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Medical System Expansion
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Medical System Expansion

Not Just Another Prostheses Mod. An expansion of vanilla medical system and how they work. Adds full featured prosthesis that uses vanilla standard and integration with another mod. New Prosthesis System allows you to install prosthetic modules on installed prosthesis.

Main Features
  • Installed prostheses can keep there child parts. Now you don't get missing fingers when installed hand prosthesis or missing toes when installed foot prosthesis.
  • New exclusive body part system framework and it's modules. Allows you to install prosthetic modules on installed prosthesis.
This two main features only work on bionic and archotech body parts. It doesn't make sense to me for basic and simple body parts can have this features.


In vanilla and other mod, added prosthesis part also lower pawn total health by a substantial margin. The more child's part it have then the more pawn health decreasing.


  • New organ transplant rejection, prosthesis limb and bone adaptation system, and implant complication. Some of this is never done by another mod.
This mod not really that OP. Raider chance to spawn with prostheses parts and implants now higher and also have same part system feature.
  • New exclusive implant system framework. Now you can install implant on installed prosthesis part. of course there's a limit of how many implant can be installed on installed prosthesis part.

All Other Features
  • New research projects.
  • 2 new workbenches.
  • About 50+ new prostheses parts and implants.
  • Balancing vanilla prostheses body parts and implants.
  • Adds prostheses parts and implants to trader and raider.
  • Vanilla organs can be harvested and transplanted.
  • Harvested organs can rot and decay.
  • Now all bones can be destroyed by damage or attack.
  • And many other features.

Items Spreadsheet[docs.google.com]
Ludeon Forums[ludeon.com]

Planned Features
  • Adds new implants and modules.
  • Adds Disease.
  • Animal body parts, implants, and modules.
  • Humanoid race exclusive body parts, implants, and modules.
  • Organ mutation framework.
  • Integration with another mod.
  • Try to integrated with "Jecstools" so you can use ability when prostheses body parts installed. [low priority]

I want to add more prosthesis in this mod but still i don't have idea to name it. if you have new prosthesis idea, feel free to tell it in "New Ideas Suggestion". I'll decide it to add it or not. This not limited to prosthesis. Also if you have error and weird issue after install this mod please tell it in "Bug Report". I can't check it on every mod Rimworld have.

Many new features are still being planned. As much as possible this mod uses xpath or harmony to patch vanilla or any other mod so i can use it with 300+ mod modlist i have.

Compatibility and Integration
The Birds and the Bees
- Reproductive organs transplantation and rejection.
- Added archotech reproductive organs.
Android tiers
- Added part system feature to High Prostheses and Cybernetic Prostheses.
Android tiers HellDrone-Extension
- Added part system feature to Robotic Plasma Claw and Robotic Power Claw.

Mod Integration
Combat extended
Elite Bionics Framework
- Added bonus HP to MSE prostheses. Simple +1 HP, Bionic +3 HP, and Archotech +5 HP.
- Added night vision ability to bionic and archotech eye.

Compatible (Put MSE below this mod)
- Questionable Ethics
- Archotech Expanded
- Archotech Expanded Prosthetics
- Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering
- Rah's Bionics and Surgery Expansion
- Rah's Bionics and Surgery Expansion - Hardcore Edition
- Vanilla Bionics Expansion

- Marnador for preview image font.
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Boldimore Jul 13 @ 1:24am 
Oreno  [author] Jul 13 @ 1:21am 
@Boldimore i still not tested it with CE. sorry for now it's seems likely to cause compatibility issue.
Boldimore Jul 13 @ 1:05am 
@Oreno Can't wait to finish my current save and starting a new :D! A guy on that mod asked if it's compatible with CE, I wanted to use CE on my next save so I need to ask the same. Can I use it with CE?
Oreno  [author] Jul 13 @ 12:42am 
Boldimore Jul 13 @ 12:39am 
Whats with the update for "preparing for another mod"? What are you preparing ;) ?
thetaprime Jul 12 @ 7:16am 
Great. Thanks for building in the compatibility though.
Oreno  [author] Jul 12 @ 6:58am 
@thetaprime if you don't need epoe specific synthetic and surrogate organ anymore then epoe its not necessary. from the start this mod is standalone and complete prosthesis mod with integration and compatibility with another mod.
thetaprime Jul 12 @ 6:37am 
Once your implants are complete, will EPOE even be necessary?
Lgk Jul 9 @ 9:12am 
Nice thank you!
Oreno  [author] Jul 9 @ 6:46am 
@Lgk It should compatible. if you encounter weird issue then let me know to fix it.