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The Curse of Lazar Castle
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May 14, 2019 @ 10:18pm
May 29, 2019 @ 10:44am
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The Curse of Lazar Castle

~{ History }~

On the mist moutains of Transylvania, the strange and ancient castle of Lazar remains in silence. Some say that its abandoned. Some say that strange lights shine on night. No one ever dare to come too close.

A journalism student decides to do the thesis for her masters on the curse of the Old Lazar Castle. It is situated in the mountains of Transylvania, where, according to a reliable source, something strange is happening behind its great gray walls. Her trip should not last over a week. She decides to take her mentor, Bill, so that she won’t go alone.

Two weeks later, Ellis, the mechanic, gets a bizarre call from his ex-girlfriend. She seems scared and whispered on the phone. It was something about a curse and a lot of blood. He swore to Nick that it was something about the dead coming back to life. Coach didn’t really buy that story, especially Rochelle. But since they were great friends, the were convinced by him who hoped to get back together with his ex. Together, they went to the place the girl told them she would be. The group put some guns in the pickup truck and got on their way to the Lazar Castle.

After hundreds of kilometers, they got there and did not like what they found.

~{ Campaign Details }~

- A 5 map long campaign
- Puzzles for those who like puzzles
- Themed weapons (thanks to Lt. Rocky)
- Profaned secrets and deadly traps
- A full history line for those who like this kind of stuff

~{ Tips }~

- Activate the info instructor so that you can read the notes
- Exploration is always well rewarded
- Always have a molotov in hands
- Careful with pentagrams, cursed things
- Careful with sharp things, poison gas and shadows
- Do not try to bug the maps, it might cost you some health
- The Night Prince love gifts

~{ Recommendations }~

- Play with people, is always better to have some humans around
- This campaign was designed for Realism (not mandatory)
- Some areas will work better with your flashlight OFF
- Some musics might be louder than others, you can change the volume on options
- This campaign has custom sounds for Tank and Credits
- Always play after midnight

~{ Credits }~

I do not created the custom weapons. All credits for the creator, Lt. Rocky, for letting me use then.

I also do not created the music's for the soundtrack, all credits for the creators:

Mikko Tarmia - Black Hall
Mikko Tarmia - Theme for Unknown
Jessica Curry - Mors Praematura
Marcin 'Cedyn' Czartynski - Prison Music
Marcin 'Cedyn' Czartynski - Castle Music
Sylentium - The Dead Silence

~{ A Bacis Tutorial Video }~

Video Tutorial With Secrets

~{ Aditional Info }~

Some games inspired me to make this campaign, but in major part, my dark side has taken control. So, if you like this campaign and want a little more, just take a look at these games:

Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

~{ Another Campaign Made by Me }~

Labirinferno WorkShop

Labirinferno GameMaps [www.gamemaps.com]

~{ Support The Creator }~

Guys, if you want see more campaigns like this, please, support the creator. Create campaigns its a really hard and stressful work, that many modders made of pure altruism. Support these creators so the L4D2 community of creators can keep up this amazing work. Help us. https://ko-fi.com/kvoventure

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一拳超人 May 13 @ 1:03am 
一拳超人 May 13 @ 1:03am 
Sebmaniac May 12 @ 2:30pm 
When i downloaded this i got the "-insecure" option in my game and it's blocking me from servers wtf
Keyboard Cat May 2 @ 9:47am 
Awesome map, atmosphere, had to swap 3 teams and probably 10-12 restarts for us to finish, quite hard (we played on advanced > normal hahaha) sometimes unforgiving. Highly recommended.
RapidFire Apr 11 @ 5:36am 
Insane usage of tanks and witches. Traps instantly incapacitates a survivor. The amount of torture in the map is overwhelming, I must say.
Deidara- Apr 8 @ 5:44am 
well to be honest, this is the best campaign that I have ever played, love the difficulty, puzzles, hints, and fuck the amount of tanks at the finale :witch:
Iggy Apr 3 @ 6:12pm 
kazungus susryu Apr 1 @ 10:09am 
the beginning of the map was pretty fun and had a good aesthetic but the final boss fight with the 2 tanks and the weird chamber at the end is complete cancer. After 4 tries with some friends we didnt manage to get it done.
Bro Bike Mar 31 @ 8:55am 
Good times! Played it only one time and we managed to finish it on first try. It was set to Exp Realism, played it with 3 friends. Figured I might share the vid with you lads, here is the result : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmEBZaqvjLI