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AXM- Wet Mountain Castle
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AXM- Wet Mountain Castle

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Beat the Summer Heat at Wet Mountain Castle. Contains all the shops needed for guests with food, drinks, souvenirs, restrooms, and staff room along with the three rides below in a very small footprint blueprint.

Gusher (Rolling River) - 4.42, 3.22, 2.01
Gysher (Chopper Creek Logs) - 5.61, 3.76, 2.03
Badoom ( Launched Vector Coaster) - 6.71, 5.79, 1.79 (coaster has triggers for lights, two power launches, and custom supports)
Stat screenshots towards the end
Music comes from overhead lights that uses four speakers at each light.

All path and queues have been routed for you, you just need run path and queue skins over the routes. All queue lines use 2m width and there is no pre-routes for priority pass lines, you will have to make your own, but there is not a lot of run to spare. The queue path look better with path supports on, I didn't use then in screenshots for better guests pictures. Includes signage instruction for making the shop area (6x3) using the grid tool before connecting stairs to ground or paths exits and queue entrances. Start queue and paths from the rides, not from the shop area.
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Axm  [author] Jun 4 @ 1:24am 
TY @masceline, 3 in 1
masceline Jun 4 @ 1:13am 
nice and different ,, love it
Axm  [author] Jun 3 @ 7:56pm 
TY @R3dDragon, you certainly will enjoy these rides as they just so much fun to ride in POV
R3dDragon Jun 3 @ 7:55pm 
WOW amazing build ,so pretty,cant wait to check them all out.
Axm  [author] Jun 3 @ 7:44pm 
TY @Whitesider, combing three rides in one blueprint can always be a challenge
Whitesider Jun 3 @ 7:09pm 
And I love this one too!!! beautiful work :steamhappy:
Axm  [author] May 28 @ 11:16am 
TY@Michel, same goes for the last couple of pieces you uploaded, look for some of your creations to be featured in the new upcoming Frontier Planets Community Sandbox Showcase Parks. For more info visit
Michel May 28 @ 8:49am 
Beautiful work! :steamhappy: