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Dragonius Tower
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Apr 12, 2012 @ 6:16am
Feb 18 @ 2:39pm
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Dragonius Tower

UPDATE: Removed Dragon Priest Altar from mod due to conflict with original vanilla location--if you are playing from a saved game, remove any masks from altar before updating.

Combining the efficiency of a small home with the displaying capabilities of a large one. Dragonius Tower has the best of both worlds. Think of it as a comfortably-sized house that is attached to a couple of large museums. Watch the video!


Inside you'll find all the display and storage areas you'll need; all within the context of the path you choose to travel. Port straight into the crafting area, where all crafting stations are in one room! Features 50 Mannequins, 28 display cases, 80 weapon racks and over 37 bookshelves. Enjoy!


Newest Features:
**Dragonius Mines--Mine ores and kill Falmer--how cool is that?
**Hall of Doomstones--all Doomstones in one area
**Female Mannequins
**Arboretum -- full of common and rare plants (BIG windows to view the great landscape)
**"Hall of Daedric Artifacts" -- display all 16 of the artifacts given upon completion of the daedric quests!


28 display cases
80 weapon racks
18 shield plaques
37 bookshelves (over 1100 book slots) + 3 library book containers
25 player chests and containers
All crafting stations in ONE ROOM with separate storage for each--even wood chopping!
Full kitchen with cooking station
General merchant with $5000 budget, specializing in rare ingredients
General blacksmith merchant with $3500 budget
Large tables have collision barriers around edge so you can place staffs and whatever on them without them rolling off or getting bumped across the room
Shrine room
Unique books
Themed rooms to accentuated your character's alliances-- Hall of the Holds, Hall of the Alliances, Great Hall (Imperial/Stormcloak), Dwemer Hall & Hall of Daedric Artifacts
Master bedroom with plenty of wardrobes
Fast Portal system takes you straight into crafting area and back out to Skyrim
High balcony with scenic view (weather permitting)
Scenic waterfall and Huge Dwemer dam/hydro plant, with 2 lakes full of fish
Area for harvesting plants and mushrooms (entrance is in upper tower next to 'dwemmer room')
New Mines/Dungeon with plenty of Ore and Falmer

Easy to find, south of Helgen toward the southern gate. Just check your map, a marker pops up after install.

The Entrance to the Upper Tower is on the left wall as you enter the kitchen area
In the same area are two activator buttons-- the one with the tower above it takes you to the upper balcony
the other (with the rocks above it) takes you outside
There is also an activator button outside (in front of main stairs that will transport you inside to this location

UPDATE NEWS...........

---fixed Dragon Priest Altar conflict

UPDATE-- 8/5/12
--- added Dragonius Mines with Ore and Falmer (some water areas are not totally navmeshed yet. Coming soon.
--- Fixed bug that conflicted with Vlindrel Hall
--- added more lighting and optimization to main halls and interior quarters

UPDATE-- 7/1/12
--- changed dragon priest mask altar to vanilla version for increased stability
--- moved weapon racks in Caverns off zero degree orientation so that staffs would display properly
--- added a little brighter lighting to living quarters
--- fixed 'grey-face' bug for merchant and female mannequins
--- changed ebony blade display in Daedric Hall to manual placement
---no chests, containers, or other weapon racks or displays were moved or changed!

SPECIAL NOTE ON NEW DAEDRIC HALL-- this mod has utilized the the great mod "Unlimited Bookshelves" by da5id throughout the newer areas of the tower, in particular--the crafting area and upper floors. However, with the construction of the new daedric hall, this mod has become essential to placing some of the artifacts on the display areas (all the weapons and armor are still placed on the convential weapon racks, display cases and mannequinns). In order to place a few items (rings, masque, ...etc.) You must have da5id's mod installed, if you don't already have it. This is mainly because--as you can probably tell--I'm more of a visual person and do not have the scripting knowledge or capabilities to make my own containers. However, I'm going to really be focusing on these areas and hope to make this unnecessary in the future. Thanks for your patience. Link below...


To utilize the vast number of shelves in this mod, I encourage you to download Da5id's great mod "Unlimited Bookshelves," if you dont already have it. Its a simple script that changes everything concerning bookshelves and storage in the game. You can download it here:

or the nexus version:

Mannequins are creepy little buggers, and this house has a ton of them. But you can fix their erratic behavior and strange poses with this great mod:

Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix -

Trying to get your spouse to move into Dragonius Tower can be a tough sell, especially if they've got plenty of high-society friends in Solitude or Windhelm. This mod will convince them to follow you anywhere!

