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Archaic Ascension
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Archaic Ascension

MOD ID = 1746600079

Archaic Ascension is a core evolution dino mod. This is a CORE mod, meaning it REQUIRES load order #1.



(Max wild level of dino that can be found on your server. Number shown is default)

(Max creature levels post tame on your server. Number shown is default)

Please note that this in no way SETS the max level of your server dinos, or your points after tame. This mod needs to KNOW these numbers to properly be setup.



Archaic Ascension adds in the ability to evolve all rideable (sans the arthro and reaper (for now)) vanilla creatures. This mod is meant as an alternative to the traditional dino mod which mostly ignores vanilla, and spawns in a ton of extra creatures. This mod requires you to play the vanilla experience. As you use your dinos in battle, a kill counter will increase until the require amount of kills are met to evolve. After this is done, a UI prompt will appear and you can evolve your dino. When a creature evolves, the evolution takes the level of its pre-evolution creature and sets it as its base level, allowing you to continue leveling.

This mod is geared toward PVP as well as extending the game play of PVE. For PVP play, Alpha Tribes can no longer just go tame replacement powerful creatures after a battle. They must work to replace what they lost. This could cause huge shifts in power on PVP servers.

The creatures in this mod are no frills. Currently there are no special particles or anything crazy denoting a beta and alpha, simply color shifts. Eventually I might add some small particles to add to the effect, but nothing crazy or over the top.

There are various classes of dinos, which determine kills require. Each class and tier has their own required kills. The base kills required, and the per tier multiplier is adjustable via INI codes.

- Small, Medium, Large, Super Carnivores
- Small, Medium, Large, Super Herbivores
- Ark Bosses

This mod also adds some unique game play.

1. Large carnivores such as the Rex, Giga, Spino, and Yuty are not knock out tameable. These creatures spawn in mate boosted pairs. You must engage them in combat. Once the female is at 10% health, it will lay a fertilized egg. You can steal this egg, and hatch it for yourself.

2. Tameable Ark Bosses are required to be at 20% health in order to accept torpor. After the boss is down, you must craft the correct kibble. It will take multiple kibble to tame a boss.

3. While corrupt dinos are now tameable, they require element shards to keep tamed. Should time elapse and no element shards are in the dinos inventory, the creature will untame, and attack anything around it.

4. There are far more wild Alpha mini bosses around the world. These Alpha bosses drop good loot, but they spawn in at a level suggesting that they evolved in the wild. This is where the required INI setup comes into play. If you have default 120/72 levels, you will see wild alphas spawning in around level 396. This simulates the idea that these dinos max leveled themselves, then evolve, multiple times. Default Alpha bosses also have a 3x stat multiplier, simulating a user increasing their stats by leveling.


Archaic Ascension is highly customizable, allowing users to set stat multipliers, adjusting kills required, and other various things a user might want to change. See the ini discussion for all available links

Currently, this mod has 3 tiers. Vanilla, Beta, and Alpha. More tiers might come in the future as the mod grows and expands.

Current evolution system is my V1 evolution, and V2 will be in the works. Only vanilla dinos can breed. Once you evolve, the dino loses the breeding ability. This is technical limitation required due to the possibility of infinite levels. V1 evolution system does not take into account any bred dino statistics, and randomly assigns new stats on evolution. The only thing that remains the same from the pre-evolved dinos is the level.

This mod fully supports all Ark Expansions

Please remember that this mod is a work in progress



If you donate and are part of the discord, make sure to let me know your discord username in the donation notes so I can add you to the donator rank!

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Heathcliff 18 hours ago 
im not good at setting levels all i know is i like seeing high level dinos
Flockerkill 18 hours ago 
your own point, but think that 1200 base lvls for alphas are critical for stat reset
Heathcliff 18 hours ago 
how many levels after tame should i have at most
Flockerkill 19 hours ago 
i would go with 750 at moust for this mod
Heathcliff 19 hours ago 
might be answered somewhere already but is there a max to wat i can set my wild dino lvl at i wanna do 840 but i heard it breaks the dinos
NmX 21 hours ago 
hi stupid question but where do you put in the max dino level and such?
Trep Jul 14 @ 3:53pm 
**correction: No nests so no Drake EGGS.
Trep Jul 14 @ 3:52pm 
@bender8788 I actually Added the Valguero Dino and Map Extension. This added the rock drakes. No need to do any NPCReplacements as AA waits for a call from the server to summon a Dino and when it does, it hijacks that call and replaces it with the AA equivalent.

The only issue I had was that there were no nests so no drakes. I added Simple Spawners and added nests myself where I wanted them, did a scan of local dinos in the SS Nest, told it to spawn exclusively Rock Drake eggs.

This resolved my Rock Drake issue.

Thanks for your help though
Flockerkill Jul 14 @ 2:29pm 
well classic flyers is useless at all , couse the clessic flyser dinos cannot evolve, also all flyers of aa at beta or alpha tier can lvl speed
Skyholder Jul 14 @ 2:27pm 
Does anyone know if putting classic flyers in front of this mod would break the mod? We can't fly fast with this mod in front :(