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Eden Rising

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100% achievement guide
By Csontzuzo
All you need to know about the achievements you can get in Eden Rising. Update: On 28/01/20 The Thulian Masters free patch arrived with 11 new achievements.
Perfection time, difficulty, DLC, shameless self advertisement
The game isn't hard to perfect, I would give it a 4/10.

It is not difficult, it is only time-consuming. You need farm/grind a lot. Actually, only the last achievement is the painful one, where you need to unlock all monster cores.

Please keep in mind, that you can keep playing the game once killed the main enemy of the game, it not having a "The End". This means that the game don't have any "missable" achievement.

Expected achievement perfection time: ~100h min.


You need to own ascendant edition if you want to get all achievements in the game. Without the ascendant edition, you can get to 24+11?/37 only (based on the current information I have, please share your experience if it is wrong as I have the ascendant edition) and getting to that amount you still need someone with ascendant edition so you can join up to his/her server (or ascendant edition owners with public server).

The game is free but the content you can experience is limited. If you play it solo. HOWEVER, you can join to players who own ascendant edition DLC and so you can literally get nearly all achievement and see all the content with your free copy. It is definitely harder that way (they might kick you, not allow free edition players to their game, etc), but it is possible.

If the guide helped you in any way then please respect my time spent/work on it and follow my curator:


The curator group dont mark any game as recommended so it shows useful information about achievements on the store page of the games without influencing the main store page of steam with recommendations + all games sorted to lists based on expected completion times. No point not to follow!:-)

Eventually please subscribe to my YouTube channel, like and run the video included in this guide. Thanks
I explain the features of the game in this video. Sorry if my english is not perfect, please let me know how understandable is it. The video also shows a fight against the hardest boss enemy and the very last Tower Defense fight, so it might worth to watch if you have issues with those fights. Bookmarks for these parts are listed at the related achievements.

Lore Object locations
There are 3 achievements for finding the lore objects:

Lore Novice
Unlock 10 Lore Entries.

Lore Adept
Unlock 20 Lore Entries.

Lore Master
Unlock All Lore Entries in the former Eden Colony.

And here are the locations for the total 38 lore objects, ordered by areas like ingame:

Fungal Preserve

Fungal Preservation Refugee:

Fungal Preserve

Geological Formations of Eden

Medusoid Nesting Ground

Megafungus Observation Site

Thulian Gate

Thulian Ruins

Searing Coast
This area include the Typhoon Pass area

Agents Online

Cape Destiny Peace Mpnolith

Chronicle Part one and part two

Coastal Defense Labs Crucible

Edenic Uprising Shelter

Firing Field

Isolation Chamber

Searing Coast Observation Point

Simulation of the Gorgon Offensive

Shattered Causeway

Archeologists Note


Causeway Crucible

Excursion Log

Final Signal


The Causeway


Ultima Thule

Ultima Thule 1

Ultima Thule 2

Valley of the Ascendants

Cliffside plaza

Dawnsite Agora

Dominion Falls

Edens Cryptorum

Mausoleum of General Athos

Nullite Edens Mineral Oddity

Valley of the Ascendants

Valley Power Station

Valley Crucible

Wardens Rock

Landing Site

Warden Rock
Bestiary, Cores, Item upgrades
Bestiary Novice
Unlock 20 Bestiary Entries.

Bestiary Adept
Unlock 40 Bestiary Entries.

Bestiary Master
Unlock All Bestiary Entries in the former Eden Colony.

There are a total of 55 bestiary entries +6 with the Thulian Masters DLC but those are not required for this achievement. Once you kill the first beast from a specific specie then it is recorded to your bestiary. Please don't be afraid if you struggle to get the last ones and you already heading to the last area. The last 2, Thulian Servant and the main enemy will be there.

Here is the complete bestiary, in the same order as they show up there:

Medusa Bud
Elite Medusa Bud
Shield Bud
Elite Shield Bud
Stinger Bud
Elite Stinger Bud
Wild Medusa
Steadfast Bud
Alkali Medusa
Mutant Medusa
Cave Bud
Irridiated Bud
Myrmidon Elite
Myrmidon Corroder
Myrmidon Legionnaire
Gorgon Brute
Gorgon Rex
Platted Ram
Alkali Gorgon
Alkali Rex
Cave Gorgon
Mutant Gorgon
Irridiated Gorgon
Bomb Scarab
Seeker Scarab
Heavy Scarab
Scarab Corroder
Irridiated Praetorian
Thulian Hunter
Thulian Oracle
Thulian Servant
Terror Manticore
Irridiated Chimera
Amber Electrosylph
Argent Electrosylph
Blue Electrosylph
Pale Electrosylph
Red Electrosylph
Alkali Crustacean
Curious Crustacean
Eerie Crustacean
Typhon the Presserver

Core Novice
Unlock 40 Monster Cores.

