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Cities: Skylines

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Building Theme: University City Districts
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May 21, 2019 @ 4:26am
May 26, 2019 @ 4:40am
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Building Theme: University City Districts


Be sure to subscribe to the parent mod Building Themes by District Mod by boformer. Follow the activation steps, in images ^. Tip: you can only make a district of low residential and low commercial for this special district. Do not use this theme for other zone types and not for city wide districting either.

Want to keep your University City residential and commercial areas always University City? Here's the building style King Leno shows how to use in the official video above, all set up for you and ready to go.

Re: Building Themes by District Mod
Boformer's mod UI is really intuitive and easy to use (found in policies tab), but watch the video above and go see the Building Theme by District's page if you need more instructions and examples.

Be sure "Allow buildings not included in theme to spawn" is *not* activated. This prevents higher level buildings from spawning over the University City buildings. You can add any other building you like to this theme, workshop or vanilla. Use the ingame UI inside of Policies panel for the district.

Optional: once your district is the way you like it, you can switch all the buildings to historical with one click using a new boformer mod for historical districts , and they will continue leveling without losing their University City looks.


Mod used to add custom trees to the University City buildings: Prop It Up.

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MrMiyagi  [author] May 24 @ 3:31am 
@DJRedNightMC hi, that's detailed in the comments below yours. It's not possible to fix it, I've tried :( You can still make a new one, though, in the current version of Building Themes by District mod. These just can't be shared nor updated any more.
DJRedNightMC May 23 @ 6:02pm 
@MrMiyagi Its saying that buildings are "Not Loaded" when I add this theme. Any way to fix it?
MrMiyagi  [author] Mar 30 @ 2:18am 
Conclusion: I've done all I can to get this to work on my end, but it just doesn't seem possible - I don't know code modding at all. Plop the Growables is a lot more work than this handy mod, but it's all that works for me right now. :/
MrMiyagi  [author] Mar 30 @ 2:16am 
@awfleury even I can't get this theme to work properly or update it. My most recent response to Sparktite is what I reported back after I went in-game and tried to add the top level houses. The Building Themes mod has not been updated since 2017, and here is what Boformer says recently:

I'm currently a bit too busy to provide real support for this mod, so I missed the last 4 pages of comments.

There was a rough plan to rewrite this mod using modern methods, which should improve the compatibility and reliability, but don't expect it in the near future!

The mod still seems to work for most people, so I hope that's good enough for now.
awfleury Mar 9 @ 7:26pm 
Delta Queen, Deil and a lot of other buildings will not load in at all.
So how do you make them load in ?
awfleury Mar 9 @ 7:23pm 
How do you make the buildings that do not load in load in.
Sparktite Feb 11 @ 3:54pm 
@MrMiyagi lol yeah thats what im planning on doing was kinda hoping i could transition through district styles and themes. Figure ill just download assets and plop or make some themes and plop. Thanks again for your help man, super appreciate it <3
MrMiyagi  [author] Feb 11 @ 9:14am 
I feel your pain, and there are issues now that I don't have an explanation for. Like I can't update this theme and load it up to the workshop. Weird!

Do you know what I do now? I use Plop the Growables and place each building by hand (you can see all of them on a picture menu). Mind you, placing each building by hand takes a huge amount of time compared, but it makes for really nice looking neighborhoods.

That's the only other solution I have for you. Now I have to go plop a whole bunch of houses :winter2019joyfultearssnowman:
Sparktite Feb 10 @ 4:18pm 
Thanks MrMiyagi! Ive watched all the videos i can find and a guide or two on steam on how to use the mod but i still just find the whole interface way to cumbersome. Was hoping making custom themes could be way more streamlined/easier.

Im trying to get it so i can have a vanilla theme or style or just aesthetic for zoning that isnt in a district but the only suggestions ive found are to either set a building theme for the whole map, or to disable the assets manually so that they dont spawn normally but can spawn in with a building theme set(this method doesnt seem to like its gonna work tho)

Still trying to find a list of all the vanilla buildings/asset names though so that i can more easily find them to include them in new themes. When i filter for default which idk if that even is vanilla buildings, theres just a massive wall of buildings to sift through.
MrMiyagi  [author] Feb 10 @ 5:12am 
Here is the official Building Themes tutorial video, and it will all make sense once you watch this. Vanilla buildings can be selected individually. For example, I never allow those level 5 vanilla houses that look like giant books but I do allow most vanilla DLC buildings. :winter2019joyfultearssnowman:Have fun!