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CryoFall—PvP and PvE differences
By AtomicTorch Studio and 1 collaborators
This guide explains the details and differences between available game modes in CryoFall.
CryoFall game modes overview

CryoFall features two separate game modes:
  • PvP—Player versus Player as the main competitive game mode
  • PvE—Player versus Environment as a more relaxed game mode without direct player competition

Any server must choose which game mode to run. Official servers usually offer both game modes in all geographic locations, while community server operators can make an individual choice and run their servers as they wish.

PvE game mode is the recommended mode when you first join the game—it will enable you to learn the game in a more relaxed manner. It also functions as a great replacement for the single player mode, but with an added benefit of social interactions. For example, you can run a private store on a PvE server and trade with other players without worrying about your store being raided.

You can find a more detailed game mode described below.
PvP game mode
PvP is the primary game mode of CryoFall.

It's a competitive experience where players are fighting and raiding each other's bases and competing for the control of strategic resources (such as geothermal springs (to extract Lithium) or Petroleum oil deposits) as well as domination of world events such as boss battles.

You're in a constant danger here and it's better to join forces with other players to survive and thrive in such environment.

There are some important mechanics you need to know before joining a PvP server.

  • PvP features full loot system. Upon reaching 0 HP, the killed player will drop all the items (except installed implants and armor). These items can be taken by the attacking player.
  • New players receive Newbie Protection which lasts several hours while the player is online. It doesn't provide immunity to damage and has some limitations (it's not possible to damage other players), but it saves newbies from losing their items in case of a PvP death (your items cannot be looted). It provides enough time to build a safe base and craft all basic items needed to survive.

Raiding bases
  • Players are free to raid each other's bases. Destroying wooden or stone walls is hard, but iron and especially wooden doors could be destroyed with melee weapons and tools (such as pickaxes). Destroying higher tiers walls and doors requires bombs.
  • Raid block feature. Raid block is activated when a bomb explodes near or within the land claim area. It is also activated when any wall or door is destroyed inside of the land claim area. The owner of the base is notified about the attack, but cannot build/repair/deconstruct any building inside this land claim area for 10 minutes. The raid block is automatically extended when new bombs are exploded or walls/doors are destroyed in the raided area. Raid block provides a clear rule set for fighting during the raid, rather than trying to exploit building or repairing system to avoid fighting.

Resource domination
  • Geothermal springs (Lithium) and Petroleum oil deposits can be contested and individual sources can be controlled by a single player or a group of players.
  • On Oil or Li deposit spawn, a 30 minutes countdown starts, preventing players from claiming the deposits early. All online players with researched Xenogeology are informed about the location of the new deposit. This mechanic ensures competition for the resources between active players.
  • Oil and Li (geothermal springs) deposits decay over time preventing unlimited control by a single owner. They also deplete faster if they are actively exploited.
  • When Oil/Li deposit is depleted it will respawn within an hour in a new location. Only a single deposit per biome can spawn at once; so respawning 3 deposits will take up to 6 hours; this way destroying all deposits and capturing all respawned deposits simultaneously is not possible as they will respawn only one-by-one allowing for additional competition).
  • Oil and Li deposits could be blown up with explosives. It will enable them to respawn in a new location sooner. The respawn duration is also within one hour (same as if it was depleted).
  • There are also alternative sources of those resources: oilpod bushes (for Petroleum oil) and salt minerals in salt flats found in the desert (for Lithium salts). This makes it easier for individual players to gain access to these resources without contesting large deposits. Additionally, when Xenogeology (T3) is researched it's possible to build infinite extractor directly on your base. However, contesting large deposits is still preferable as they offer much higher yield.

  • Buildings outside the land claim areas will decay quickly and have reduced durability.
  • Abandoned land claims (not visited by any of the owners for a specific time) will decay. Higher tier land claims have longer decay delay, please read decay info in the land claim menu for the details.
  • Land claim will start a destruction countdown on reaching 0 HP (displayed over the building). If it's not repaired timely, it will be destroyed completely.
PvE game mode
PvE (player versus environment) game mode is intended for a more relaxed and creative experience where players don't have to worry about being killed, robbed, or raided by other players.

You can peacefully expand your base, learn new technology, explore the world and fight with many creatures inhabiting the world of CryoFall. You could participate in various social interactions, such as running a store or joining parties to explore radtowns together as well as world events (meteorite crash, space drop, boss battles, etc.).

PvE is the recommended game mode for all new players. This way you can learn the basics of the game before committing to a more demanding experience of PvP servers.

Please note, however, that it is still multiplayer, so you can definitely expect certain players behaving badly or trying to cause inconveniences or trouble to other players, same as in other multiplayer PvE games. However, CryoFall ensures the ways to do so are as limited as possible! You can block chat with players you don't like, your property is safe from other players even if they get inside your base through the door you forgot to close, and overall, the community is generally very friendly.

  • Players cannot damage other players (unless both have “Duel Mode” enabled).
  • Players cannot damage or even access any objects inside of other's land claim area in any way (it's not possible to take any items or use buildings if you're not the base owner).
  • Even if your character dies—you do not lose any items upon death. Even if you die from monsters.
  • Duel Mode could be toggled in Politics/Diplomacy menu. While enabled for the current player and another player—they can damage each other. You will also see red "crossed blades" icon to indicate this mode. But you still do not lose any items upon death. If any of two players don't have the tag, then they will see a message explaining that both of them should have Duel Mode enabled in order to fight.
  • Duel mode is canceled when the player is offline and re-enabled when going back online (to prevent offline killing).

  • Players cannot harvest any farm plants inside other player's land claim area or interact with most other objects to prevent griefing.

  • No lithium or oil sources spawn in the world (since there is no competition between players). Extractors can simply be built anywhere as long as you have unlocked it and the ground type is suitable (Li—Temperate and Boreal forests (but not Tropical forest); oil—desert and swamp).

  • Player despawn timer is enabled on PvE servers. Don't worry, it doesn't delete your character. If you're offline for more than 4 hours AND your character is outside of your land claim area—the character will be temporary removed from the world. When you log in next time you will have options to spawn back on your base or in the world (in a random place).
  • All technologies related to raiding bombs are removed in PvE (except mining bombs).
  • Mining bombs cannot damage other players or structures in any way.
  • Respawn cooldown is always 0 seconds as there are no PvP engagements.
  • Newbie protection doesn't apply to PvE servers (as there is no reason to have it here).
  • Official PvE servers have x2 longer decay delay than PvP servers (for example, T5 land claims will start decaying only if you abandon your base for over 2 weeks). The exact decay delay is displayed in the land claim menu.
  • Official PvE servers have slightly reduced PvE damage to make creatures a bit more difficult to fight.