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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, Italian, Spanish
Players: Single-player
Sep 6, 2013 @ 3:33pm
Mar 6, 2020 @ 4:00am
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NoseBound Has a confirmed Release Date and New Product Page!! Go Wishlist!!
Hey my friends! long time no see.
After our 2 failed attempts at crowd-funding and a lot of problems on our personal and financial lives, we retreated to the darkness. But a game like NoseBound can only grow in there. So we kept working in the dark.
Now we want to present to you the final game teaser, just replaced in this page, a whole new bunch of screenshots. And of course the official Steam game page, where the game is actually going to be publish on JUNE 10TH!!!
We are so happy to get to this point finally. I invite you all to go there and wish list the game so you can get on the loop and don't miss any update because the green light page is not going to be used anymore.
Thanks for all the fish!

NoseBound Free DEMO on Steam
Hi guys!
We uploaded through the official submission process our
Demo to Steam
. You can now add it to your games catalog, test it out, and if you feel like it leave a comment, report a bug or what ever you liked or disliked about it.
Hey, even hateful comments help.
Check it out!

And if you are following this game this would be a good time to Pre-order your steam key at a discounted price. Check out our
Kickstarter campaign.

Demo Store Page

Have a Noir Day!

Release date: Early 2016
Game Description

NoseBound is an modern style point and click adventure game that proposes an entangling detective story. By combining entertaining puzzles and dramatic scenes of action, the game sinks the player in a charmed, churned circle of deception, noire ambiance and a very peculiar opponent.

In NoseBound, you play as the character Ray Hammond, a private eye with a gritty past and unorthodox methods to pull off his job. The story brings you back and forth, from the end to the very beginning. Yours is the chance to find out what happened, how it happened, and to live the story by yourself.

The phone rings, you equip yourself with the basic detective gear and off your office you go. You start the investigation, you interrogate some contacts, you snoop around following clues, and as soon as you poke your nose deep enough, the big troubles begin. Troubles you may solve with your wits, or your guns. You would also play with alternate characters, George Smithers A.K.A. Smithy, the strangely disappeared Hammond´s friend and Mrs. Kovacks, the femme fatale that all noire story´s got to have.

To give you an idea of the overall story, without telling that much. The game will intend to be a perfect mixture of a few Lovecraft novels (The Call of Cthulhu and others) with Raymond Chandler (The Big Sleep) and Dashiell Hamett (Red harvest). There is also a great work of reference on several Occult authors. Such as Aleister Crowley, Eliphas Levi, Papus and even Cornelius Agrippa. To give the hole story a more realistic treatment.
And as someone in the comments pointed out. Of course we are influenced by Grim Fandango, but with a much Black (or should I say Noire) sense of humor.

We are Adventure Gamers too, so we know the genre, the style and also the design problems that most of this games had in the past. So we´ll try to avoid the common issues of the genre, like pixel chasing, unrealistic logic, or unnecessary puzzle mechanisms that have nothing to do with what is happening in the story.

Key Features

  • Melee Combat - Gun Fights (these go with a previous Auto-save and only at key moments of each Episode to emphasize drama)
  • Pick-up Items
  • Black & white Filters, Film noise, Scratches
  • Dialog´s with options
  • NPC (non playable characters)
  • Adult content (low violence, adult language, slight nudity)
  • puzzle mechanisms
  • Players with special abilities (from Episode 2)
  • Ladders, and other physical improvements of the character
  • Pick-lock, breaking windows, and other alternate difficulties


The game will be delivered in the following languages:
  • English - Audio and Subtitles

    Other languages such as:
  • Italian- Only Subtitles
  • Spanish - Only Subtitles

More information on the Official Website.
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Diego_Quarantine  [author] Mar 6, 2020 @ 3:53am 
NoseBound finally has a release Date! Go wishlist on the official page! :steamhappy:
Reniachii May 21, 2017 @ 2:25pm 
Old gamers esta con Nosebound!
ReleaseTheKraken.exe Jun 14, 2016 @ 5:54pm 
Sad to see this game didn't reach funding. I was really looking forward to it.
komozeck Dec 4, 2015 @ 8:14pm 
Im waiting!
Halcon Oct 16, 2015 @ 5:06pm 
Toda la onda loco! buena suerte. Y a esperar la version completa. Saludos
Diego_Quarantine  [author] Sep 29, 2015 @ 9:48pm 
Dear Friends, our Demo is now available here on steam.

Amigos pusimos a disposicion la demo en Steam
Sir Butt Sep 29, 2015 @ 7:59pm 
Vamos ejercito de linces! tiene muy buena pinta el juego :csgostar:
Oakenfold Sep 29, 2015 @ 9:26am 
Acá la gente taringuera dandote un apoyo! :correctamundo:
Diego_Quarantine  [author] Sep 25, 2015 @ 11:38am 
@Spaghetti muchisimas gracias! podes aprovechar y reservar tu copia en kickstarter pagandola mas economica y ayudarias a la culminacion del desarrollo. Saludos!
Diego_Quarantine  [author] Sep 25, 2015 @ 11:37am 
...continua del anterior...De todas formas, por si no quedo claro en la pagina de steam y en la de kickstarter, el juego saldra con subtitulos en español y si podemos tambien voces y nombres en español, lo que automaticamente vuelve el juego mucho mas localista. Pero esto tambien tiene un costo, a los traductores de idiomas hay que pagarles, a los actores de voz tambien, todo eso sale de un presupuesto que hay que tratar de que vuelva en ventas. Agradezco tu opinion y la respeto pero deberias tratar de informarte un poco antes de atacar el trabajo de los demas tan livianamente. Saludos cordiales y mucha suerte! :steamhappy: