Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars

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Silva - Advanced Fuel Refinery
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May 16 @ 7:29am
Jun 20 @ 10:48pm
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Silva - Advanced Fuel Refinery

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New building : The Advanced Fuel Refinery produces more fuel with less water than generic refinery.

Production : 20 fuel per Sol
Water consumption : 1.5
Electricity consumption : 10
Maintenance : 2 Machine Parts
Cost : 6 concretes, 12 metals, 10 machine parts
Upgrades : Amply and Factory AI
Tech : Advanced Refining (SILVATECH)

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Silva  [author] Aug 6 @ 11:10pm 
Thx, fixed! ;)
ericoahu Aug 6 @ 11:04pm 
You seem to have the wrong description listed on this mod's page. This is not the spire.
Sheng Long Jul 10 @ 4:08pm 
水会产生大量的燃料,但会产生很多噪音。殖民者不喜欢它,把穹顶所有住宅的舒适度降低20。 细节 新建:燃料厂塔尖 类型:生产(燃料)、塔尖、内部建筑 技术:高级精炼(Silvatech) 工人:5人(工程师) 升级:3 生产(每天):48 消耗量:3.5水/20电
Black Templar Jul 5 @ 5:18am 
To make rocket fuel you just run a dc current through water, a salt water brine works best and the salt stays put. Hydrogen collects to one side, + -, oxygen to the other.

Anyway, I'd say less upset by noise more terrified that it will explode. Good mod.
gdi_alliance May 26 @ 3:17am 
I dont seem to see this in the build menu is there another mod I need to turn this on?
zufilico May 25 @ 8:41pm 
And I forget mention, on space we need O2 to made the combustion, so this is the reason to produce rocket fuel with water, but not the nromal water the "heavy form"of water to. But is another talk and this is an comment space on mod thread form...........
zufilico May 25 @ 8:34pm 
About the "strange conversion" isn't only the 1 water consume, is the other 5Mw consume to. TO make hidrogen you need water/metan and a lot of power, however hidrogen is the most powerrfull natural source of energy we can use, more than gasoline. In cars with hidrogen can reach 120km per liter against 12km per litter on gasoline, but the problem again is the energy to produce and hidrogen can't be liquid form, so maybe the reason to reach the game idea of humans survive to mars travel we can have the tech to unlock this feature to made hidrogen liquid. Ok let me put this on right ""in the game""".
zufilico May 25 @ 8:28pm 
Ok, I undertand, in my game the deafault fuel making 24, so after check i was put "increse production " rule, well on this way this mod made 40 on this rule. Forgive my mistake, I forrget about this game rule.
Predated May 24 @ 4:33pm 
@lordcrekit well, technically it's easy to claim that its not optimally split and that some of the "waste" simply goes back into the system to be reused.

I mean, you get 12 fuel for 1 water, which is already a weird conversion. The claim can easily be made that if 1 water is perfectly split, you could get 20 fuel, which makes the 1.5 water only slightly better than the original.
voice of enigma May 21 @ 9:40pm 
very nice