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ARK: Survival Evolved

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Clone buildings with a press of a button.

Save buildings, and place clones of the originals anywhere.

Works with most vanilla and modded structure pieces, see limitations for details.

Note that a lot of modded structure pieces use materials that are considered non-primitive, and thus by default you need to use tek saver and restorer to work with them. For more information about the differences between primitive and tek variants, check the documentation.

Technical information:

Mod-ID = 1757259514
Type = Stackable Mod
License = Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License []

The Building Plan item background scroll image is created by anjawbk[], retrieved from Pixabay[].


This mod adds structures that can be used to save and restore. Two types of savers: a primitive variant that is limited to saving structures made of primitive materials, and a tek variant that can save all types of structures. Similarly there are two types of restorers. For more information, check the the documentation.


  1. Create and place down a Structure Saver
  2. Open the saver user interface, adjust settings and start the saving process
  3. When saving is complete, use the generated Building Plan item

Restoring (cloning):
  1. Create and place down a Structure Restorer
  2. Use the Building Plan Menu to select and activate a building plan
  3. Adjust settings and start restoration using the wheel menu

For more information see the documentation, and frequently asked questions (FAQ).

You can use some of the functionality of this mod in other mods with the public interfaces available here:

Special thanks:
Special thanks to Studio Wildcard for sponsoring the mod, and for the devkit. Also the following people have donated: Kalem

Reporting problems:
"And it randomly turned people’s bases against them. Random turrets. Random structures. Turrets started to shoot their own base."

If you report any problem/issue, but there is not enough information for me to pinpoint the error, I will ask you for more information. If you fail to respond my queries your comments/threads/posts will be deleted.

Minimum information required for a bug report, anything less will result in your comment/thread be deleted without investigation:
  • Single player or dedicated server?
  • Map?
  • List of mods?
  • Your configuration settings?
  • Steps to reproduce?
  • What was the actual outcome?
  • What did you expect to happen?

Asking for help:
Describe your problem. Do not use vague statements like "I followed instructions but it dont work". Instead describe what you actually did and what is the actual problem, for example: "I followed instructions, but when I tried to do X, Y happened instead."

"Smart", "funny", or otherwise hostile comments/threads/etc will be deleted.

Questions whose answers can be found from documentation will be ignored or deleted.

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chaos Jun 9 @ 10:06am 
Absolutely amazing mod! thank you so much for making this :)
joyr  [author] Jun 6 @ 2:30am 
@Shinigati: Mod authors have nothing to do with downloads, we can not affect how it works or does not work. Your issue is with Steam and/or Ark.
Shinigati Jun 6 @ 12:49am 
so uhh i have a weird issue where the mod won't download? this is the only mod i have this problem with, i've tried restarting the game and even steam and it's just not appearing or downloading.
XenNexus May 30 @ 6:27am 
Too much! Watching a Dino rebuilt your structures is entertainment all on it's own again AWESOME AND BRAVO!
XenNexus May 30 @ 5:10am 
Wow you deserve so much props for this! GOOD JOB! Genius Idea!
Nyx.BREKTTV May 28 @ 7:47am 
I cant join the discord and I agree with @rinobi that the path is confusing and I cant seem to find out how to set up the file cross save
rinrobi May 25 @ 6:27pm 
I really am confused on the transferring of structures, I have read the instruction but i dont understand aha
joyr  [author] May 18 @ 2:23am 
@JustHnoss: First chapter in the documentation.
JustHnoss May 13 @ 11:12am 
I'm probably completely blind as I've looked through the pinned posts without actually finding an answer.
I tried the mod on my server, no configs changed, and it would not let me save anything from Structures Plus, how do I make sure that the mod can copy a structure from another mod? I was looking at the "AdditionalPrimitiveMaterials" but I had no idea if that was the correct config option and now I'm completely lost in the configs.
273538617 May 9 @ 2:29am 
How does it work? Can you tell me?