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PVEGaming's Atlas Mods
These are the mods we are using on PVEGamings Atlas server, visit for more info and a link to discord.
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Custom Item Stacks
Created by Impulse
ModID: 1629667379
eco's RP Decor
Created by eco
MOD ID: 1643109631

Craft time appropriate furniture, kitchen items, and decorations for your RP (Role Play) servers!

100% Stackable Mod

[{LINK REMOVED}][/img]

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MCG - Multi-Vitamins
Created by Bizang
Rate if you think this a worth wild idea to expand and continue...

it's got electrolytes; it's what your body craves!!

Unlockable Submarine
Created by andargor
Unlockable Submarine

This mod adds an extra skill in the Seamanship tree, with Expert Shipwright as prerequisite. It provides access to submarine building and driving, without having to defeat the Kraken. The submarine can be built in the dingh...
[SPUK] Advanced Structures
Created by Harley Quinn

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with patch announcement service - just get yourself assigned to the serveradmins group, I will mention this group shortly before a patch update (1-2 hours) and when the ...
Total Sails
Created by WesterosRising
Mod ID 1693005190 - Total Sails
The sister mod for Total Ships.

This is currently a place holder to reserve the name and modID. Subscribers are required to have Total Ships for this mod to function.

So what is it for?
Tired of the lack ...
Total Ships
Created by WesterosRising
Mod ID: 1675801947 - Total Ships

Scope of Project: Total overhaul of the Atlas Ships:

New placeable items: -

Tiny Shipyard
Small Shipyard
Large Shipyard

Tiny Shipyard - will allow an amendment to the Dingy - which has no real pract...
Market NPCs
Created by floofnsweet
Mod ID = 1644646859


This mod expands upon the RPG elements within ATLAS by bringing additional NPCs to be admin spawned into Freeports or server towns for...