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ATLAS Architect (v1.3)
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Jun 3, 2019 @ 10:43pm
Sep 8, 2020 @ 9:14pm
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ATLAS Architect (v1.3)

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MOD ID: 1760515965

Welcome to the ATLAS Architect mod! My goal is to provide more structure options and enhanced QoL features, while keeping the file size to a minimum. I also want to keep the structures algined with ATLAS, so you will find more RP features within the designs.

For example, rather than just having all doors and gates auto open/close, I will be adding a pressure floor that can have synchronized pin codes to doors, gates, lighting, traps, etc... This maintains more realism while offering more flexibility for Architects.

Players do not like being disrupted by constant releases, so I will be releasing weekly updates here. If you are interested to see the progress on upcoming versions, see the TEST mod here:

There is a lot to add, so expect a lot of progress with a balance of adding new props, enhancing current structures, and adding new QoL structures.

Currently Available:

Common for All AA Structures
  • Can be Picked Up at Any Time
  • Can be Crafted in Existing Stations

AA Glass Wall (other glass structure pieces will be releasing in a future update)

NEW: AA Wood Pillar
NEW: AA Thick Wood Pillar
NEW: AA Medium Thick Wood Pillar

AA Small Forge
  • Reduced Size to Fit 1x1x1
  • Removed Thatch as a Fuel
  • Added Oil as a Fuel (burns 4x longer than wood)
  • Increased Hypothermal Insulation from 130 to 200

AA Small Loom, AA Small Smithy, and AA Small Tannery
  • Resized to fit 1x1x1.

AA Small Mortar and Pestle
  • Reduced Size to match the small Smithy.

AA Oil Lamps (multiple types)
  • Consumes 1 oil every 4 hours.

AA Heater
  • Consumes 1 oil every 1 hour.
  • or 1 wood every 15 minutes (returns coal).

AA Wood Structures that can be crafted in the smithy.

AA Fancy Wood Structures that can be crafted in the smithy. These are the same wood structures used on ships but can now be placed off of ships.

AA Props:
  • AA Prop Sign (7 types)
  • AA Prop Dock Cleat (2 types)
  • AA Prop Dinghy Table
  • AA Prop Wood Arch
  • AA Prop Stone Arch (5 types)
  • AA Prop Bottle (4 types)
  • AA Prop Bottle Rack
  • AA Prop Cage

New Resources
  • AA Olive Oil (Grind 10 olives in Mortar & Pestle)
  • AA Sand (Grind stone in Mortar & Pestle... will be used in pressure floors and other structures in the future)
  • AA Silica (Grind quartz in Mortar & Pestle... used to make glass for glass structures in the future)
  • AA Glass (Forge AA Silica... used for glass structures in the future)

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Lone Wolf May 29 @ 9:40am 
Nvrmind, it's working. First six words in below post explain problem.
Lone Wolf May 28 @ 3:22pm 
I must be a complete idiot because I can't find where to craft anything. Looked in all my crafting stations and nothing.
gpcstargate May 22 @ 1:27pm 
Nyt ... I hope that you might just give it an Update to current version of game ... Yes, I know the game is a mess .. but this mod made it fun at least or bearable.
I'm coming back to play and have uploaded again .. Hoping it will still work for the most part ...
the Old Gamer .. :steamhappy:
SeanB1014 Apr 17 @ 2:04am 
Slabs don't want to snap at all if the ground is either too high or too low apparently... I'm not sure if it's just picky with one certain part of the ground, but slabs will not snap unless they feel like it. This is a problem for building my town on slabs.
Tox Apr 13 @ 5:25am 
is this basically super structures like on ark?
Talda Apr 10 @ 9:42am 
Kaliash, i had the same problem so i just used (cheat giveengrams) and it unlocks them all in single player
Lilly Apr 9 @ 6:23am 
Am I doing something wrong or do the AA stone slabs not snap together?
Kaiash Apr 3 @ 3:45am 
hey in my single player world i cant unlock the captaining skill tree i only have architect mod loaded
HoschakaL Feb 28 @ 3:00pm 
like this first i make 5 but nothing change after i do this.
HoschakaL Feb 28 @ 2:59pm 
hello mate i try to change craft speed but it s no worked, whats wrong?