Spouses Can Live Everywhere -

Previous Updates---
--opened upper tower with power room and Dwemmer display Hall
--removed weapon plaques from caverns and replaced with 11 weapon racks. removed the 3 weapon plaques from the main hall.
--finished navmeshing living quarters and caverns--take your favorite companion down to see the falls!
--"boarded up" the the 2 inactive doors that will eventually lead to the mines and spa in the lower caverns. these doors have led to some confusion as to why they dont work. left some pickaxes as a hint.
--1 small barrel in kitchen area (along back wall) has been changed to a no-respawn barrel.
The small burlap sack next to it is the ONLY container in Dragonius that will respawn. All other should be safe. I emphasize "should be" because this is a Bethesda game (god love 'em).
--added two portals in living quarters. One will take you to the new balcony near the top of the tower. I hope you like the view. The other portal will take you outside the front of the tower.
---New portal outside: If you fast travel to the tower, turn 180 degrees and you will see a button in the vanilla rock cairn. This portal takes you right to the crafting area and bypasses the front doors.
I hope to soon figure out how to give each portal a nice "swoosh" sound, but for now we'll have to be content with a button click.

special thanks:

.iLG# Vhectic
jelleigh -- (mentions the tower in every post, very nice :D)

...for their reports, suggestions and continued support. thank you all very much.
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wreznor  [author] Feb 19 @ 6:24pm 
I'm glad the fix worked. it was long overdue. i'm enjoying this new playthrough and re-visiting the old place too...and restocking all those shelves and containers. The tower was always my personal favorite and the only one of my house mods that i actually used.

glad to hear you still enjoy it as well and thanks for the heads-up! This game may be somewhat old now, but its still a hell of game and looks just as good as many triple-a games released this year...especially with a few mods installed. Have fun and thanks for the long time support. CHEERS!
Aries72 Feb 18 @ 10:49pm 
Thanks for the fix Wreznor i didnt know if you were still around its been almost six years. With my old character wasnt much of a problem an dint really care but when i starting a new character i was woundering where is the altar at in labyrinthian untill i remebered the time there was some problem then with it in the Tower so i kinda went back in time with old character an found it out of cell with my orginal mask crazy. Its fixted now Thanks so much bud still love the old place its still one of the best mods around. :)
wreznor  [author] Feb 18 @ 3:07pm 
well, got lucky and found a post that was helpful and used TES5edit to fix the altar problems --removed it from the caverns and restored it back at on my new save but i dont know yet about previous saves...

ABSOLUTELY remove masks from the altar in the lower caverns of the mod before updating as it is no longer there...

of course, one could always console code them in in case of mishap.

Mannequins -- a quick view through these posts and replies will show you that the mannequins are just bugged and always have been. I'm trying a couple of mods to see if they work any better than before. One rule i once read was to never save or exit the game while in a room full of mannequins...maybe that helps. There is a reason while Bethesda never puts more than 3 or 4 mannies in a cell...

still testing with a new playthrough, tho....

thanks again and i hope you enjoy it :)
Aries72 Feb 18 @ 10:18am 
Thanks wreznor ya the altar ended up in the cell behind the cell door. kinda funny i just messing around with tcl code an found it there. with all the mask on it.
wreznor  [author] Feb 11 @ 1:55pm 
thanks for the reminders, old friend!
I'm gonna download the game again and try to fix these problems...its been a while and revisiting this game (and the tower) is long overdue. I tried fixing the dragon mask before but wound up usually deleting it and never uploaded it. I'll try with your post in mind and see if i can figure it out.

Thanks Aries72, its good to hear from you again...always helpful.
Aries72 Feb 8 @ 9:47pm 
keep me posted ill check back with you remeber tho its a 7 year old mod.
Aries72 Feb 8 @ 9:45pm 
Do to the mannequins they were there before the mod mannequin fix that the werznor ask for us to download. this kinda mess them up do to just out dated mannequins you dont lose anything but they well not display after few days to fix this make them acctive then add the item or armor then save then leave go out side then come back in to set them permentaly its workted for me so far.
Aries72 Feb 8 @ 9:37pm 
iv had this mod from 2012 its now 2018 the dragon preist mask got mesed up longago an could not find the mask on alter that was replaced. also it removed the altar from labrynthian just like what darisnova mentioned. so for me to replace what in had i console code the mask back in my invetory. the one thing that was wierd tho the last mask was in labrynthian on its altar but the rest of the alters were not there so i went back this is many years later i found them on alter of the orginal display out off the cell in the cell that had the alter youll need to use TCL to get out of cell an the altar is miles away behind the door to the cell. Crazy thing is all my orginal mask i fought an died for were on it. but no last mask Konahrink it was in labrythian. love the mod tho
Beast of Stone Feb 2 @ 12:32am 
Love this, has become my main base of operations, only real issue I have is that the Mannequins uneqiped the armor I put on them after some time when I go off to do something else where in skyrim

unsure if anyone else has this issue
Reishadowen Jul 16, 2017 @ 9:38pm 
First off, I just wanna say, this is one of my favorite mod homes of all time. Very decorative, but most of all, functional. All the crafting stuff is in the same room right next to each other with a bunch of containers, and a merchant to buy your junk potions made during grinding, and sell you what matters most: health potions. Simple, effective. Wish more mods had that design in mind.

Second: there is something I'm really hoping you can fix: The Dragon Priest altar. Having it in Dragonius Tower removes it from Labrynthian, making it impossible to get the ninth mask. How do I solve this without uninstalling the mod? Help!