Sumatra: Fate of Yandi

Sumatra: Fate of Yandi

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S:FoY walkthrough and achievement guide
By XBL Laberbacke
Kevin can be asked about any new plants and animals you encounter.

The "Hi-score!" and "Streak!" achievements are luck based. Keep trying, or don't.
Here we go
Enter the building

Achievement: Clocking in

Talk to Bandan
Put hooks (from your inventory) into the log
Pick up the radio
Go right
Grab the vine
Examine the tracks
Go right
Pick up the stick and a reed next to the mud
Go back left to the strange log
Stick the reed in it, get termites
Return to the bush
Tie the vine to the stick
Touch the bush
Use stick with vine on the bush
Put the termites in the trap
Get the bird out of the bush again
Grab the bird, pick up the trap
Go to the tiger
Throw the bird at it

Achievement: Satisfied customer

Pick up the metal object in the mud
Tie the metal shard to the stick with vine, get axe
Fell the tree
Cross the mud
Go right
Search the left basket, get a vegetable
Throw the vegetable at the cardboard
Remove the foliage
Exit the cave
Grab a bird, throw it to the tiger
Go right, exit the screen
Ask Kevin about everything, get radio
Go back to the cave entrance to pet the dog

Achievement: You can pet the dog in Sumatra: Fate of Yandi
Running errands
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Go to the scientist camp, try to open the door
Go back to the settlement
Talk to Kevin, ask for your axe back
Ask how to gain trust
Speak to everyone to find out what they need help with

Take the bottle
Leave the settlement to the left
Go to the wasteland, take the rag (for later)
Go right, to the shack
Take the shovel
Pick up the newspaper (also for later)
Break the lock on the box with the shovel
Search the box, get tape
Use the tape on the bottle
Fill the bottle with water from the waterfall
Go back to the settlement to give the water to Tija, get bottle

Achievement: Quenched

Dragon blood
Enter the cave behind the waterfall
Remove the rocks with the shovel
Crawl into the hole
Pick up the figure
Go back to the main room
Search the left mound and take an egg
Search the right mound, free the turtle
Go to the dam, remove some of it with the shovel
Go to the screen with the rock and lily pad
Jump on the rock
Place the egg on the lily pad
Jump on the turtle

Achievement: Stepping stone

Go left
Take the rattan fruit (and the orchid for the anti-stink)
Go right, push the rotten tree
Go back to the settlement to give the dragon blood to Melekat or Sumping

Achievement: Blood of the Dragon

The lighter
Go to the river where the guy plays with the lighter
Give him the gemstone (from the waterfall cave), get lighter

Wild yam
Go to the elephant
Take a brown fruit from the fruit bush
Crack the fruit with the shovel
Give the fruit to Melekat, get nut butter
Put the butter in the bottle
Enter the dark cave
Go right to the mouse hole
Put the bottle with nut butter in front of the hole, get a mouse
Grab the sticks near the right exit while you're there (for later)
Go to the elephant
Set the mouse free

Achievement: Spooked

Move south
Make the tapir go away
Take a wild yam
Go back to the settlement and give the yam to Nyorak

Achievement: A new source secured

Go to the entrance of the dark cave and pick up the frond
Enter the cave and grab the dry sticks near the exit
Go to the wasteland and take the rag
Take the soggy newspaper from the shack
Go to the settlement and hang it up to dry (leave the screen and come back to complete)
Pick it up again
Go to the bees
Place the sticks, the rag, and the dried newspaper on the burnt area
Set the stuff on fire
Fan the fire with the frond
Climb the tree to get some honey

Achievement: A sticky mess

The boy
Go all the way through the dark cave and exit on the right
Go near the log
Throw the honey to the sun bears

Achievement: Spotted

Run after the boy
Climb the vine hanging from the giant tree
Place the fetish on the ledge
Go to the stinking flowers
Go to Kevin, tell him about the boy
Ask him about the stinking flowers
Fetch the orchid from the island if you haven't already
Grab some tapir dung from the screen past where the elephant was
Give both to Melekat
Go to the stinking flowers
Pick up the doll
Exit the screen, go back to the settlement

Achievement: Family Reunited

Achievement: Trust

Leave the settlement
The scientist camp
Smash the lock with your axe
Knock on the door
Pick up the petrol can from the shelf and search the red toolbox on the ground next to the bed
Go back outside
Use the wrench and then the fuel on the generator
Switch it on
Go inside
Look at the binders on the shelf
Look at the magazine on the bed
Use the computer, password is ombak

Achievement: Password accepted!

