Rust Rider Garage Door
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Jun 2, 2019 @ 8:14pm
Jun 7, 2019 @ 8:41am
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Updated: Normals Completely Redone, Spec Adjusted, Artwork adjusted to make dome/chopper more defined. :)

Crafted by a Vequero (A Mexican Cowboy!), this stable door reflects life of the open range in the world of Rust. Adorned with a painting of an AK-toting rider and his horse prancing in front of a distant dome as an attack helicopter is closing in, the door to Establo de Caballos (Horse Stables) protects his prized possession.

This is all done by me, normals made by hand, "painting" featuring a lot of mixed media, a heavily modified royalty-free "clipart" cowboy pic that I traced (and am using LEGALLY as I purchased the commercial "extended license" for from the place where I get stuff like that for my day job. Seeing as how me drawing a horse ends up looking like my Brony stuff, this is a good thing), Illustrator, and Photoshop work (as well as some really rubbish painting - such as the cowboy's gimpy arm and AK! Wooohooo!), aged to a fine Rusty vintage.

Enjoy it with friends, like a delicious wedge of cheese.