ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Stargate SGA - Alpha 2.30
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May 15, 2019 @ 7:25am
Jun 24, 2019 @ 11:10am
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Stargate SGA - Alpha 2.30

Test mod that adds stargates. I created it for fun and to learn how to create mods.
I hope you enjoy it.
This mod is next vesion of StarGate SGA - Alpha 1.21 I relased it as new mod because they are not compatible.
Thanks DrakeDB for models and help.

id: 1741876128

This version is not really tested yet. Please report any found bugs.
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CronosusCZ ✠ Jul 22 @ 5:28am 
as i testing, it worked much better than SGW, better textures, more convenient interface. but only one gate and thats all. if there will be more, then it would be nice, some functions on SGW should be remade (example jumper now could work as hover, not as dino)
CronosusCZ ✠ Jul 22 @ 2:41am 
fantastic, works perfectly, it would be nice to have other versions of gates vorking the same too
khisanth Jul 7 @ 2:04pm 
I have a question, is it possible to hide the list of public available gate? I am admin of a server and i want the gate to be only admin spawn and "hide" the gate (public) for player to found them. I want them to need to find the gate to write down its adress to be able to access them. I do not want the public gate to appear in the list.
I did some quick test and apparently the gate only appear in the list if there are rename, was wondering if i put public gate without giving them name (hope player cannot give name to public gate) if it will work as i want them to work (need to go themself to the destination gate to know their address and be able to use them once they have write on a paper the address and input each time the adress)
Shrike Jun 21 @ 7:53am 
I dont know which is more stable but SGW has more options. Both seem to work quite well. This is still being devolped and updated. I am not sure SGW is still being updated. I use SGW but keep a very close eye on this one because of the hard work these guys are doing.
Skulblaka2412 Jun 17 @ 1:33am 
wich mod is more stable the stargate world or yours?
Honzackcz  [author] Jun 13 @ 5:50am 
I made all files public on my Google Drive when I left this project.
Superian Jun 13 @ 12:06am 
Hi! And can you pass the mod to someone who could develop the idea in a productive way:riddler: But it suits you, thank you!
Acheron May 29 @ 11:37am 
that is precisely the reason i quit ark. plus not to mention i was close to running out of space on my drive every update.
Superian May 29 @ 11:05am 
I did not know that it is so difficult and expensive for PC resources. Thank you for the detailed answer. Stargate still turned out great!
Honzackcz  [author] May 29 @ 10:58am 
Developing anything for ARK is pain, even dev kit is about 250GB large and you have to have it on m.2 high speed SDD and still it starts in about 5 minutes other way it will be about 30 minutes. Also 32GB of RAM is not really enought you will still need at least another 32GB of swapping memory to compile anything. In ARK is lots of bugs and for them you have to find workarounds if you do anything more complex.