Read the emails and the reminder
Play Semut Orang Gajah

Achievement: Hi-score!

Achievement: Streak!

These two are luck based. SAVE YOUR GAME HERE and have a go whenever you feel like it.

Log off
Take the cassette from the left upper drawer of the desk
Find a redacted note in the right lower drawer of the desk
Grab the dictaphone from the bed
Open the trapdoor, code is 1283
Looking for Ramdan
Switch the lamp on
Go down and right
Switch the lamp on
Go right and exit the cave
Keep going right until you fall

Enter the front door

Go right until you find a dead body
Look at (not use) the chess set

Achievement: Checkmate

(Interact with the corpse)
Pull in the backpack with the shovel, lose shovel head, get handle
Search the backpack, get tent pegs and mirror
Ram both tent pegs into the brighter rock, then use them
Go on until you find the dhole
Combine the microcassette with the dictaphone
Use the dictaphone on the dhole
Get closer until it barks, then use the dictaphone on the dhole again

Achievement: Sound engineer

Go back to the berry bush you passed
Try to pick a berry
Play the recording
Go on, past where the dhole was, to the destroyed tent
Pick up the survival guide
Search the tent
Open the pouch, get a needle
Read the folder
Take the bottle, get bottle and cork
Go down the tree with dried sap
Hit it with the axe
Fill some fresh sap in the wine bottle and cork it (otherwise it dries out)
Go right and up (or up and right)
Examine the broken bits on the ground, get SD card
Look at the camera itself, especially the damaged card slot
Repair the card slot with the sap from the bottle
You lose the bottle, you keep the cork
Insert the SD card
Back out and this time look at the screen
Switch it on and click through the recordings

Achievement: Who was that?

Go down to the river and cross it
Go right until you reach the fire
Sit down on a rock

Achievement: Reunited

Talk to Ramdan about everything
Just the two of us...
Rub the needle on the animal hide
Stick the needle in the cork
(If you do it in the wrong order you have to put the cork with needle into the pitcher plant for Yandi to disassemble it)
Go right
Use the shovel handle on the snake clinging to the vine
Take vine
Go down
Throw the vine over the tree branch
Put the cork with needle into the pitcher plant

Achievement: Navigator

As Ramdan, go right until you reach the weird tree
Pick up the fruit
Go left and interact with the rock
Rub the fruit on the rock
Push the rock
Go to the tree and tie your scarf to it
Move further right and go close to the bird
Back to the tree and pick up another fruit
Go to the hole Yandi fell through and throw the fruit in it
Switch to Yandi and pick up the fruit
Whack it with your axe
Throw the fruit back up through the hole in the ceiling
Switch to Ramdan
Grab the fruit and go back to the rock
Rub the fruit on the rocky ground
Push the rock

Achievement: Roll away the stone

Try climbing to the cave
Ask Ramdan for help
Go right until you reach the logging camp
Examine the puppet in front of the house Ramdan went in

Achievement: Where have I seen this before?

Search the bucket in front of the left building, get a key
Use key on door, enter building
Climb the ladder
Look at the whiteboard
Take the radio
Look at the papers under it and the others on the right of the desk
Open the left lower drawer and the right lower drawer
Look at the code 2902 (only works if you read everything) and turn the dial
You get batteries and car keys

Note to self, the above section might change slightly after the next patch

Achievement: Revelations
Go right and up the hill
Hide behind the rock hit by a shaft of sunlight
Use the mirror on the light
Move between the rock next to the tree and the one in the foreground until the shooter has destroyed the mossy rock

Achievement: Flat as a pancake

Enter the cave and keep going right
Cut the vine with your axe
Look at the drawings and the stones on the ground
Go outside
Go all the way right on the thin ledge

Achievement: Vista

Go back inside and to the left
Go through the front door
Leave the cave and go right
Go back inside
Go towards the house

Achievement: The End
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