Arma 3
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Jester's Altis Showcase
Data Type: Scenario
Scenario Gameplay: Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Coop
Scenario Type: Air, Infantry, Vehicles, Water
Scenario Map: Altis
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Aug 28, 2013 @ 5:02pm
Nov 21, 2014 @ 1:04pm
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Jester's Altis Showcase

Welcome to Jester's Altis Showcase and Range! Now with UAVs, Mortars, Tanks, Artillery, MLRS, VAS Ammoboxes and more!


We now not only have a range on Stratis, but on Altis as well. This showcase can be played either in single-player or with up to 10 friends in co-op. Enjoy! And report any issues you find so I can fix/upgrade.

Update 21 NOV 14 - Added Virtual Arsenal Gear Boxes; added all Helicopter DLC Helos


-Added all AAF reinforcement vehicles and aircraft

-Slightly altered starting loadouts


-Added: Tanks, Jets, Self Propelled Artillery, Self Propelled Anti-Air, Static Weapons, Rearm/Refuel stations, Civilian Vehicles, more watercraft, and more - All Sandbox Content is now(should be) on the range

-Changed: Vehicle Shooting Stations, Mortar Pit Location, Static Weapon Location, Airfield Helo enclosures. enough diving gear for 10 players at the watercraft and diving station.


-Added Strategic Map Teleportation! Just step into the H-Barrier area with the Altis Map and the strategic map will open. Be aware, only one person can be using the strategic map at a time.

-Added the Salt Flats Airfield! Use the strategic map teleportation(or any available transport) to get to the Airfield. All the helicopters except two transport choppers have been moved to the airfield.

-Added two Greyhawk UAVs to the airfield.

-Fixed the Watercraft/Scuba area and added an teleport option via strategic map.

-Fixed the respawn position. You will no longer respawn inside of the elevated shooting positions.

-Added map markers
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Jun 23, 2015 @ 11:45am
Jun 29, 2015 @ 5:23pm
Respawning vehicles?
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A. Cronauer Jan 13 @ 8:50am 
NoStop36GMG Oct 26, 2017 @ 12:29am 
great,i just bought black shark chopper for 1.2 mil pop tabs...before i fly in missions with it this will be great to learn the basics...THANK U SO MUCH!
Griffin Nov 14, 2016 @ 4:48pm 
Awesome map for what i need it for, Im practicing for the sniper position in my arma 3 unit so this is great for that. I love the targets and positions that are available, Thanks for making!
Arapaho Aug 16, 2016 @ 8:54pm 
i cant figured how to get the strategic map to work in the edtior? not your mission but saw you got it to work. any help? i really need the setPos code
EQUINOX78 Apr 7, 2016 @ 11:35am 
Daytrader Feb 26, 2016 @ 10:31am 
Does this include the dlc packs.
Kharn the Bloody Jun 25, 2015 @ 12:43am 
It was my fault. I didn't see Jesters Arsenal crate which allows you to load and save a loadout. I opened Personal Arsenal mod while inside Jester's scenario. I think having 2 VA's screwed something up.
Drumheller  [author] Jun 23, 2015 @ 11:45am 
@jgm VA can be finnickey sometimes. There are no moving targets. The map is mostly script free to prevent any issues :)
Kharn the Bloody Jun 22, 2015 @ 7:18pm 
Something was bugging out the first time I ran this scenario. My saved profiles from the default Virtual Arsenal weren't showing up. After I saved a few profiles on Jesters Altis Showcase it erased my profiles from the default VA, but after than I can access all profiles from anywhere including the Personal Arsenal mod. I think something was screwed up because I was troubleshooting conflicts between some mods.

Anyway, nice little training area. Thx @ Jester. Are there any pop up movers on the range anywhere?
Drumheller  [author] Jun 19, 2015 @ 10:27am 
jgm I don't understand what you're asking. If you saved a loadout in arsenal there's no reason it shouldn't load up in thie scenario.