agricultural Station with the same ingredients as the normal Grappling Hook.

Hop On Shops
Created by Argle Bargle
This oddly specific mod adds collision geometry to most of the shops, stores, shipping containers, and junk heaps in and around the Outpost, allowing you to hop up onto them when you are bored.

Easier Hammers and Axes
Created by Argle Bargle
This mod makes hammers and axes a bit easier to use by allowing you to release the hammer/axe at any point during the charge animation, doing a fraction of the damage relative to how much of the charge you did. This makes them operate a lot more like bows,...
Cosmetic slots for Mechs
Created by Namuli
Cosmetic slots for Mechs v1.2.2 ( Multiplayer Friendly, Client-side )

This mod overwrites "/vehicles/modularmech/mechpartmanager.lua".

Compatible with the Frackin Universe mod....
Quickbar Mini (DEPRECATED)
Created by Silverfeelin
This mod is now deprecated in favor of Stardust Core Lite, a newer, shinier version with additional features, maintained and updated in sync with Stardust Core. Plea...
Player Dances and Emotes
Created by Degranon
When emotes are just not enough

Ever looked at these happy dancing npcs and crying out jelously? So, worry no more!

Express your feelings using this simple mod that allows you to dance, dance all night long, wave your hands warmly, comfort your friends....
Quickbar Teleporter
Created by TGekko
Tired of every teleporter mod being so complicated by needing additional or modded items, I made a button in the Quickbar Mini mod that opens the teleporter user interface.

No items, no crafting, just convenience.

This mod adds the ability to open a ...
Less Annoying Weather
Created by fruzstrated
This does NOT remove any weather;
It simply edits weather effects to remove the creation of blocks such as silt during sand storms.
This is to work around a Starbound Bug where weather effects can get into your house if the roof is off screen.

It also...
Efficient Watering
Created by zecra
-Water your crops without a cooldown rate
-Water while walking
-Watering time decreased
-Watering AOE increased...
Quickbar Mech Deployer !! No Admin !!
Created by TGekko
This mod adds a button the the 'Quickbar Mini' mod interface that allows the player to deploy their mech from anywhere right where they are.
You must have a deployable Mech before this button will work.

I do not normally use this mod, a...
Melee Aiming
Created by Kais
Changes the standard (left click) attacks of broadswords and hammers to aim towards the cursor, instead of only horizontally left or right.

Note: secondary (right click) attacks are unaffected.

This mod will affect other mods' broadswords and hammers...
Upgraded Upgrades
Created by Kais
Increases the target level of the Weapon Upgrade Anvil (found at the end of the Ancient Vaults accessible after the main story has been completed) from 6 to 7, and makes all vanilla weapons and shields upgradeable.

Any items that you previously upgraded...
Job Offers
Do you really, really want a NPC as a crew member? No worries, now you don't have to hope for them to give you enough quests to trigger the change. With one of these craftable/buyable job offers you can instantly make them happy to work for you.

- Make...
Futara's Dragon Engine
Created by FutaraDragon
Edits Starbound's config to reduce the rendered area and enables frame skipping.
Adds a Skill Menu item to activate custom abilities within the Dragon Engine to the game.
Futara's Dragon Engine
Black Ice
Created by Credo
Black Ice is a weapons manufacturing corporation with a focus on cryogenic munitions and equipment.

All brand items and objects can be found at the dedicated vendor which can be crafted from the tier three inventors table.

Known incompatabilities for...
Food Stack
Created by v6
This is a client- & server-side mod.
If it is not installed on server then your stack can & will reduce to 1 when transferred to the server.

Food Stack changes so food can stack up to 1000.

To stack food that have different rotting time you will nee...
The loading icon but it spins properly
Created by Zacrabo
Makes the loading icon spin normally instead of whatever it does in vanilla.

The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. They have greatly increased the life-expectancy of those of us who live in “advanced” coun...
Glitchy/Broken Chucklefish Intro
Created by AnomNom
Does your game crash often? Do you like glitchy stuff? Well here ya go!

This mod updates the Chucklefish Intro to not only use the new graphics provided from the mod Brand New Chuckl...
Bagel's More Clothing Mod
Created by MythrilBagels
Hi, I'm Bagels, and welcome to my More Clothing Mod!

