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Iska's World at War
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Iska's World at War

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This is still a work in progress, some Civic Policy effects have yet to be decided/are only semi-implemented. But it's done enough that I can put it on the workshop. Delete bracketed folders from the main mod folder to remove unwanted mod components. CvGameCore_Expansion2.dll is part of the Heritage and Pantheons components.

Overhauls the Pantheon Belief system by allowing you to build a Pantheon out of up to four Deity and Ritual Beliefs before founding a Religion. Adds 50+ Beliefs and some Buildings unlocked by those Beliefs.
Compatibility: Replaces the following UI files: ReligionOverview.lua/.xml and CvGameCore_Expansion2.dll

[Civic Policies]
Adds a 23 Civic Policies that are unlocked based on your chosen Social Policy choices, and updates Civilization names to reflect their Civic Policy choices.
Compatibility: Replaces the following UI files: SocialPolicyPopup.lua/.xml, DiploList.lua, GameplayUtilities.lua

Adds a new Ideology, Heritage, and fifteen new Tenets, which provide bonuses to Civilizations focused on Religion. Complete with DLL code so that AI Civs will choose Heritage and be converted to Heritage properly.
Compatibility: Replaces the following files: ChooseIdeologyPopup.lua/.xml and CvGameCore_Expansion2.dll

[Holy Wars]
Wars between Civilizations that have founded Religions become Holy Wars, granting bonus Units and Faith. Civilizations following either Religion can chose to join the Holy War for the same bonuses. Adds three varieties of Holy Warrior Units.
Compatibility: Should be compatible with literally everything.

After a Civ adopts the Reformation Social Policy, if they haven't founded a Religion and control the Holy City of their Capital City's Religion, they become the Reformation founder of that Religion.
Compatibility: Changes the text, but not effects, of the Reformation Social Policy. Should be compatible with literally everything.

[World Wars]
World Wars start after the World Congress has been founded and there are at least two Ideologies being followed by mutiple Civs. Civs engaged in World Wars gain Production and lose Culture in every City equal to half that City's total Culture, and gain the ability to train World War exclusive Units. Adds the Guided Rocket, Land Ironclad, and Biplane Units. The Ideology Overview is a new piece of UI that shows the current World Ideologies and Tenets, and the current World War and its participants.
Compatibility: Should be compatible with literally everything.

[Cold Wars]
Whenever two Civilizations that have denounced one another both complete construction of atomic weapons, both Civilizations enter into Cold War with each other, likely preventing further warfare. Adds the ICBM Unit and Nuclear Silo Building. The Nuclear Overview is a new piece of UI that shows how far along in Nuclear Development each Civilization is, and what Cold Wars they have engaged in.
Compatibility: Should be compatible with literally everything.

Compatibility with specific mods:
-Community Patch: Yes. Delete My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS\Iska's World at War (v 12)\CvGameCore_Expansion2.dll.
-Vox Populi: idk.
-Reform and Rule: Yes. Delete My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS\Reform and Rule (BNW) (v 25)/UI/SocialPolicyPopup/SocialPolicyPopup.lua/.xml
-JFDLC: Yes. See patch.
-Civ Names by Policies: No.
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Hampster Wheel of Solitude Jul 13 @ 1:27am 
Sincere apologies, i meant JFD. i hope i did not offend
Hampster Wheel of Solitude Jul 12 @ 9:22pm 
I think I've figured out the issue. could you check compatability with JFK's the confederation of Switzerland? i believe the ability swiss neutrality may be causing the issue. if you decide not to, the ability states that city states will never declare war unprovoked.
Iska and Ismet  [author] Jul 11 @ 4:51pm 
@Hampster Wheel of Solitude I'll look into it
Iska and Ismet  [author] Jul 11 @ 1:37pm 
Have the same Ideology as one of the sides currently in a WW, and declare war on any civ with the Ideology of the other side.
bugsy Jul 11 @ 8:12am 
How do i join a war?
Hampster Wheel of Solitude Jul 10 @ 2:19am 
Hey, this mod is absolutely wonderful, unfortunately, i find myself unable to open the social politics tree during a world war? I've tried using directx 9 and 10/11 and neither work, could i have some help please?
Magnum Jul 6 @ 4:57am 
Tile yields are still bugged from pantheon beliefs, e.g. bananas dont yield faith after picking the corresponding patheon. Also maybe add lake tile faith yield to one of the beliefs?
Rabid Mongoose Jun 29 @ 9:27pm 
This would be awesome with Vox...
[NG] slayst Jun 27 @ 7:50am 
I caught a small bug, when I load the game, an additional pantheon selection button appears, but I cannot select a new pantheon since I chose all 4, how to fix it?
Iska and Ismet  [author] Jun 20 @ 9:59pm 
Okay, fixed some stuff, including no faith from terrain/resources from minor deities/rituals. Also reuploaded the compatibility patch for nationalism