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Garry's Mod

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Transformers Devastation: Sideswipe (& Red Alert) Ragdoll
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May 18 @ 1:07pm
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Transformers Devastation: Sideswipe (& Red Alert) Ragdoll

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Rash, reckless, and relentless in his pursuit to push himself beyond his limits. Sideswipe, although not as ruthless as his brother Sunstreaker, is just as skillful if not more so. Hes not afraid to put himself in danger if it means overcoming an obstacle that was once in his way. In the end, despite his jock-like personality, he will defend the innocent until his spark goes out.

Missed me? Well I've been busy with school. In fact, I just graduated from college as commission point but enough about me, I have finally found out how to extract the models directly from Transformers Devastation. Now I can continue on porting the character models from that game. As you can see, I am aiming to finish up the auto about wine. All that was left was Wheeljack and sideswipe. Wheeljack is currently behind my Patreon, but here is the rash Autobot himself, Sideswipe!


* Models are LARGE in size. Be wary of where you spawn them.
* Finger and face-posing.
* Skin bodygroups for the Red Alert skin. Model bodygroup for the Fire Department logos.


* Optimized joint constraints.


Me for the Garry's Mod port job.
Platinum Games for making the original model (ported without permission)

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Hype for Wheeljack
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please do more this is so good
SuperArmor60 May 25 @ 10:56am 
was that frickin' wheeljack?!
Grizzly#USA May 25 @ 9:56am 
i can't wait for the next transformer
the Smash Guy May 25 @ 9:31am 
nevermind ill get it cuz i love transformers
the Smash Guy May 25 @ 9:31am 
but i like the model
the Smash Guy May 25 @ 9:30am 
well if your not going to make this in to a pm then im not going to sub it
Eurobeat Addict May 25 @ 9:11am 
Гастрит мошонки
I'M WILDRIDER May 25 @ 3:37am 
Does it transform?