This mod adds a large variety of new vanity clothing items for your character, all of which can be crafted at a sewing machine. Alternatively, in Admin mode, each item can be spawned in using the /spa...
Basic Clothing
Created by drecognis
This addon grants knowledge of making standart human clothing for all races such as:

- Casual set.
- Stylish set.
- Sweater set.
- Workout set.
- Protectorate pieces of clothing.
- Hoodies and jea...
Enhanced Storage
Created by Neo
Enhanced Storage is a quality of life mod which improves the whole storage system of Starbound. On the one hand it adds a lot of new features to the usablity of containers, and on the other it adds many new content concerning storage and containers.

Want to be able to spawn in and customize npcs well beyond even what the chargen gives you?
Want to just find that one bloody human npc with the short green hair?
Well brother(or sister!), we at N.P.C. Inc. have got good news for you!


Dramatic Terrain
Created by Limlis
Tired of those blocky blocks? Are those mountains looking a little square? Do you find it oddly convenient that someone has hand-carved stairs specifically for you in a completely unpopulated world's underground caverns?

Be troubled no longer with Dram...
Created by josu
A client-side reskin for the Novakid race based on the original vision and also paying homage to their inspiration, the Anodynes...
Ningen Race Mod ver 1.8
Created by ODABUTSU
This mod is no longer in development.
Now, as open source, you are free to edit with these mod assets.
Thank you for playing for a long time.

Everyone free to use the assets of this mod.
No author credit is required. (But I'm a little...
MkioTNT Workshop
Created by MkioTNT
Acess hub for my mods

Basic content:

- 2 Crafting stations
- MkioTNT Workshop - Basic crafting station
- Furniture Dye Station - using this only for the furniture i'm making
- 1 Cosmetic Armor set - Late-Eclipse Ops set
- 2 Melee weapon ...
Kitsune Race
Created by MkioTNT
Long story short: fox like demi-humans.

Kitsune Rage activation

1. Add a key bind to "Alt Tech Key" in the control options
2. Equip the Kitsune Rage tech
3. Activate, duration of 60 seconds and cooldown of 20 seconds
+75 Health
Themed Colony Deeds
Created by themrpiggy22
Colony deeds that fit in with your colony!

Building a colony, but don't want that hi-tech colony deed standing out like a sore thumb in the corner of your medieval Glitch village? Well you're in luck!

This mod adds a variety of different col...
Fixed Critters
Created by riley
Fixes any critter that is unable to walk up tiles. This currently only affects vanilla critters.

Compatible with existing save games and other mods, including Frackin' Universe.

Special thanks to user Azure Fang for helping make the mod even better!...
Enhanced Party Interface
Created by Renamon
Changes the layout and look of the party UI for a unified look.

I mean, who isn't totally triggered by that hunger bar that is smaller than the energy/health bar? And don't get me started on those health and energy bars of party members...

Interactable Apex Pods
Created by Reyquiem
Allows you to use Apex life support pods as if they were furniture. I figured, hey, if we can sit around in Floran cages and Human force prison cells, why not Apex life support pods?

Maybe that's not a very good reason, since these things are clearly pr...
Xbawks Character Extender
Created by Kawa
Adds 36 easily-extended species buttons.

Q. How do I add species?
A. Find and install them. This comes with none.
Q. How do I make species?
A. This is not the place to tell you.
Q. When I run it, it looks like crap. How ...
Created by EIKO
Changes vanilla faces to be Eiko-Approved! This mod is totally uninvasive and can be uninstalled at any time with no issues. This only changes sprites, so don't worry about your save data getting ruined or something.

- Humans' eye color is controlled b...
Created by senornacho
Disables the rot timer from decrementing for all items that spoil. You can store food items in any storage container you like, including your inventory and it'll stay as fresh as the day you picked or cooked it.

This mod changes /scripts/items/rotting.lua...
Better Ship Animations
Created by AnomNom
Do you hate that awkward twist menuver that your ship does when you arrive somewhere? HATE NO LONGER!

Using state of the art patching methods, we have managed to fix it. That's a joke by the way, it was a single file where we had to set a bunch of stuff...
HOUND Fashion 0.9.3
Created by EIKO
HOUND brings you more cosmetics!

