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Faction Blender
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May 6, 2019 @ 5:18pm
Aug 4 @ 4:46pm
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Faction Blender

Are you annoyed that you downloaded all of these different races and animal mods, but they come with some boring homogeneous faction to show them off? Wouldn't it be more realistic if there were a faction that brought these races together?

Faction Blender fixes this problem by introducing a new faction that takes in refugees and wanderers from all races and walks of life to form a civil coalition!

Hobbits, Dwarves, and Elves from Lord of the Rim? Check. Elder Things? Check. Asari from RimEffect? Got them. Federation soldiers and their creations? GlitterTech commandos? Tanks? Dinosaurs? Mechanoids? Genetic Rim monstrosities? Eldritch horrors? Some race mod you just created? Yep, all of them.

Just have vanilla pawns in your game? Now you have a faction with outlanders, tribals, mechanoids, and thrumbos.

Pirates aren't left out, either. An amalgam pirate band will come stomping with their own unified gang of pawns to terrorize your town, too.

Requires HugsLib and Humanoid Alien Races 2.0.

Chinese translation by CaptainSnafu. (中文汉化,简繁可用,但都显示简体。)

  • Adds two factions (one civil and one pirate) to your game. (Must be a new game or use Vanilla Expanded Framework to add it in. See FAQ entry below.)
  • New factions are composed of most pawn kinds used in both vanilla and mods
  • Also includes a third Ideology-only faction with truly random memes/precepts
  • Allows you to play the starting vanilla scenarios with a mixed pool of pawn kinds
  • A mixed set of races will also appear as refugees, slaves, and wanderers
  • Fixes trade caravan pack animals, increasing the variety and how they carry their cargo

Got a question or issue? Read the wonderful FAQ![github.com]

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Sep 15 @ 8:48pm
Blended factions have no trade inventory.
Aug 12 @ 6:01pm
Faction Blender not working with one or more faction mods i think
Oct 13 @ 11:15am
Faction Blender Error log / Bug Report
ASMR gaming
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Papa Wraith 11 hours ago 
so i added a copied error report for a trader issue, the trader is from ratkin+ the faction is from blender, can't add info in the report now as its pending review ? hop e you see this, if there anything there in the report you see that i can change fix that be awesome , thank you!
OLDPancakes 22 hours ago 
Conflict with MOD: multiplayer
Exception Description: unable to trade at other sites
kahtkynn Nov 24 @ 3:00pm 
so grateful! thank you, i love to mix those races up!
UntouchedWagons Nov 15 @ 9:03am 
Can we get a blended tribal faction?
TurtleShroom Oct 23 @ 2:31pm 
There exists a Mod that adds a Xeno-Diversity Precept, which determines how much a Faction values creatures unlike its founding Faction Species (so, say, a Human Faction with Onis in its membership).


If you have time, please consider making a Patch for each of your Factions, using the FORBIDPRECEPTS command, that forces the Faction to ALWAYS employ the Exalted Xeno-Diversity Precept. This is done by forbidding every Precept in that category except the highest one.

Thank you.
megabot Oct 5 @ 7:13am 
hey umm, could it by chance be done that faction bases do not spawn with manneable turrets? because the enemy pawns do not use them to be honest
SetArk <Nyanverick 07> Oct 4 @ 12:04pm 
I love the concept, and love the factions it introduce.
But, the apparent lack of support for dozens and dozens of bugs and incompatibilities ppl reporting, will have to put it back into the freezer until the author have free time to take a look on the problems.
Great mod! Hope in the future the issues ppl have been bringing up can be cleaned, or if the author can't\don't want to keep updating the mod, they may be able to pass it on to another team.
Till them, see yah folks later!
And for those using RimWar, saddly, this mod F* up RimWar map generated unities a lot and you won't be able to assault traders or settlers some(most) times.
tylwythtegs Sep 18 @ 7:10pm 
Have had some strange issues with caravans since subscribing; one caravan helped themselves to meals out of my fridge, another caravan did not release the goods when I traded with them (ie. they took my silver but kept the stuff). Not looking for a solution but thought it might interest.
TurtleShroom Sep 17 @ 8:08am 
Good news! I tested the Mod and found that all the problems with Factions besides yours not spawning has been FIXED! Thank you so much!