Interstellar Rift

Interstellar Rift

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Blue Monday Truck Stop
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Blue Monday Truck Stop

Blue Monday Truck Stop, powered by Logicorp!

It's basically a social hangout and a refuelling station that is beneficial to yours truly as well as to the rest of the players. Players will be able to buy fuel from you, so they don't always have to go tediously mining for hydrogen themselves, while it gives you a bunch of extra U-nits.

Once placed (best placed near the HSC Industrial Complex) and set up, it'll auto mine and refine water to hydrogen. Shops can be auto-filled.

It comes with a hangout, fuel stores, boardroom on the entry level and an auto mining and refining facility.

With a few adjustments, it could also serve as system fillers for those who run servers. It only needs to be placed near ice asteroids.

Resource cost:
  • Iron 55.49K
  • Copper 8.98K
  • Silicon 3.6K
  • Steel 21.8K
  • Brass 1.2K

  • Mass: 133.11K
  • Max Speed:71 m/s
  • Maximum thrust: 168K
  • Maximum power generation: 4500
  • Armor: 179K
  • Shield: 30K
  • Cargo pads: 36
  • Extractors: 1
  • ACTRs: 6
  • Refineries: 1
  • Shops: 3