Empyrion - Galactic Survival

Empyrion - Galactic Survival

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Project Eden - Alpha 12
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May 16, 2019 @ 4:48am
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Project Eden - Alpha 12

Project Eden is a lore friendly, PvE exploration scenario currently in development intended for single player or small group play. It is compatible with public online play but you will want to configure your game options for it.
This scenario aims at slowing down the mid and end game progression for those who want a longer play through with more of a focus on open ended exploration instead of linear progression.

Alpha 12 information:
- A lot has changed in Alpha 12! Familiarize yourself with the Alpha 12 Update Notes[empyriononline.com].
- Please check out the Project Eden Change Log to see what's new in the scenario.

Remember to opt out of all betas in the Steam betas tab before starting a new game.
A new game is REQUIRED for Alpha 12. Old saves are no longer compatible.

I have done my best to test all parts of the scenario in both single player and multiplayer but Alpha 12 changes so much that there is no way I could test everything.
Please let me know in the pinned discussions below if you encounter any problems. I'm sure there will be some issues and some things unbalanced but that is to be expected with such a large update. Thank you for bearing with me!

Dedicated servers:
Make sure to set up your game options file.
Please read the section on dedicated servers on the Project Eden Configuration Guide.

This scenario is designed for weight/volume, autominer depletion, and CPU (but optional and disabled by default).
It may be more demanding on your hardware and takes a few minutes to load.
Fully compatible with config mods such as Reforged Galaxy.

This is still very much a work in progress and will receive periodic updates. There may be bugs, some might break game saves. Some playfields and POIs are incomplete and many features are still being added or refined. I make every effort to test everything, but please let me know if you encounter any issues so I can fix them.


Uses a combination of fixed sectors and a highly customized galaxy config to randomly generate a large galaxy to explore. Different star types can have different resources, planets, and sectors.

Contains both default and custom planets. 15 starting planet options and dozens of custom planet types.

Contains default and custom moons. Many moons are specialized as a good source of 1 or 2 types of resources, such as iron or cobalt rich barren moons.

Space has received a complete overhaul with new wrecks, pirate outposts, hacking sites, asteroid fields, mining fleets, and special encounters. Content varies with star type.

Progression overhaul to slow down the mid and end game. Sathium/Neodymium/Titanium, and Erestrum/Zascosium are no longer found on the same planets so you have to explore. Ore deposits are smaller and more varied in their styles and some deposits will be a challenge and it's up to you how to tackle it.
Almost all deposits use the SSOR style underground nuggets so they are depleted from auto miners (if depletion is enabled).

Dozens of new traders have been added, including bulk traders who buy or sell large quantities of specific items but not always at the best price. Buy ore from Polaris mining fleets, deliver liquor from a Talon brewery to a Zirax trade station, or sell your hacking loot at a Project Eden research vessel. The goal is to allow progression through playing the role of a trader.

There are many new things to discover and beautiful places to see. Treasures hidden in the thick forests of jungle planets, buried alien ships, and unique capturable vessels are some of what you can find if you look hard enough. Exploration and salvaging is meant to be rewarding.

From small wrecks to alien fortresses, custom asteroids and Talon temples, there are over a thousand new POI prefabs. Many POIs are designs from the community and a list of credits can be found in the guide.

Currently there are several faction POI sets, with about a half dozen major faction sets planned. Factions will have their own traits, weapons, traders, and NPCs. Once custom reputations are added, many of them will become their own faction, but for now they fall under the existing factions.

Missions and Story:
New custom missions powered by the dialog, token, and PDA systems of Alpha 12. Explore to find hidden missions and uncover the story. Includes a new Empyriopedia section in the PDA to answer frequently asked questions about the scenario.
Also contains all of the missions from the standard default survival mode.
Note: the missions and story are a big work in progress. More will be added.

Please leave any suggestions or report any problems in the comments, and enjoy your visit to Eden!
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mathaniel 33 minutes ago 
ravien your PE A12 is good to go correct?
Tempritscher 7 hours ago 
@ravien_ff why didn't you add a github page for support and bugreport.
its one of the best ways to manage all the user feedbacks.
ravien_ff  [author] 10 hours ago 
@soulphreak same solar system, different sector. So just look at the solar system map and you'll see it there. No way point though you'll have to find it.:D
soulphreak 10 hours ago 

but where did you find that station? :)

is it in the same sector as the colony ship?
Przemo 13 hours ago 
cool, thank you. Will take some time to do that as I can already see you have put tons of hours in this project and dialogues :D
Nice mod btw!
Still waiting for more :D
ravien_ff  [author] 13 hours ago 
@Przemo yes go for it! Feel free to upload it to the workshop, just give a link back to here and change the preview picture too so people know it's different.
Przemo 13 hours ago 
Hi, I would like to install your scenario but want to translate it to other language, would that be ok with you? Can I post it as copy of Eden project for players from my country or will you be willing to add another language in the files? Wasn't checking all the files yet as wanted to ask you first.
Moonravin 14 hours ago 
Cool. Thank you ravien_ff. :)
ravien_ff  [author] 17 hours ago 
@Moonravin that just means the planet is not set up to support any of the story missions. You can still do the repeatable random missions, assuming you can find the necessary POIs/enemies on the planet.
Moonravin 18 hours ago 
Question about missions. On some setup options there are default custom or no missions. On the ones with no missions how do you raise your standing with other factions without the presents of missions to do so? What other options are there beside killing off hoards of zyrax.