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Left 4 Dead 2

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M4A1 Silenced ○✿○ Chia ○✿○ [Replaces M16]
Game Content: Weapons, Sounds, Scripts, Models, Textures
Weapons: Rifle
File Size
100.540 MB
May 26, 2019 @ 7:15am
Aug 30, 2019 @ 6:51pm
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M4A1 Silenced ○✿○ Chia ○✿○ [Replaces M16]

In 1 collection by ✿ N A V Y ✿
○✿○ Chia Series ○✿○
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This silenced M4A1 will replace the M16.
The M4A1 without the silencer is available here.

○✿○ Features ○✿○
● Highresolution 4K Textures (All)
● Custom Animations/Model/Sounds
● Glowing Textures
● Silencer

Textures & Edit: Me.
Model from CSGO: Twilight Sparkle
Artwork: Amashiro Natsuki.

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Ehhhh Nov 10, 2019 @ 1:32am 
100mb weapon... X.x
Bot (Super Easy) Oct 28, 2019 @ 5:15pm 
ุ ุุ Oct 16, 2019 @ 9:49am 
Please make more of these they are really good, maybe some for pistols?
夏天 Oct 12, 2019 @ 2:48am 
I Want To Sleep Oct 10, 2019 @ 6:21pm 
Please do the same in 2K
Doc Holiday Sep 17, 2019 @ 5:05am 
Really nice mod wish you would make more Chia weapons c:
Shigero Army Sep 3, 2019 @ 6:44pm 
The Best M4 Skin!
✿ N A V Y ✿  [author] Sep 2, 2019 @ 4:25pm 
@Evie: I few ideas I got to exclude some problems.
Leave only one mod enabled for the following methods:
Try any other mod of mine with 4K resolutiion, you get still the same stutter?
And maybe it is a problem caused by the model itself, try this mod:
It is the same model, my mod was based on it.

I'm not expert, but this way we could maybe tell if there is a model or texture problem.
evie Aug 29, 2019 @ 12:35pm 
i have all the settings on max
✿ N A V Y ✿  [author] Aug 29, 2019 @ 12:31pm 
I am not sure, sorry. I think you need to go to your settings in L4D2 and allow the game to use more memory or RAM. (There is a setting with something like that, set to "High").

This would be my guess. Unrelated: I have Minecraft with shaders and 2K-4K textures pack I made, when loading a world I get that similar stutter, it loads textures and then it's fine.
I assume it's similar here, loading the high resolution textures.