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Conan Exiles

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May 25 @ 5:00pm
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Private Server Mod

  • Consciousness System
    • When your character's health is as low as 5%, your character becomes unconscious instead of dying. There are 3 ways to regain consciousness:
      1. Wait 3 minutes
      2. Another character can help you regain consciousness by helping you through the interaction menu
      3. Get killed by another character after 10 seconds have passed since falling unconscious
    • NPCs ignore you when you are unconscious.
    • When you regain consciousness, you get a "Wounded" debuff, which applies a -10 modifier to each stat of your character and lasts for 5 minutes.
  • Fatal fall damage nears your character to loss of consciousness

Mod Compatibility
Mod ID is 1751910189 and is incompatible with mods that modify:
  • Characters/BaseBPCombat

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Muzlu Pasta  [author] Oct 11 @ 5:41am 
This is a request mod, so I can't/won't add/change things unless they want it.
Muzlu Pasta  [author] Sep 17 @ 3:13pm 
@Yes, Daddy
Not sure so contacted its author.

Yes, Daddy Aug 18 @ 6:33am 
@Muzlu Pasta I saw that you aren't looking to change core settings about the mod but with the growing popularity of the Mod Control Panel have you considered supporting functionality for settings that way?
Nemo Jun 10 @ 10:02am 
Tu met le mod sur ton serveur et tu joues.
Après ça se voit pas forcément, 10% de vie restante, par exemple si tu as très peu d'armure, tu peux te retrouver one shoot si tu étais trop bas en vie.
Cela fonctionne entre 0,1% de vie et 10% de vie. Si tu tombes à 0% sur un coup, l'effet "ko" du mod ne s'active pas pour le coup, t'es juste mort directement.
Bronach Jun 9 @ 10:28pm 
Il y a une commande spécifique pour l'activer ?

There is a specific command to activate it?
Nemo Jun 5 @ 2:56am 
Understood. Thank you for your answer Muzlu Pasta.
Boyar Jun 4 @ 1:53am 
This is what we wanted! Thank you!
Muzlu Pasta  [author] May 30 @ 7:26pm 
No, just Google Translate :P I just developed the mod for them. I didn't change or modify how enemies behave, so don't how why some keep attacking and some don't.
Nemo May 30 @ 7:21pm 
(just to be sure, are you speaking french ? Because the mod is for a french server so I'm a bit puzzled here .. if you need me to speak english, tell me ok ?)

Ils ne me sauvent pas, c'est juste qu'ils cessent de me frapper parfois quand je suis au sol (uniquement les pnjs humains, pas les animaux et monstres). C'est arrivé "quelques fois" et semble aléatoire.

They don't save me, they just stop hitting me when I'm ko on the ground (only humans npc, not beasts and monsters). It happened "only some time" and it looked like it was random.
Muzlu Pasta  [author] May 30 @ 4:24pm 
I didn't test but NPCs shouldn't be able to save you, unless they can interact with you.