Legend of Dungeon

Legend of Dungeon

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An Introduction to Delving in Legend of Dungeon
By zingrook
A bare-bones, beginning-delver's guide to fun, temporarily-prolonged survival, and all-but-guaranteed death in RobotLovesKitty's Legend of Dungeon!
The Main Menu
Following the RobotLovesKitty splash screen, you will see the Legend of Dungeon main menu. Here you will be presented with your standard suite of options, as shown in the image below. If this is your first time playing the game, continue to the next section of this guide to setup your in-game controls and player name.

Controller Setup
The Controller Setup menu allows you customise the controls for yourself and up to three co-op companions, as well as name each player so that you will all appear as something other than player # on the online leaderboards *(more on leaderboards later). The game features full controller support, and you are able to use any combination of keyboard, mouse, or controller that suits your needs or preference.

To change your in-game name, click the red player #. You will be presented with an on-screen keyboard and the current player name. Change the name to your liking and press enter or click done. To modify your controls, select player # controller and follow the on screen prompts. At the bottom of the screen you will see set other keys. Here you can change the key for taking screenshots and pausing the game.

The Tavern
Once you have finished your initial setup process, you can begin your adventure by selecting play at the main menu. You will be taken to The Tavern, the location of the beginning and (ideally,) the end of your adventure. Take it all in; this is the last bastion of happines and frivolity you will see, unless you somehow make it the bottom and back up again. The patrons of The Tavern include a motley collection of characters. Walking up to any of them will display their name and a tidbit of information about them. Be sure not to agro any of the patrons! They will stomp on your sensitive parts and pull your soul out through your nostrils - you have been warned!

Go down the stairs or jump the balcony, whichever you prefer. There are a few items lying about that will aid you in your descent, namely, the lantern on the table to the left, a few apples, and some beer. The lantern will be your best and closest friend, a light for you in dark places, when all other lights go out. Keep it with you always. Apples confer 5HP, and beers will grant 1XP at the cost of 1HP and a bout of dizziness.

The restrooms at the rear of The Tavern allow for some limited character customization. Men enter the mens' room and exit the ladies' room, gender and color palette swapped; reverse for the ladies. Repeat this process until you are the gender and color you prefer. When you are ready, (you're not ready...) exit The Tavern by going down the steps opposite where you entered.
The Dungeon
Welcome, sir or madam! Are you ready to die? No? Too bad!

You have now entered the dungeon proper, and you're still breathing! Kudos, you are off to a great start. You will notice that as you descend to each successive floor, you are greeted with the level number. This is to encourage you to continue, and to ensure you know how much closer you are to failure. The higher the number, the more likely you are to die a terrible, agonizing death. No, really!

Your character's vital information is displayed on-screen in one of the four corners, depending on how many players are in the game and which player you are. Your character's stats can be improved or degraded by many things within the dungeon, including: stat buffs conferred through leveling, held or worn items, and potions, and stat debuffs conferred through damage from certain enemies, held or worn items, and potions. For more detailed information on buffs and debuffs, refer to the wiki: Consumables[legend-of-dungeon.wikia.com] and Enchantments[legend-of-dungeon.wikia.com]. The on-screen information is as follows:

  • [ITEM][ITEM][ITEM] Previous item, current item, next item
  • [HEART] Health pool: base value (total value)
  • [SWORD] Attack damage: base value + held item value + worn item value (max base attack)
  • [SHIELD] Defense: base value + held item value + worn item value
  • [X] Experience: current value / value for next level
  • [GOLD] Treasure: total amount of gold and gems you've collected
Enemies and Combat
Dispatching enemies calls for finesse, especially if you intend to do so without getting your head knocked off and watching your hard-earned treasure explode from your corpse and shower the dungeon walls with glittering despair and regret. If and enemy looks mean, he's vicious, and if he looks deadly, be thankful you've lived long enough in his presence to make that assertion. Some enemies can be killed relatively easy early on, so use the opportunity to sharpen your skills and collect as many apples as you can carry, which is apparently a whole lot.

Snakes are abundant in the early floors, and they drop juicy apples and juicier XP, which you must collect to level up. Be forewarned; most items are effected by physics. Make sure you grab those apples and XP orbs before they roll into a lava pit! Did you know there were lava pits? You do now!

Collecting the required XP will net you some nice stat increases and a pretty light show. For more on the specific bonuses of leveling, refer to the wiki[legend-of-dungeon.wikia.com].
"Is that a door? That's a door!" /falls into lava
the eponymous dungeon is not only host to unspeakable horrors and heaps of loot, but also features many secret passages and deadly, deadly traps. Do you like deadly, deadly traps? Boy, are you going to have a blast down here! They are everywhere. In the image below, you can see a few of these features, which are outlined below.

In the image above, my character is standing on a pressure plate, which has raised the stone bridge across the lava pit. At the back of the pit there are a pair of levers which would have achieved the same result. Not all levers and pressure plates are your friends, however. Some will call forth fire from the very floor you walk on, or open hidden rooms filled with bipedal death-dealing machines! You don't want to die, so choose wisely*!

The doorway awash with an ominous red glow is the one through which I entered the room. This feature will help keep you on track, should you forget from which way you came. To the right of the glowing doorway are two dark stones in the wall. This is a secret doorway. Simply leap up towards it and you will press through to another room.

*Choosing wisely may still result in your death. Not so wise after all, are you?
This dungeon is cruel and merciless. You will die, and die often. Upon death you will see all your items strewn along the ground like a pile of glittering, abandoned dreams. Learn to enjoy losing. Because success will not come easily, if it deigns to come at all. Below is a shot of my sample character's death, his soul screeching as it leaves his body. "Let not your sorrow die, though I am dead," he howls. Ans then we start a new run with his descendant who we hope is a bit more stout and worthy of the treasure we are helping him to acquire.

Proceed by pressing the attack key and you are first presented with the local leaderboard, which is populated by you and your friends' high scores. Press the attack key again to see the online leaderboard. The online leaderboard can be viewed at the link below. The online leaderboard resets every 7 days, and will be discarded in favor of Steam integration in the future. Along with the leaderboard link, below you will find a link to the wiki and the official subreddit. Good luck down there, you brave, foolish treasure hunter! You are going to need it! Also, cats...

I mean hats. Lots and lots of hats. And kittens.

Legend of Dungeon Wiki[legend-of-dungeon.wikia.com]
Legend of Dungeon Subreddit
Online Leaderboards[robotloveskitty.com]
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