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Ancient Rim - SPQRim
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Ancient Rim - SPQRim

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Ancient Rim
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Ancient Rim is a mod series that expands the cultural and technological timeline beyond the vanilla neolithic, industrial and spacer stages.
This submod contains everything related to the ancient civilizations of Rome and the various city states of Greece.

Ancient Rim - Mediterranean Edition has following content:
Furniture: Beds, tables, stools and oil lamps that can be placed on tables, fountains and aqueducts that are pleasant to look at and do constantly cool any room, if placed inside.
Agriculture: Crops and meals that were important to ancient Roman cuisine, as well as wine
Work stations: A fueled smithy only for Mediterranean items and an oil press
Weapons: Swords, a belly bow and siege engines
Shields: variants of the Hoplon and Scutum shields and the light Roman Parma Shield
Armor: Various helmets and armors like the famous Lorica Segmentata
Apparel: Anything a proper citizen of Rome would wear.

I haven't tested the mod much for compatibility issues with other mods but Ancient Rim supports fuel for its crafting stations from Medieval Times and Rice Cultivating Civilization. If you need more compatibilities let me know.
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diesign Oct 20 @ 10:37am 
Please update
Khorne Flakes Oct 11 @ 10:25am 
Will this be getting an update?
Galbrender Sep 25 @ 10:42pm 
Update please
sneezegoo Sep 9 @ 10:22pm 
What do you do with the grape mash after you get it to make wine?
abcdxyz Aug 31 @ 8:41pm 
The Scorpio seems to break the map. I can place it just fine but after I save and reload I get map errors.
Πτολεμαῖος May 1 @ 9:07am 
Any way to make it compatible with Vanilla Factions Expanded - Medieval? Found out that there's two versions of grapes and wine should these two mods enabled.
olo Apr 15 @ 4:42am 
What a lovely mod - unfortunately the roman style Armor makes me want to switch to CIV 6 instantly :steamhappy:
elderbay Mar 29 @ 7:36am 
Fountains and aqueducts are dissappearing after building it
Ω Strategos Ω Mar 24 @ 7:20pm 
I'm just curious any plans to add more armor or just like add more variants of armor. Like more helmets with plumes or like armor that can have color variations. I know it is far fetched for someone who does not mod but I was watching a Rome Total War 2 Divide Et Impera game and seen silver shield pike men and bronze helms with yellow, white, red, and blue paint on them. Stay safe and cozzy away from these troubled times.
Datastorm Mar 21 @ 8:16am 
Getting an error stating it requires Ancient Rim Core to be loaded. And I have it loaded prior to. Error still there.