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WOTC Male Hair Pack
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WOTC Male Hair Pack

Release #35
Mod ID: 1733669574

Get your hair dryers and mustache combs ready, commanders. My effort to expand the Hair variety
continues. Tip your hats, folks; as Astery has returned to my crusade, this time with 18 offerings,
making a grand total of 64 fully customizable hairstyles and beards!!

In this Pack you will find the following:
1 Vanilla Mash-up
2 Bandana Hair Styles
16 Short Hair Styles
9 Medium Hair Styles
4 Long Hair Styles
3 Ponytail Hair Styles
3 Braid Hair Styles
17 Astery's Hair Styles
8 Beard Styles
1 Astery's Beard Style

All are tintable, all have Physics. None have fallbacks. Why wear hats and helmets, when you have fabulous new hair??!!

No copyright infringement intended, this is purely a work of passion and fandom! All assets are owned by their original creators.

If you enjoyed this mod, please don't forget to rate and favorite it, it really helps! Take pictures! We wanna see your squads!

Want More?
Don't forget to check out my Workshop Page!

As well as Astery's Workshop Page for even more goodies!

Astery - Teaching me how Physics work, and 18 FABULOUS additional new Hair Styles and Beards!
E3245 - Additional polishing and fine tuning.
Spart117MC - Providing a working template for Hair Rig.
Team CX - Unending support, feedback, and jolly good times.
Deviantart community - Providing the assets for us to work on. Thank you all so much!

1. WOTC Only?? That's just a stupid zombie cash grab. Vanilla when?
- WOTC only. There will be no vanilla version coming.

2. But... why though?
- As explained before, while WOTC is indeed an expansion to XCOM 2, in terms of "under the hood", they could very well be two different games. This presents huge complications to us modders. Each version of the game has it's own separate 90+ GB SDK. Many, myself included, don't have the space.

Furthermore, many things changed from one to the other; new coding scripts, new texture and material shaders, etc. So even if we did have the space for both, we can't just compile the assets in each, and be done with it. Much needs to change with how each piece is added to the game. The assets need to be reworked, the textures need to be heavily altered, sometimes even start from scratch, code needs to be rewritten, etc. I hope this clarifies why many modders have left vanilla behind.

3. Dudes? Who uses dudes? Where's the female salon?
- We got you covered right here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1471399748

4. Some of the beards clip through some of the faces, what gives?
- Making beards requires rigging them to each face bone(there's 50+ bones). It's essentially like making faces, which is a huge time investment and very difficult to do. On top of that, each one would require a specific, individual Morph Target, to account for each face of each race. This is simply beyond our skill level and scope of understanding.

5. I like many of these, but I dislike many as well. Could you give us a How-To to remove those?
- Sure thing, my friend. First you'll want to navigate to the mod's Config Folder. You can find it here:

...Steam Games/steamapps/workshop/content/268500/1733669574/Config

Inside you will find a file named XComContent.ini. Open it, and simply place a semicolon (;) in front
of the line of the item you want the game to ignore. The line you're looking for looks like this:

+BodyPartTemplateConfig=(PartType="Hair", ......

After you're done with your magic, it'll look like this:

;+BodyPartTemplateConfig=(PartType="Hair", ......

6. What's your To-Do list look like?
- In no particular order:
Update Female Hair Pack
Update Female Clothing Pack
Face Pack
ME Squadmates

7. I hate you and everything you stand for, but I still wanna throw some money your way. How?
- Thanks! I really do appreciate it, but honestly, I do this because I love XCom, nothing more. Just take pictures of your squad!
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Red Menace Jul 18 @ 11:45am 
about fucking time! so glad this mod was made
Pain Jul 5 @ 8:03pm 
Yes! Finally! Was hoping you'd make this eventually!
xholic Jul 5 @ 7:49am 
its good, wish you can add more to it.
CrimsonGriffon Jul 4 @ 3:38am 
Sold me on the first image with the Snake headband. I'm not even going to bother looking at the rest of the pics, as I bet they're all just as amazing.
∑3245 Jun 27 @ 3:10am 
Dunno how you missed it, but it's in the short hair styles
stun lancer Jun 25 @ 12:34am 
This is what i want !! Love this XD
Kexx  [author] Jun 23 @ 6:32pm 
Unreleased mod I'm still working on.
ryousanko Jun 23 @ 11:46am 
I´ve just noticed this: What mod does give you the Crysis Nanosuit?
El Jun 22 @ 2:15pm 
You made a Majima style but not a Kiryu?
Kexx  [author] Jun 20 @ 10:16am 
hahaha, awesome!! Glad to hear you and your brother are enjoying these!