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Creations from closed alpha
All the best creations that were made during the closed alpha stages of Mechanic Miner. Please note that these were the best creations from their time which means that they may not work correctly in the latest versions of the game. I am hoping that Mechanic Miner will upload its old versions in the future so that these may work again correctly another day. For now you may have to rewire them back up!
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Created by Thinzy
My second upload as the original has a glitch, thank you to 23jhawk for the engine glitch!

No longer working as of the closed beta, please download this one instead as it has been rewired to work on the current version:
Fast Wheel
Created by Thinzy
This vehicle can zoom through the map at incredible speeds. It also has extremely good braking!...
Created by KillerM4ster
Simple Catapult
Created by Thinzy
A very simple catapult, it is effective and uses little resources!...
The Grand Extension Car
Created by Thinzy
This car is really weird lol...
Thinzys Monster-truck
Created by Thinzy
Its a very big vehicle, be warned it may cause some lag!...
Working Tank
Created by 23jhawk
To use the tank just delete the connection between the tracks and the body via Shift Clicking the joint then the tank is ready for use. Enjoy!

Note: If you add my stabilizer to this it can climb almost 90° walls.
walking spider v3
Created by kosami
this one has been made following the developers video tutorial

i made this , so you dont have to.

Toggle switch
Created by LastVision
Made a toggle switch that uses the pressure plate as input, and lamp as output. Also added the swtich as a reseter in case the cable flashes...
Created by 23jhawk
This is a SUPER TANK. It took me over 1.5 hours to build, and 2.3 minutes to make into a blueprint. This is an absolutely masive tank. Be careful if you want to get this tank, it has a lot of individual physics parts so expect lag on low end PC's. WARNING:...
Logic: 5 Bit counter
Created by 23jhawk
This is a 5 Bit counter which means it can count from 0-31.
This is a big build so its recommended to be built in a creative flat world. This video shows how to deal with the flashy wires when placing it in.
Enjoy :D...
Tank Tread [2.0] UltraLight
Created by Bugamashoo
This is a rework of my tank tread design onto a much smaller and lighter base, with a lower center of gravity for better stability....
Tank Tread [2.1]
Created by Bugamashoo
This is a rework of my tank tread design onto a bigger base as to be more stable....
Terror land cruiser
Created by dictator putski
A huge steel landship equipped with a large armament and artillery, serves as a mobile base. use in tunnels is not advised....
Created by 23jhawk
Put this thing on boats, planes, cars, tanks, anything and it will not flip! It uses coupling, some belts and an engine....
Working Submarine
Created by 23jhawk
This is the first working submarine on the workshop. It actually moves and can submerge if you use the switch. Enjoy!...
The Behemoth
Created by 23jhawk
The Behemoth is a giant tank that was super tedious to make. I hope you enjoy this tank because something bigger has arrived....
Created by tecanec
It walks on six legs!...
Created by Bugamashoo
Delete the Copper Couplings connected by a hinge to start the tread. This is the second tank on the workshop to use L-treads so therefor it is a very good tread. This tank can go through the whole surface layer no problems what-so-ever....
Monowheel v2.0
Created by KillerM4ster
The old Monowheel was patched, so I made this one that uses the new blocks to make it faster....
8-bit addition
Created by Sora
8-bit addition circuit...
Monowheel Bouncyball
Created by Kittingsl
very fast, very compact, very bouncy...
8-bit subtraction
Created by Sora
8-bit subtraction circuit...
Created by Sora
Basic Xor gate...
Waste Walker I
Created by DEVOBEL
My first attempt on a bigger sized Walker. Its not particularly strong or fit for survival. But it walks! And thats what i wanted to achieve...

It doesnt like to go up step slopes and going over slight bumps. Since it is very top heavy.

Deep Sea Sub
Created by digger1213
A submarine designed to go into the deep, dark depths of Hels oceans. Can spazz to death if travelling left or right too fast....
working plane
Created by Le Kakapo
Simple Enigma Scale
Created by jbox1
A simple enigma scale, for preciscely weighing objects. Features a built in counter balance. Works for all situations....
The Turtle
Created by digger1213
Compact, tough, and covered in ballista, this is exactly like a turtle. No free space included....
Created by jbox1
Using not-stolen HPV technology, the HPV MK 2 features Hamster-Wheel technology (patent pending) to give itself rediculous speeds....
HPV walker
Created by jbox1
Yes, its a thing!...
Crane v.1
Created by Denchik050
Simple crane, what can lift things and move left and right...
Strandbeest v3
Created by DEVOBEL
Version 3 with some caterpillar like movement (basically every 2nd pair of leg is offset 180degrees on the propulsion axel)...
Strandbeest v2
Created by DEVOBEL
Version 2 since 4 legs (8 legs). Should work a little smoother...
Strandbeest v1
Created by DEVOBEL
Idk it has 3 legs... and it can walk. Enjoy....
WalkingRobot V2
Created by Danyadd
My walkingrobot version 2...
Created by Bugamashoo
Enemy? What Enemy? All I see is a pancake!...
Created by jbox1
STOP! HAMMER TIME! This machine is design to smash, crash, splash, and everything else that ends in .ash....
Wheelie Bike
Created by 23jhawk
This is a pretty neat bike that can do wheelies easily :)
It does take a bit of time to slow down and such. Enjoy :D...
Created by KillerM4ster
Just a... car?...
Weird Tank Thing
Created by 23jhawk
This is an abstract tank design I thought of.
Just shift click the joint on the left side connecting the track to the body 3 times.
Surprisingly stable.
Enjoy :D...
Giant Unicycle
Created by Thinzy
Inspired by KillerM4sters awesome unicycle, decided to have a go and scale it up!...
Created by Danyadd
My first monowheel...
Created by GamerOwls
This is a car with catapult! I made it as cheap as i can. Hope you like this build!...
BUNNY v0.5
Created by Thinzy
Hop around everywhere in this machine! This was inspired by Danyadds awesome vehicles so be sure to check him out!...
Angle Tank
Created by 23jhawk
This is an elevated tank due to its angled tracks. Enjoy!...
(B) (O) (U) (N) (C) (E)
Created by Brent Da Mage
A very bouncy version of my original trampoline. (It's fun to pull down on the sliders while standing above them.)...
Trundle lemon
Created by dictator putski
A small, lemon shaped cargo vehicle with odd wheels. fun to drive
Flying Chain
Created by Ethanboi
A flying box with a giant chain with spikes to kill anything trying to attack you...
Piston wheel
Created by dictator putski
An dea i had to spin a wheel with a piston, anyone is free to copy and use the design...
Dancing robot
Created by Danyadd
Robot walking
Created by Danyadd
Smallest Car
Created by KillerM4ster
Just tried to make the Smallest Car...
conveyor belt machine
Created by Hyron
this is something I did based on sliders that will come....
Campervan V1
Created by Thinzy
Made a campervan, you have to manually pull the lever via the grapple gun, next one shall be automatic....
Created by AwakeLeviathan
A simple contraption that works similar to a real-life trebuchet.

The sling is currently locked into place. Before releasing it, make sure that the loose end of the sling rests ontop of the spike (this is so that the sling opens up during flight). Simpl...
Thinzys Engine
Created by Thinzy
This bad boi goes very fast, so fast that it will either crash your game or will cease to exist as soon as john touches it!...