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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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A few of my favorit mods i currently use.
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Killmove Control
Created by Mr. Domino
This mod adds a book to your inventory, simply open it to choose whether to enable or disable killmoves, as well as the frequency of their occurrence in percent.

If for some reason the book is not added to your inventory automatically, or it is somehow ...
Unread Books Glow
Created by duggelz
Unread Books Glow by duggelz

Books which you have not read yet will have a visible glow. When you read a book for the first time, its glow will disappear. All copies of the same title are considered the same book, so once you've read one "Cats of Skyr...
Playable Old People
Created by SweetCicero
This mod adds the Old People race as a playable race.

Members of the Old People live in safe areas, and have no combat skills. However, their age gifts them in speaking, and they are good at crafting. They also have limited magic skills. Their special p...
Dragonius Tower
Created by wreznor
UPDATE: Removed Dragon Priest Altar from mod due to conflict with original vanilla location--if you are playing from a saved game, remove any masks from altar before updating.

Combining the efficiency of a small home with the displaying c...
Slow Time Ring
Created by Rauven
Ever wanted to dodge arrows in a matrix style or kill a group of bandits even before they draw their weapons?

Now you can with the Slow Time ring!

Just wear it and have fun! :D

The time will slow down by 100x making possible all kind of crazy matr...
Culling Greatblade
Created by Max 맥스
A blade infused with the blood of Daedra and Dragons, it has seen the hands of many throughout the ages, all of whom have seen rather unfortunate deaths; it has been recently sighted cast aside by the river flowing near Riverwood.

Base damage stat: 34
Castable Wabbajack Blast
Created by syntax
Adds a chest, spell tome, and spell to the game.
The player can cast the spell with one hand, or both hands.
The spell works exactly the same as the Wabbajack staff.

The chest with the spell tome inside can be found in Riverwood...
Azura's Star Replica
Created by Kendrick_Yes
Just a little addition to crafting.

This mod lets you copy Azura's Star!... Or the Black one.

Now, once you have either of them, you'll be able make your own copy!

I always thought there was no point in getting Azura's Star when The Black Star was...
Divine Punishment for Mention of Arrows in the Knee
Created by Turn_on_a_Dime
Are you tired of hearing guards tell you their life story? Are you tired of feigning sympathy?
Are you tired of BLOWING THEM TO SMITHEREENS because you don't care (and then getting arrested)?


The divines have grown tired too!
The Asteria - Dwemer Airship
Created by Mattcm919
\\The Asteria - Dwemer Airship//

Thankyou to everyone who has downloaded and rated The Asteria! All of your encouragment and support means alot to me! However, I am no longer modding skyrim and have no future plans to support any of my mods.

Before a...
Tales of the Draugr Librarian
Created by hellay-fr
Add a library containing every book of the base game (standard, skills, spells) with an uncommon librarian guarding it.

A couple of quests allow you to improve the library.

The Librarian is voiced fully. (The other character in the mod isn't yet, but...
Decapitation Spell and Raise Skull Minions
Created by J3X
This mod adds two new spells; one that decapitates the target on death and tears away their skull. The other spell lets you raise any skull into a minion that will fight for during 60 seconds. You can have any number of skull minions.

Decapitation Spell...
Mike's Mystical Mounts
Created by Mike
This mod adds a bunch of ride-able animals you can buy from Mike the Argonian in front of Whiterun stables.
the mounts are:

-Flaming Wolf, and regular style
-A terrible troll
-And 2 flightless Dragon...
Get Over Here!
Created by zappeo
3rd update:
Fixed bug with the spell version that caused the spell sound to go on in an infinite loop even without having the spell active. (sorry for taking this long to fix this, DayZ ...
Lanterns Of Skyrim - Villages
Created by manny_gt
This mod add lanterns in the villages around Skyrim and they lit from 5pm to 8am next day. No BSA file required
Just for eyecandy and maybe helpful to recognize villages during night


- Riverwood
- Karthwasten
- Ivarstead...
Portal Gun in Skyrim Alpha v1
Created by zOmbi
Add Teleport Gun in Windhelm near New Gnisis Cornerclub, this version very bugi and i not sure that the correct files are compiled but it is the alpha
Dual Wield 2 Handed Weapons V1.3.3
Created by Phoenix_Crow
Ever want to swing around two handed weapons instead of those puny single handed ones, but hate being stuck with just one? Want to use a shield but those little swords and axes just don't cut the butter? Need to compensate for something?
Your in luck, now...
Horse Armors
Created by Dartanis
This mod is now open as a mod resource. I likely will not be updating it, so tweak, fix ,integrate and redistribute as you please!! Just leave a credit ;)
Happy modding,
- Mystikhybrid

Version 1.5:
- Frost has a new Custom Armor!
- Shadowmere Now us...