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Solar Cruiser -Novakid-
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Jun 1 @ 2:10am
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Solar Cruiser -Novakid-

By popular demand it is (finally) here.

Yes I was lazy to take a screenshot and the wazzups but this is for Novakid despite the cover image shows human.

For more information :
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Iroaseta  [author] Jun 28 @ 4:19pm 
@Fekaloborod, Try have this mod subscribed, create a dummy Novakid, go into the game and cheat your way up to upgrade the ship constantly by spawning crewmembers (you've to Google this a bit as I'm replying from a phone here) or spawning and using the shipT3 items up to shipT8 ON THE PLANET SURFACE for instant upgrade. Every time you upgrade your ship, go back to your ship and see how's it. When it starts to glitch out like what you've experienced before, save and quit the game and give me the starbound.log file via pastebin or whatnot.
Fekaloborod Jun 28 @ 12:58pm 
The conditions of the problem appearing:
- starting a brand new game with Novakid with the mode ALREADY subscribed
- all goes well
- when hit the crew limit, upgraded the ship with the Pete-and-his-penguins-guy
- upon teleporting, saw most valuables being outside of upgraded vanilla ship model. No moving the stuff from the ship to the planet i guess.

The version of the game is the newest, Neon-something. Please help, as this is my first character, I don't really want to delete him [\b].

PS/ I really like the mod, though. Up until now, all was running smoothly and the design is just godly. Wish the mod ship would also "grew" upon upgrade as intended.
Fekaloborod Jun 28 @ 12:57pm 
@Piana, sorry for intrusion, but i am now having the same problem as Mr Racoon. Can you explain the way of unscrewing this a little further? What did you mean by first loading the game with second backup (i mean there are two of those BAK2 in the "storage" folder. One for player and one for shipworld) and only then deleting the .shipworld?

Also, I tried deleting both original "player" and "shipworld' and then renaming both BAK2 (like in official Starbound instructions), and then launching a few times - and that only got me the model of a vanilla ship being all transparent, which didn't help me to get my out-in-space items.

And yeah i looked the solution up in this discussion and tried those too. The result is the same
Iroaseta  [author] Jun 11 @ 4:09am 
@Mr Raccoon, You've to unsubscribe this mod first, load a second backup, pack everything on your ship, delete the .shipworld file, subscribe to this mod again, then spawn in some ship items.

Let me know if you need more detailed instructions as I'm answering you from a phone now.
Mr Raccoon Jun 11 @ 4:05am 
After downloading this mod nothing changed. But after Falcon updating new ship appeared and all my items including commander chair chests and e.t.c was out of the ship. What can i do?
Caffeinated Spaceship Jun 9 @ 9:03pm 
i want it baadly
the tube Jun 9 @ 1:27am 
alright, thanks
Iroaseta  [author] Jun 9 @ 1:08am 
Ah, alright I know what's the problem now but that's inevitable. In order to make the ship items on the wall which are originally immovable to be movable (especially the sail), I've to make them to not spawn again in the blockkey.config after the initial spawn (which is basically a picture that tells what spawn here and there), which is especially true for sail since two of them will break the ship as well. And that's why things aren't spawned when you reset your ship! For that reason if you're playing an on-going character then you've to spawn them in manually for once.

I thought it's about some misalignment problem.
the tube Jun 9 @ 12:47am 
Problem: using this didn't just break my ship (i saw that earlier in the comments), it also deleted the nav chair so the ship is permanently unusable.
⚡robotsnivy⚡ Jun 8 @ 6:46am 
@Victor Sai Jun 6 @ 7:45pm
This reminds me of Treasure Planet

I think that is what it is based off of