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EU4 Style Ideas
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EU4 Style Ideas

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EU4 Style Ideas
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This mod brings ideas and policies from Europa Universalis IV to Hearts of Iron IV.

This mod adds 27 idea groups with 7 ideas each as well as 64 policies that you can buy in exchange for Political Power.

The idea groups are split into 3 categories:
  • Administrative: Administrative Ideas, Economic Ideas, Innovativeness Ideas, Communist Ideas, Democratic Ideas, Fascist Ideas, Monarchist Ideas, Minister Ideas, Internal Policy Ideas
  • Diplomatic: Trade Ideas, Diplomatic Ideas, Intervention Ideas, Influence Ideas, Capital Ship Ideas, Submarine Ideas, Carrier Ideas, Espionage Ideas, Resistance Ideas
  • Military: Leadership Ideas, Quality Ideas, Quantity Ideas, Offensive Ideas, Defensive Ideas, Air Combat Ideas, Tank Ideas, Bombing Ideas, Occupation Ideas

Each idea group has at least 5 policies that requires the idea group itself as well as another idea group to be fully unlocked.

All countries have 8 idea group slots which are unlocked by date, from 1937 to 1944 (or 1911 to 1918 if playing with Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War, or 1008 to 1015 if playing with Equestria at War) one per year. A game rule allows to extend it from being able to take 8 idea groups up to 16, the additional ones are as well unlocked yearly. An idea group can be chosen for each slot allowing to unlock its ideas and thus gaining their specific bonuses.
Furthermore, countries have 7 national ideas, 2 traditions and 1 ambition, which are unlocked by completing ideas. To unlock all national ideas and thus gaining the ambition, at least 21 ideas have to be unlocked.

Currently there are 26 unique national idea sets included as well as a generic one.
If you are able to adopt a new national idea set (e.g. Imperial German Ideas), you can switch to them by right-clicking the shield/flag in the idea window and clicking the button to switch national ideas.
  • Generic Ideas
  • German Ideas
  • American Ideas
  • British Ideas
  • Italian Ideas
  • Soviet Ideas
  • Japanese Ideas
  • French Ideas
  • Canadian Ideas
  • Chinese People's Ideas (PRC)
  • Chinese Ideas (China)
  • Chinese Warlord Ideas
  • Polish Ideas
  • Imperial German Ideas (Non-Aligned)
  • Greek Ideas
  • Spanish Ideas
  • Imperial Chinese Ideas (Manchu & Qing (WW1) & Qing Empire formable)
  • Imperial Greek Ideas (Macedonian Empire formable)
  • Romanian Ideas
  • Turkish Ideas
  • Ottoman Ideas (Ottoman Empire formable)
  • Austro-Hungarian Ideas (Austria-Hungary formable)
  • Portuguese Ideas
  • Swedish Ideas
  • Dutch Ideas
  • Saudi Arabian Ideas
  • Spanish Revolutionary Ideas (Communist or Anarchist)

This mod also adds the following formable nations:
  • Macedonian Empire
  • Qing Empire

  • HOI4 Version: 1.10.*
  • should be compatible with any DLC (no DLCs are required to play the mod, but some ideas may give DLC locked modifiers)
  • should be compatible with most mods
    • however there can be problems with mods that remove vanilla content, such as equipment types, ideologies, etc., or that set replace path for the folders this mod uses

  • English localisation included
  • German localisation included
  • French localisation included (English language)
  • Spanish localisation included (English language)
  • Russian localisation included (English language)
  • Polish localisation included (English language)
  • Portuguese localisation included (English language)
Most of the ideas don't have descriptions yet, but those will be added in later updates.

A few graphics and sounds were taken from Europa Universalis IV.
Thanks to Silver Knight of Anor Londo for the ideas' descriptions.
Thanks to Maxwell & Ismail for the national ideas' descriptions.
Thanks to Abbus for some of the idea group icons.

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments.

Also, feel free to join us on our Discord[discord.gg].
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初雪 6 hours ago 
This mod can't be used in ver 1.10.2 beta. Specifically, releasing the idea slot only consumes political power and does not reflect any effect.
Perhaps some of the elements added in ver 1.10.1 will be removed in the next update.
Aven 8 hours ago 
u left out the R in relative in the info popup in the idea rules (unlock dates one)
Kürfurst Oct 22 @ 10:36pm 
im not that good with moding or manual mod installing
lemonporn  [author] Oct 18 @ 8:41pm 
@Kürfurst: Ah, yeah. They added something in 1.10 which seemed better and easier for me to create the tooltips for ideas etc, so I changed it to that. But that won't work with 1.9. You can use the direct download link below tho for the 1.9 version. That should work.
Kürfurst Oct 18 @ 8:38pm 
@lemonporn it kinda doesn't work in 1.9.3 version after you updated it. it shows error messages on everything. so i was hoping it to have 1.9.3 version sorry for misunderstanding
lemonporn  [author] Oct 18 @ 12:06pm 
@Oberführer Cinnamon: You can download the 1.9 version here (remove the brackets around the dot): http://www.mediafire(.)com/file/d27o58iiy2ouyts/EU4_Style_Ideas_Direct_Download.zip/file

That zip includes the folder and .mod file you have to put into the mod folder. Note that if you have a local version of a mod installed the steam version will not work, so remove it before trying the steam version again.
lemonporn  [author] Oct 18 @ 12:01pm 
@Kürfurst: What do you mean? It doesn't require the new DLC. It does require 1.10 tho.
Oberführer Cinnamon Oct 18 @ 9:17am 
Could you release the 1.9.3 version so people can use it if need be?
Kürfurst Oct 18 @ 12:00am 
it seems this mod doesn't work without new dlc?
lemonporn  [author] Oct 13 @ 12:42pm 
@Pelmen: Hm, I see. I won't make a KR specific version of the mod tho, but someone else could make a sub mod technically, just like the OWB one. But I'll see what I can do with the AI ignoring ideas for X years as a game rule.