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DiRT Rally 2.0

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Optimal Graphics Settings
By Montago
Finding the sweetspot between nice looking graphics and fast-enough framerate can be a chore. This is my findings and optimal settings
The goal is to get a stable framerate of 60+ fps. while making the picture quality as pretty to look at as possible.

I'm tweaking on the following hardware (which i consider avarage these days)
- Intel Core i7 3770K @ stock
- NVidia GTX 1070
- 16GB DDR3
- Resolution: 2560x1440

I've tested and tweaked settings using multiple stages to make sure that they are pretty solid.

I already wrote a guide for Dirt Rally 1 and I encourage you to have a look at it for hints and tweaks i might omit in this guide: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=442912192

Graphic Settings
Display Mode
I prefer to use Windowed Borderless, this has the advantage of making it easy to switch between gaming and other programs like Sound Mixer, Recording tools, Youtube or whatever..

ON - My monitor doesn't support higher hz/fps then 60 and on my machine it doesn't look good when VSync is off.

Using VSync ON also has the benefit of lowering the power usage / noise of the GPU

4x MSAA looks really nice on 2560x1440 , especially rocks and trees has less hysteresis / sharp edges

Use CMAA if you need more performance, though its not as nice as 4x MSAA

I don't know what this foul setting from hell is supposed to do, but the whole game looks like Nintendo if you enable it. !!!

EDIT: TAA = Temporal Anti-Alias and combines a sequence of images to detect moving objects, the Anti-Alias engine will then only care about the edges that these objects contain. In the perfect world / implementation, this would look good - but CodeMasters did something wrong so it looks terrible. I advice NOT to enable it for better image quality.

PS: never enable TAA and normal AA in the same time.
To Codemasters: Why did you allow this ?
34" Wide 3440x1440 settings
So i upgradede my monitor and had to change a few settings to make it run optimally:

- My new monitor has G-SYNC so i Disabled VSYNC

- Aspect ratio in game changed to 21:9

- AA changed to CMAA

With the GTX 1070 i'm now getting 60 to 100 fps.
Advanced Graphics
Quality Preset: Custom

Shader Detail
HIGH - Never use LOW, it will break all shadow effects and make textures look like crap.

Texture Detail
ULTRA - This setting mostly consume GPU RAM and if you have plenty, just turn it up.

HIGH - using ULTRA has a high cost in rain weather, while High looks plenty good.

Screen Space Reflections

Medium - You wont notice the difference when driving, and Medium looks quite good. Anything higher just ads finer detail and cost much performance.

Night Lightning (edited)
LOW - I ran into a perf. issue and found that i had to tweak it all the way down to LOW.
There seems to be no difference between LOW and ULTRA (at least in Germany) other than frames per second ?
ULTRA - You might tweak this down if you get bad performance at night.

Ambient Occlusion
HIGH - I couldn't tell the difference to ULTRA, and High looks plenty good.

Advanced Ambient Occlusion
OFF - It cost too much and didn't add enough detail.

ULTRA - This makes smoke and effects look good, tweak it down a notch if you need performance

Advanced Blending
OFF - This feature cost a LOT of performance and only makes trees look better. 4x MSAA is much cheaper to use.


Medium - anything higher cost A LOT of performance, but medium looks good. I think there is a performance bug because i dont see much difference, only in frames per second.



Vehicle Detail
High - it doesn't seem to cost much to run high, but you might get more fps in replay mode.

Ultra - you might find some performance here, but not a lot.

Ultra - also a bit of performance to gain from lower settings...

Ultra - It seems that there is little difference between lower settings and ultra. I found that there is a performance bug with trees that cant be solved by lowering tree-details. just keep it high.

Ground Cover
High - makes the game look pretty and doesn't cost much to have on High

ON - they dont cost much and makes the game look more real.

Motion Blur
ON - This is mostly a preference thing. only a few fps if turned off.

God Rays
OFF - I found them very distracting

Chromatic Aberration
ON - Makes some details look nicer

ON - VERY IMPORTANT !! to keep this ON. Without it the light-engine doesn't work properly

Lense Flares
OFF - I don't like them, my eyes are not a camera... turn on if you like.

Light Streaks
OFF - Also dont like these..

Lens Dust
OFF - I prefer off to get clean screenshots .. hehe.. clean... get it ?
The optimal setting is when the darkest logo is BARELY visible.

I have a calibrated monitor and can easily see the black logo at 1.00

At 0.8 it's pretty much gone, so for me it's between 0.8 and 1.00

I find that 0.8 can be a bit too dark at times, but also wish that contrast was higher in the game.
Most of the game has a very flat contrast curve. Sadly the game doesn't offer any tools to adjust lightness and contrast so you might need to find tweaks elsewhere for better contrast.
The game hasn't been optimized fully yet and i bet that there might come small performance upgrades in the future.

My tweaks has given me a very nice looking picture and an almost stable 60 frames per second.

the fps dips below 60 at non-optimized places and i haven't found a solid way to eliminate them. Believe me i've tried every logical tweak with lower settings and haven't found the root cause.

Some times in replay, the car will come out of a non-dense forest (Poland) and the fps dips to 56 for no reason at all..

Using CMAA instead of 4xMSAA is the easiest boost when the track demands higher fps.

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I_LOVE_BBW Aug 26 @ 3:06pm 
TAA needs to always be ON, otherwise everything will be pixelated and with sharp edges
mattshep69 Aug 5 @ 2:25pm 
Nice guide thanks
paultino666 Jun 16 @ 12:22pm 
Thanks Montago. your excellent guide gave me more FPS and better graphics.
A Dozen Pickles Jun 12 @ 10:33am 
Thank you Montango!!!!
Nikz Jun 9 @ 4:57am 
If the game is running at 30fps when you enable v-sync, that means the game uses double buffered v-sync and your computer is not fast enough to handle stable 60 fps, therefore dropping down to 30. You need to make sure your game is running at least around 80 unlocked fps b4 you enable v-sync like this one so that whenever there is framerate drop, you have enough overhead to still stay above 60 fps, if you drop under 60 every few seconds, then every time that happens, there's gonna be a drop to 30 in v-sync aswell.
blackcall2 Jun 4 @ 7:53pm 
thanks Montango! :mashyourmotor:
Montago  [author] Jun 4 @ 5:48am 
Hi Klush

Are you sure your monitor and resolution is running at 60hz ?
try running in Windowed Borderless or make sure the game is set to 60hz

I've tried similar in another game, where the default 4K setting is defaulted to 30hz instead of 60hz, which is supported.
Montago  [author] Jun 4 @ 5:45am 
Hi blackcall2

I haven't touched any settings in the NVidia control panel .. the only options i might change would be AA to see if i could get better performance with a different NV setting.

Also i haven't tried adaptive VSync but could imagine doing so ... it haven't worked so good for me in other games though.
Klush Jun 4 @ 5:15am 
VSync for me just caps the game at 30 fps... I have a 60Hz monitor.
blackcall2 Jun 3 @ 5:52pm 
and how to configure nvidia control panel? thanks mate, nice work!