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[TFA] [AT] Infinite Warfare DMR-1
Type: Weapon, Addon
Tags: Fun, Realism
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May 27 @ 7:40pm
Jun 12 @ 8:41am
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[TFA] [AT] Infinite Warfare DMR-1

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"Semi-auto ballistic rifle. Updated design retains the top-loading clip while granting moderate stopping power and low recoil. Allows early clip ejection."

- Please install my shared attachments to use the [AT] part of this gun correctly! You can get it here

- I have added gun bashing to this gun! To use it go into console and do: bind (any key) "+zoom"

Make sure to Rate and Favorite if you want more guns by me :) (a workshop follow would help me greatly!)

- Conversion to TFA's Base
- Playermodel (c_hand) support
- Proper material settings
- Spawn Menu icon
- CoD Animations!
- Customization (with Variants!)
- NZombies Stats and Sounds added (Insert "Ping" here)
- Toggle for auto reloading when switching mag attachments!
- IW Scope Reticle for the scope!

- Type: Sniper Rifle
- Ammo: Sniper Ammo
- RPM: 300
- Clip Size: 8
- Reserve Ammo: 80 (88 in total)
- Damage: 75 (varies based on damage type)

Wraith [] (CoD Game Extracter Program)
Numerous Creators (Gun port to Black Ops 3 and gun used in map)
Me (Port from Black Ops 3 to Garry's Mod, c_hand support and CoD script)
Goanna67 (Material .vmt settings)
Matsilagi (Auto reload toggle code)

- There are more guns going to be converted to TFA in the future, I have plans :p
- Please do not republish this by editing and modifying values
- Some of the variant benefits were custom created as the actual ones in game can't be made in this game (like the creeper perk)
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DragonMaster Jul 15 @ 1:07pm 
you're welcome! :)
DefyTheRush  [author] Jul 7 @ 10:29am 
Thank you :)
DragonMaster Jul 7 @ 9:28am 
ok. but good work ;)
DefyTheRush  [author] Jun 16 @ 6:02am 
For anyone who is having issues with the sight code showing the RT Element when switching scopes, delete and re-install my shared attachments. I pushed an update that allows for RT elements to be removed without making a duplicate file exclusively for that
DefyTheRush  [author] Jun 9 @ 7:49pm 
I think that is a bit too much, lol

At this moment I do not know how to port from Ratchet & Clank 3
DragonMaster Jun 2 @ 2:47pm 
bomb glove and gravity bomb, seeker gun, drone device, hoverbomb glove, pulse rifle, plasma coil, spiderbot glove, mine glove!!! that lays sea mines or sea mine like bombs that explodes target or when hit, including if you hit it, and i want to really see planet sarathos too! and much more, ratchet and clank series have so much, and can't quite explain all in 2 comments...
DragonMaster Jun 2 @ 2:40pm 
i would love to see ratchet and clank 3 stuff and more like, weapons, heroes, villains, armor, maps, planets, weapons like shock blaster, shock cannon, my favorites and used always, sadly one day my game broke, so it would mean alot to me if you make those 2, nitro launcher, n60, plasma whip, infector, visibomb, devastator, miniturret glove, lava gun, bouncer, lancer, heavy lancer, blitz gun and blitz cannon (big favorite, almost shock blaster, shock cannon, instead it's from 2nd game, not 3rd) flux rifle, spitting hydra, holoshield glove, inferno mode and wrenches!!!, suck cannon, rift inducer, ryno's and like ry3no, disc blade gun, agents of doom, annihilator, decoy glove, synthenoids, chopper, plasma coil, sheepinator, clank zapper, minirocket tube, zodiac, harbinger, and maps/planets like: veldin, quartu, starship phoenix, dreadzone station, marcadia, novalis, orxon, eudora, gemlik base, pokitaru etc! and please evolutions! thanks!
DefyTheRush  [author] Jun 2 @ 10:29am 
You're welcome :)

My current plan is to do the DCM-8 :p
DragonMaster Jun 2 @ 10:26am 
please make m1 garand thank you! great work by the way :)
XPEHO3ABPycPekc Jun 1 @ 2:21am