This mod is designed to expand the cosmetic selection of Starbound and give players more options as far as their character's look is concerned, while giving you something to aim for with your surplus of post-game ...
Letheia Expanded
Created by ◇ Sva ◆


Imported Goods Update | v0.6

Added 30~ furnitures, along with a couple of discounted crates and a "hoverbike".

The Adamant Fleet - Legion | v0.5

Mech Random Blueprint Fix
Created by Tiniebla
Everyone hate duplicate blueprint drop.

Rate of unduplicated drop chance is 90% in vanilla state, but It's not working. I found two wrong points in the script, so I fix it....
Slow Hunger
Created by Helari👌
A quick edit to make your character become starved in about one hour realtime (It only takes 25~ minutes in vanilla which interrupts gameplay way too often for my taste).

With this mod you still need food to survive but you aren't constantly annoyed by ...
Elithian Races Mod
Created by Aegonian [THEA]
DISCLAIMER: Back up your save files before installing. Characters and other save data, including ships and worlds, may be lost if the mod is uninstalled, so always keep a back-up!

NOTICE: This mod requires a [url=
Optional story
Created by The | Suit
Optional Story Mod
This mod starts you off with a Tier 3 ship after booting.
Sets the outpost to level 6 as if you completed the game.
Unlocks Scanning and Protectorate sword immediately from Baron at outpost
Scanning Quest will be given afte...
Hylotl Cruiser
Created by TimothyWiggins127
~~~~~~~~ D I S C O N T I N U E D ~~~~~~~~

This is an edit of the Advanced Logistics Frigate. It's the best ship mod I've seen on the workshop, but I personally found it to be a bit large for one person. I made it smaller and a bit more interconnec...
B.Y.O.S. for Kitsune Race
Created by Windtalkers
A custom race extension for Amber Talamasca's BYOS, adding support for Kitsune Race.
Please notify me if it fails to work for you. I made this follow...
BYOS - Build Your Own Ship
Created by Pixel Planet
Deep under the outpost lives a man with the secret to Building Your Own Ship.

Inspired by the FCS (Fully Customizable Ships) by Princeofmar5 mod that was unfortunately abandoned, this mod brings you a ship that you can build from the ground up.

For b...
B.Y.O.S. Megapack
Created by SomethingRetarded
A custom race extension for Amber Talamasca's BYOS, adding support for many (57) races.

After pulling out all of my hair, some satanic rituals, and not one but two midlife crisis I have finally created a method for making a BYOS patch that does not requ...
Aegi Color Enhancements
Created by dura
Gives the Aegi more hair and skin colors....
Improved Swim Physics!
Created by Silver Sokolova
The vanilla Starbound swim physics works like this:
- Move player down, constantly, no matter what.
- Press SPACE to skyrocket like 5 blocks up, or 198 blocks if you have the Swim Boost buff or augment.
- Give player unlimited jumps
- Move left and rig...
Aurora's Custom Items
Created by IHazBagels
Read everything carefully, please!
You need this mod to be able to use some of the ILB mall items!

I created this mod so Custom Items could still be created with the familiar format of generated items from the earlier versions of Starbound...
Sticky Notes
Created by Kais
Allows you to write tiny sticky notes that you can stick to walls and read with the inspect tool. Great for compactly labeling switches and storages, reminding yourself about tasks you were putting off, or annoying your crew with your underdeveloped organi...
Reduced Sewing Machine Audio
Created by jss2a98aj
Makes sewing machines quieter by greatly reducing the range of its sound effect.
It shouldn't make a sound if you are not physically in front of it.

Works with Frackin' Universe, because even its somewhat reduced range was not enough....
Chat 2.0
Created by Newy
(Lillnex⍟ is the original creator of the mod. I only help her upload the mod to the Workshop.)

I was a bit annoyed by the mess the chat was when played on my ship or something appeared behind the chat or even in ca...
Ownship Teleport
Created by Sir Greaves
Allows you to teleport to your ship from your friend's ship.

Because of how the system works, this also means you can teleport to your own ship, from your own ship. I don't think there's anything I can do about that.
Crew Customization +
Created by FelmastProMcLane
Now a rewrite of Crew Customization Updated to have an interface, allow full customization of gear, change name and apply augments to crew members.

Skittle's Mega Crafter
Created by DrPvtSkittles
Skittle's Mega Crafter

NOTE: This is included in my outfit modpack

