Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod

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Prophunt: Enhanced v.15 Rev.H
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Jun 2, 2019 @ 4:33am
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Prophunt: Enhanced v.15 Rev.H

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Version: 15, Revision: H, Release Type: Public
Minor Update (This update will receive occassional updates since the development status are on hiatus.)

Main gamemode Description
Prop Hunt: Enhanced is an enhanced version of Classic original Prop Hunt Gamemode. The gamemode is focused to be always maintained and fully customizable with many things. The gamemode also includes several many major changes including the HUD, the code optimisation, Player skins, and other kind of additional features.

The gamemode was contributted to the old Classic Prop Hunt as for the fixes on march 2015 update (which completely broken) with the viewmodel fix additions. The classic version may no longer be maintained anymore.

Required Addons
ULX Admin Mod. ( Workshop or Legacy Download: )
(Optional) M9K/TFA Base. You can optionally subscribe the M9K weapon base if you wish to use custom weapon base for bonus weapon, otherwise will use from default sandbox weapon base.

Here is also a map and addon pack for the gamemode, if you are looking for some addons.

Key Feature List
* New Prop Hunt: Enhanced HUD
* New Lucky Balls Icon
* New "Named-Taunts", no more "weirdnames.wav" anymore!
* Improved UI and Redesigned, Re-worked Prop Hunt [F1] Menu
* Smoother Props Movement, No more *"laggy-jaggy"* movement!
* New Auto-Taunt features
* MapVote: You are now able to grab from Whitelisted ULX Votemaps maplist
* New Hooks Added! (See **Wiki: Help & FAQ)
* Improved Server Configuration via [F1] Prop Hunt Menu
* Prop Rotating
* Freeze Cam Feature
* Camera Collision
* Prop Halo
* New flashlight method for props
* Additional models for props
* 4 new random hunter skin
* Fixed viewmodels
* New Lucky Balls
* New weapons from Lucky Balls
* New Custom Taunts Window
* New Sound cue for end round
* Added "Waiting for Players..." options
* Fixed and enhanced fretta codes
* ...and many more!

Before asking myself or the comments for support please consider going to our website or wiki

This is a re-upload of Wolvins Prophunt : Enhanced Version 15 H due to wolvins termination of the gamemode.

Credit goes for the original authors of the gamemodes and who made Prop Hunt compatible with GMOD 13.
Originally written and released by Darkimmortal (TF2)
Originally ported to GMod: AMT
First fix for GMod 13: Leleudk
Enhanced, fixed and published: Kowalski7cc
Major Enhancment: Wolvindra-Vinzuerio, D4UNKNOWNFOX2010, Lucky
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Lucky  [author] Jul 25 @ 2:58am 
Thank you swan
Feralswan Jul 25 @ 2:08am 
keep up the good work man!
Stew Jul 9 @ 6:18pm 
how do i unban props
Cabelk Jun 29 @ 9:13am 
not that i know of. i just downloaded the prophunt pack, ulx, ulib and the recomended maps and it says this everytime i try and load them. It loads the map fine but it puts me in sandbox mode.
Lucky  [author] Jun 28 @ 11:43pm 
this is a ttt error.... not for prophunt, do you have some form of ttt on your server or an addon/ map thats made for ttt?
Cabelk Jun 28 @ 9:07pm 
Please help me. Im geting these errors in my console.

Couldn't write map.pack to mount embedded content!

Attempted to create unknown entity type info_ladder! (x5)
Attempted to create unknown entity type ttt_map_settings!
Attempted to create unknown entity type ttt_random_weapon! (x13)
Attempted to create unknown entity type ttt_random_ammo! (x32)
Failed to load .nav file: Cannot access!
Xelriel Jun 27 @ 7:21am 
Right, But you made it sound alot easier in your Description, Could you explain exactly how to do this?
Lucky  [author] Jun 27 @ 4:01am 
this can be done bye a lua file in the gamemode files, or you can add something like a pointshop
Xelriel Jun 26 @ 11:56am 
So im subbed to the M9K Weapon mods and they are in my server but they are obviously not accessable, You said we could sub to them to replace the default weps but im not sure how we replace the default weps a hunter spawns with?
Xelriel Jun 26 @ 9:10am 
Awesome thank you, Had to extract the gma file to get the loose files but threw those in my server after deleting my origenal game mode files and it just works.