Core Adept
Unlock 80 Monster Cores.

Core Master
Unlock all Monster Cores in the former Eden Colony.

You need Ascendant edition for Core Master, once unlocked 80 monster cores for core adept you can't unlock more if you have only the free version of the game.

If you kill a monster you get exp for it but those exp goes to bestiary, it literally unlock the knowledge about that monster.
-You need 500 exp for novice core, another 2500 for adept core and another 10000 for master core.
-Monsters gives different exp based on their rarity and danger level.
-Not all monsters has cores.

This is a very grindy task to unlock all core, you need to kill A LOT of enemies. You can farm them through sieges but there are still some which hard to farm. This should be the last achievement you get in the game. Yes, a long-term project achievement.

However, there is a good news. Looks so, that the achievement count check the core amount, not checking the actual original cores. What does it mean? With the Tulian Masters free patch there are a few new monsters/bosses with cores, so you actually don't need to get all to master level. This is how i unlocked mine. This spared a lot of grind on few annoying one for me. It is still a lot of work to unlock this achievement. Not sure it will be patched or not. If developers patching it (i doubt they will) then please let me know about it.

Forge Novice
Unlock 75 equipment nodes in the Forge.

Forge Adept
Unlock 150 equipment nodes in the Forge.

Forge Master
Unlock all equipment nodes available in the former Eden Colony.

Simply unlock 75/150/all equipable items. If you own the Crystal Weapon DLC then you actually need to unlock 9 less than all, so this way you can skip some weapons with annoying and hard to get crafting materials. But if you go for all core achievement (GL WITH IT LOL) then you will have all weapons unlocked anyway.
Other achievements
Extraction Glove
Forge your first Extraction Glove.

This will be probably your first-second achievement, loot 3 mana at the coast and craft your extraction gloves.

Crucible Renovation
Find a Crucible Module in the wild.

At the black crystal areas there are always some red colored modules, loot them up so you can upgrade the crucibles and that way you can use more turrets. You get this achievement by looting up the first one.

Valley Crucible
Complete a siege at the Valley Crucible.

Main part of the game is tower defense so play it, already at the first crucible to get this achievement. Quest will guide you through this, how to start and play it, etc.

Fungal Preserve Crucible
Complete a siege at the Crucible far to the north.

Simple, just get to the crucible located in the Fungal Grove area and finish one Siege/Tower Defense.

The Far Corners
Complete the lair in the Fungal Preserve cave complex.

After 2 or 3 siege at the Fungal Grove Crucible you will have a mission to go inside of a cave. There will be a green orb what you need to use to start an event and fight the upcoming monster, which is a Chimera. Not an easy fight, so be ready.

The Manticore
Defeat an alpha predator of the Fungal Preserve.

Just kill a Manticore for the first time, actually if you went to explore Valley of Ascendants more you might have seen one already before even getting to Fungal Preserve.

The Operating Theatre
Visit the Ascendant ruins nestled at the highest altitude.

Check the map about Agents Online lore info, if you get close to that area the achievement will unlock.

Searing Coast Crucible
Complete a siege at the Crucible to the west.

Complete a siege at the Searing Coast Crucible. You can get there through either Typhoons pass, which is the area visible on the screenshoots of Agents Online lore object, while heading from Fungal Grove area. If you check Searing Coast lore object screenshoots it easy to see the location.

Shattered Crucible
Complete a siege at the Crucible to the east.

Just complete a siege there, heading to east/right from Valley of Ascendants you will get to a bridge where you need to use 20 colony seeds to activate it. Crossing the bridge will get you to the Shattered Causeway area.

The Chimera
Put away one of these massive fungal creatures for good.

This achievement not unlocks for the Chimera kill during the achievement The Far Corners. For this you need to kill the Chimera located in the Shattered Causeway area. It might unlock now during the Challenge Arena, when killing a chimera (let me know if you got it there)

The Final Lesson

To get this achievement you need to finish an event located at the area visible on the Simulation of the Gorgon Offensive lore screenshoot.

