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Created by Jacob_Mango
This is a Community framework for DayZ SA.

One notable feature is it aims to resolve the issue of conflicting RPC type ID's and mods.

For help on using this mod in your own projects, follow this README on github the Community-Framework github [url=ht...
Dabs Framework
Created by dab
Dabs Framework is an Open Source, lightweight modding framework, designed to give modders and server owners tools to quickly and effectively create new mods for the community.

The only gameplay feature that DF adds is Dabbing to the emote wheel, otherwi...
Created by ItsZarge
Iztek is my (Zarge) first DayZ map. I started playing DayZ on console and moved over too PC in Feb 2021. Got into map making in April and Iztek was my first and so far only project. I will never say it's perfect because it's not. I do however cherish my li...
DayZ Editor Loader
Created by dab
This is a loader mod for edits created in the DayZ Editor. Only mod that implements deletions, currently can delete 40k objects per second, deleting NWAF is fine

Created by simonvic


sFramework is the core of the sUDE project.

It ships many features and utilities used and/or implemented by sUDE modules :
Created by simonvic


sVisual aims to improve the PostProcessing effects and make them easier to work with, while allowing for extensibility and easy tweaking....
Created by Starlv
ZStuff Mod

Your attention is invited to the assembly of a real survival mod in DayZ. It includes such necessary elements as watchtowers, protective walls, barbed wire fences, shelter and many other objects to create your own unique bases...
JoeJoes Walls N Stuff
Created by joe-joe
JoeJoes Walls N Stuff Pack
for use in building on map for admins.
key included
Lots of stuff h...
Created by Gormirn
Note: This needs to be run on Server and Client.

This mod is a copy of licensed models from Bohemia Interactive that has been licensed under ADPL-SA. These additional sets of roads when used with DayZ-Editor and DayZ-Editor-Loader will not cau
Created by DaOne
This is the official Steam Workshop page for VPPAdminTools. Join our Discord (click image above) to leave feedback / suggestions.
Project source code & contributi...
Created by Dumpgrah
Please keep in mind this mod will be update sometime after i update the individual mods first

Welcome to My Collective Work mod, this
Created by MDC
Inspired by the original MoreDoors by Jest, EvenMoreDoors is intended as a supplement to, or spiritual successor for, MoreDoors. Initially created for Take[]...
Created by Helkhiana
MuchStuffPack is a collection of melee weapons, furniture items, retextures and much more.

Q: How can we dismantle the kits?
All placed kits can be dismantled by Screwdriver, Pliers or Hammers.

Q: Why do you have same mode...
Created by affenb3rt

UPDATE: Fix: Splint not applied correct, Reading Testkit report crashing game since 1.18

This mod adds additional medical supplies to expand the basic medical system DayZ has to offer.
With additional pills an...
Created by KemperKrasno
First of all, the mod is intended for RP / PVE servers. There are additional items in the mod for RP (forks, spoons, cups, spices, balls, personal hygiene products, etc.).
The process of cutting animals has been complicated. Now, when skinning an animal, ...
Code Lock
Created by Room Service
Code Lock is aimed at simplifying the base combination lock. No longer will you have to scramble to lock a gate that gives access to your base. There are also tons of configurable settings for this mod including logs, raid times, ra...
Created by Wardog
Just bringing back a missed feature that was available in an earlier version of the game. I started working on this in 1.06 as a proof of concept and a neat idea to bring back to the community, and had my own full system worked out. I...
Created by Munghard
This is an itempack adding a plethora of new items to DayZ, all models and textures are made by myself excluding: sizla rolling papers and the brain model.

Thanks to Jest, Jon Don Juan,michaeldcullen , Helkhiana, NotaBanana, Hop, Baroness and many more ...
Quadlock's Pack
Created by Quadlock
This mod contains rifle sling, tactical belt , juggernaut suit and chestholster.

Special thanks to Windstride for his assistance in making this sling.

Now you can craft the rifle sling with 6 rags and a sewing kit combination.

Created by Windstride

This mod pack will bring to life clothing items that i think fits the post-apocalyptic Chernarus.[/...
Created by Munghard
This mod adds blood particleeffects for both players and zombies including:
  • hit particles
  • bloodpuddles
  • wallsplatter
  • flies on dead bodies
  • includes @BleedTrail.
  • Bullet holes in walls. (removed)
Setup: copy key from keys fo...
Inventory Move Sounds
Created by dab
Lightweight client mod that adds move sounds when transferring items in your Player inventory.

You are hereby given monetization approval under the conditions that you follow the DayZ Server Monetization agreement and have obtaine...
Created by D O J
Better Snap Sounds is a mod that simply makes the supersonic crack sound of bullets much louder, and closer to what it is in real life.

It also brings back different sounds for subsonic bullets flying close to you.

Mag Obfuscation
Created by dab
Lightweight client mod that changes the Bullet count to a bar, instead of telling you the exact bullet count. Also changes the chamber status in the bottom left corner to display data

Chamber Legend:
[+] Chambered
[-] Unchambered
[x] Jam / Block

This mod adds visual damage to all vanilla zombies, making them more creepy.

Server Owner Instructions:

Copy the @CreepyZombies folder to your server
Copy the key from the Keys folder to your servers Keys folder.
Add @CreepyZombies; to your startup...
Custom animations
Created by

This mod adds new custom animations for character poses and brings back some unused animations from the developers.
You can find them in the character's pose wheel.

The mod will be actively updated and supplemented with new custom animat...
AURORA RP Servermod
Created by Katha
Diese Mod wurde exklusiv für einen DayZ Rollenspiel Server namens Aurora RP erstellt. Es ist nicht erlaubt diese Mod ohne unsere Erlaubnis zu benutzen, neu zu packen, neu hochzuladen oder zu entpacken!

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