You may craft the Mega Crafting Station at the inventor's table.

All of my clothing mods have been updated to be crafted at my Mega Crafting Station. If you have any ...
Gothic Outfit Pack
Created by DrPvtSkittles
Gothic Outfit Pack

Craft a Gothic vending machine at Skittle's Mega Crafter for 300 pixels. You can purchase all clothing items from there.

Maid n Butler Outfits
Created by DrPvtSkittles
Maid n Butler Outfits

Craft a Maid n Butler vending machine at Skittle's Mega Crafter for 300 pixels. You can purchase all clothing items from there.

Pirate Pack
Created by DrPvtSkittles
Pirate Pack

Craft a Pirate vending machine at Skittle's Mega Crafter for 300 pixels. You can purchase all clothing items from there.

Suits n Stuff Pack
Created by DrPvtSkittles
Suits n Stuff Pack

Craft a Suit vending machine at Skittle's Mega Crafter for 300 pixels. You can purchase all clothing items from there.

Dresses n Skirts Pack
Created by DrPvtSkittles
Dresses n Skirts Pack

Craft a Dress vending machine at Skittle's Mega Crafter for 300 pixels. You can purchase all clothing items from there.

New Protectorate Gear
Created by DrPvtSkittles
New Protectorate Clothes

Craft a Protectorate vending machine at Skittle's Mega Crafter for 300 pixels. You can purchase all clothing items from there.
Grand Protector Robe
Created by DrPvtSkittles
Grand Protector Robe + other goodies

Crafted at the Secret Crafter that you can craft at Skittle's Mega Crafter for 1000 pixels. You can purchase all clothing items from there..
You are NOT a Protector
Created by Rylasasin
''Oh hey I just started up this Avali character. Well, since Avali's and humans don't get along, I'm going to click 'skip intro story' and make up my own backstory for my character that doesn't involve him being a protector. So I'll just mosey on up to ...
WW Furnishing
Created by Ishveth

Welcome to WW Furnishing, the best choice for themed furniture, where every piece has been designed and made with high-quality materials allowing us to provide you a wide range of themes for all your furnishing...
Foodie's Furniture
Created by AsPerrUsual
Introducing Foodie's Furniture: A mod introducing only the highest quality placeable foods and food accessories!

Whether you're looking to flesh out your homes or just looking for something to do once you've filled out that food collection, Foodie's Furni...
Many Frogs - Categories and Tabs
Created by GonDragon
Modify the UI of the Froggs Furnishing to add tabs and categories. It's designed to let the mod authors put their own items on sale there, and let them create custom tabs or even rotations if they want, in a very simple way.

Racial Shop Counters
Created by AsPerrUsual
This mod adds 7 individual counters for your merchant tenants to sit behind. Will they stop chasing you around everywhere? Probably not. But man, do they look nice!

Spawn these items in via admin commands or the Tabula Rasa.

If you have errors and cr...
Protector Frogs - Many Frogs Addon
Created by GonDragon
Addon for Many Frogs. Adds a new tab with the Protectorated Items to the Frog Furnishing.

I recommend to use altogether with [url=
Prop Pack
Created by AsPerrUsual
A new shipment company is on the rise... and they're coming to an Outpost near you!

Introducing Prop Pack: the furniture catalog of the future! New furniture sets, gardening additions, pets, building blocks, and even household decorations, can now all be ...
Arsenalbound - Lastree Race Mod
Created by rooki12k
Adds the Lastree, humanity's "guardian devil".

“According to this scenario, we are prehistoric people saved by the USCM remnants, who were taught by them to help mankind in return. ”

“Do you really think they'll believe this?”

“Nah, but it is less
Day & Night Sensor
Created by fotografreak
Activates the top node at day and the bottom node at night. This sensor make your lights to come off automatically at mornings and turn on at nights by example. Or you can know if it's day or night while you work underground or when you are in your ship. V...
Mannequin head
Created by Symetemys
A display stand for headgear....
Interaction Control
Created by Kais
Born from my desire for my crew to look like they were "running" my ship instead of just hanging out on it, this mod adds a new tool called the Authorizor, which is crafted at the Wiring Station and can be used to control how NPCs interact with objects. Wh...
Fixed Coffee Machine
Created by Kawa
Restores the coffee machine from a useless setpiece to a more functional state.

Specifically made for Zornie, but why not share the results?
...I don't even -like- coffee....