The God Equation, Part One
Acquire the first part of the God Equation

Complete all sieges at the Valley of Ascendants Crucible.

Masters of Eden
Win the Game.

Finish the siege at the Ultima Thule Crucible. Once you completed all sieges at valley of the ascendants you will have a quest to get to Ultima Thule and the entrance and everything will be shown on the map while the quest is active.

If you need help with the last tower defense fight then check my own fight in the video. Related time on the video: 19:02-29:14

The Experiment

Secret achievement, it was bugged but now fixed. It is awarded for killing the Irradiated Chimera. Only one you can find, it is located at the isolation chamber lore object.

If you need help with an Irradiated Chimera fight then check my own kill in the video. Related time on the video: 15:30-19:02
Challenge Crucible and Arena
Thulian Masters patch introduced Challenge Crucible, more info inc soon as I busy with other games and I'll be able to play Eden Rising at the upcoming weekend.

Many have issues to find the Arena and Challenge cruciblie area, here is the entrance:

You should find this portal on the picture at every Tower Defense Crucible area. Simply go through it and you will arrive to the new area.

Challenge Novice
Complete 5 sieges in one run at the Challenge Crucible

Challenge Master
Complete 15 sieges in one run at the Challenge Crucible

Arena Novice
Complete 5 sieges in one run at the Challenge Arena

Arena Master
Complete 15 sieges in one run at the Challenge Arena

Self explanatory achievements, just survive/finish 15 waves in each of the arena and these should unlock. Having difficulties with it? You are not alone. The Challenge area isn't balanced, it is far too hard even on easy difficulty settings and mathematically totally impossible to get to 15th waves and beat it because of the required dmg and the short time limits. The new weapon upgrades arent strong enough to deal with the insane number + their healths of the enemies under time limits. Do the solo one together with at least 2(3 suggested at least)-3-4 players. That is how it can be done.

Masochist Novice
Take 6 Curses in one run at the Challenge Crucible

Masochist Master
Take 11 Curses in one run at the Challenge Crucible

Punishment Novice
Take 6 Curses in one run at the Challenge Arena

Punishment Master
Take 11 Curses in one run at the Challenge Arena

You can pick one additional curse before each new wave and you can get one before the first wave too, so you need to get to 11th wave both in arena and crucible and take one curse before each wave to get these achievements.

The Crabmaster
Defeat the Crabmaster in the Challenge Crucible

It is random if the Crabmaster will come or not during a wave, so just keep playing. It could happen on every 5th wave. Achievement is somewhat bugged as you get it even if you die to the Crabmaster and you not beat that wave.

The Elementalist
Defeat the Elementalist in the Challenge Arena

The Ghostmaster
Defeat the Ghostmaster in the Challenge Arena

On arena every 5th wave is a boss, so either Ghostmaster, Elementalist or a Chimera. Achievements unlock even if you die to them and you lose the game, probably a bug, not sure it will be ever fixed or not, i died to each of the bosses at the first time and i got my achievements during those attempts. Let me know if it gets fixed.
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Adett Aug 28, 2019 @ 9:46am 
No problem. Your guide is pretty much the only source of information of the game, especially when it comes to achievements, so thank you for your hard work.
I discovered this earlier, but I wanted to get confirmation from the team, before I comment here.
In my opinion, the lore and bestiary entry related achievements should be obtainable even as a free player, as I had no problem unlocking the tier 2 versions of them and I only miss the endgame 2 lore and 2 bestiary entries.
Csontzuzo  [author] Aug 28, 2019 @ 9:40am 
Yes, now i see on discord to, thanks for taking this to my attention, I'll update the guide.
Adett Aug 28, 2019 @ 9:37am 
You can only get up to silver. As soon as you obtain silver - and therefore unlock the way to obtain XP in gold - you get an "Ascendant Edition required" message. This is there even if you play on an Ascendant server.
Applies to all monsters, not just AE monsters.
Csontzuzo  [author] Aug 28, 2019 @ 9:32am 
I have ascendant from the beginning so..... if you dont have the full game you dont get exp for monsters core which belong to ascendant areas? Else i dont really understand how it is impossible to get it.
Adett Aug 28, 2019 @ 9:27am 
Thank you very much fo your work. One thing I would like to add is that the Core Master achievement cannot be obtained as a free user even if you get a friend to host you a Ascendant server, so if anybody plans to 100% the game, just get the DLC from the start.
Got confirmation on the official discord server for this.