Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IV

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Kyrie Eleison

In 1098 Stephen of Blois deserted the first crusade and on his way back warned Rhomanian Emperor Alexios Komnenos of the size of muslim armies.
The Emperor turned back, so when the Crusaders managed to achieve a stunning victory at the second siege of Antioch he was unable to take advantage of the situation.

But what if history was different? What if Stephen missed the emperor and Alexios and the crusaders crushed the Muslims between them.

The crusades manage to achieve a great victory and Rhomania managed to once again gain control over Antioch. Yet this is only the beginning.
As the wheel of time turns men who died in our timeline survived and those who lived died.
In France Royal authory was crushed, the Ilkhanate survived and denied islam, Egypt was taken in the fourth crusade and many more changes.

So go forth and explore this new world.


This mod explores an alternate history


-Crusader states in the near east
-Polish-Hungarian commonwealth
-Shattered French Royal Authority
-More prominent Rhomania
-Surviving Ilkhanate
-Independent kingdom of Sicily

If you want to talk about the mod feel free to visit the discord for it by following link:

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JamesNicod Jul 6 @ 7:22am 
doesnt show up in game mods menu
Khaine  [author] Jun 27 @ 6:39am 
I plan to upload a better description for the mod soon. The deserters getting lost refers to Stephen of Blois who in our timeline ended up warning off Alexios Komnenos from coming to the aid of the Crusaders in the second siege of Antioch. Here he did come to their aid and he ended up receiving control over Antioch in return. This as you can see caused quite a few changes in the timeline which will be expanded upon in time.
Pirate of AE Jun 21 @ 7:50pm 
I beleve its atually a typo, 1098 was the first crusade, and arguably the most sucessful. 1198 instead was the 4th crusade that never reached the holy land in any force(instead sacking constanople)
Guidster357 Jun 21 @ 11:47am 
@FAT MAN I believe the mod is a what if scenario in which the crusades are successful
IsnaReeq Jun 21 @ 5:38am 
facetka z włatcy much tak pierdoliła pamiętam
FAT MAN Jun 21 @ 5:07am 
Like Reejunlok, I'd like to know the exact history behind this mod. What deserters got lost? How did this world end up so differently? I would suggest changing your mod description to include these items.
2icharlie Jun 21 @ 1:40am 
Responding to the guy below me and in general, steam workshop often doesn't actually download the files to your mod folder, it brings the .mod file and a compressed file that doesn't actually work, it should work though if you download directly from the workshop (using a separate website you can find by googling "steam workshop downloader") and replace the older file by deleting it and renaming the new file to the same name as the old.
El Palleter Jun 21 @ 1:03am 
I can't make the mod work properly, can someone help me? I activate the mod but it doesn't do anything.
52696e676c6561646572 Jun 18 @ 12:42pm 
Barry Jun 18 @ 9:09am 
Can you please clarify what the point of divergence is?